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olar men poles apart (Page 4)
 山东青岛天龙中学 刘睿君

Guess where these pictures were taken?
The South Pole
Why do people explore?
To find out things that are unknown.Money; Rare things; Fame
Jobs; Gold; Power; Religion

Ⅱ. Scanning
These figures are all from the article. Work out the event that goes with them.




Length of the exploration journey 

October 20

Date Amundsen and his team started their exploration

December 15,1911

Date Amundsen and his team arrived at the South Pole


Days Scott arrived at the Pole after Amundsen

Ⅲ. Questions

Read the article carefully, and work out the main reason why Amundsen won the race between the two men.
Amundsen had everything in order before he started the journey and had already learned from previous experience.
 Explain the difference between Amundsen and Scott in the way the two of them completed the task.



Kept things secret

Liked public attention

Used skis and dog sleds

Used motorized sleds

2.When describing the race, the author uses three words: excitement, peril and tragedy. How do you understand these three words?
Excitement: everything ahead is unknown and may be full of surprise and risk.
Peril: something unexpected may happen at any time; the environment, the weather, wild animals or geographical conditions can all be very dangerous; they could all put your life in danger. 
Tragedy: many people lost their lives or were injured while exploring.Bottom of Form

Ⅳ. Vocabulary
Heroic                    英雄的,勇敢的
Tragedy                     悲剧
Grab                      夺取;抓住
Ambition                    野心;雄心
Expedition                   远征;探险
Motorized                    机动化
claiming                     声称;主张
victory                      胜利
Sweet dream machines (Page 5)
山东青岛开发区一中 都海英
Group work
Show some pictures and have a free talk about sleeping problems:
Do you sleep well every night?
Do you often dream at night?
Do you often fall asleep on your desk at work or at school?
Do you often still feel tired when you wake up in the morning?
Fast reading
What is the purpose of the passage?
To introduce some inventions that help people who have different sleeping problems.
III. Close reading: answer the following questions:
How does the white noise machine work?
 Answer: It produces a soft noise which can block out any sounds that might wake you up.
What kind of people is the ostrich pillow designed for?
 Answer:  The pillow is designed for people who want to take a nap at work or school
IV. Translation:
The white noise drowns out any sudden sounds that might wake you up.
These ions also allow you to enter a deep sleep more quickly and carry on sleeping deeply for longer.
V. Discussion:
Imagine you are a doctor. Give your patients advice on how to sleep well, using the following patterns:
 You should……
 Try to ….
 I think….
Beaver away (Page 6)
山东青岛天龙中学 刘睿君
Do you know what this animal is?
See the brief introduction
II. Questions
Is there a similar expression to “as busy as a beaver” that uses a different animal?
As busy as a bee.
What is the main idea of this article and what can we learn from the beaver?
We should make a constant effort to achieve our goal, and we may change the course of our lives by always working toward a goal.
What was the beaver doing when he first appeared near the author’s house?
He was collecting materials for his dam and house in the stream.
What was the attitude of the author toward the beaver?
The author was deeply impressed by the beaver because of his diligent work, ingenuity and constant effort.
Ⅲ. True or false
The beaver chewed at the maple tree to collect branches to store food for the winter. F
All winter the beaver chewed nonstop. F
The large maple tree had been chewed down by the time spring came. F
The author tells us not to bury ourselves totally in everyday matters. T
This article aims to tell us that we should learn from setbacks to improve ourselves. F
IV. Open Discussion
Which animal do you like best? List a few reasons to explain your choice.

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