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Sing out proud (P3)
成都石室中学 冯丹
Step 1: Warm-up
Discussion: 1. Do you like musicals?
2. Have you heard of/seen any musicals?
Step2: Prediction
Read the first paragraph and predict the main idea of this article.
Step3: Scanning
Now scan the text. Was your prediction correct?
  1. Cats is a great musical and lots of stars play in it.
B. The story of a girl who is talented at singing opera.
C. How we can overcome(克服) our nervousness before a performance.
Read the text carefully and list THREE musicals in which Emilyann has starred.
  1. Cats
  2. West Side Story
  3. Gabriel
Step 4: Vocabulary and Structure
star           capable of         further            note            aside from
1. The aim of education is not only  _________ economic development.
2. He has _______ in dozens of films.
3. She has a deep voice and doesn't even try for the high ________.
4. He seemed to be barely _________ making conversation.
5. _________ the injury to his head and hand he also broke a leg.
(1.to further 2.starred 3.notes   4.capable of     5.Aside from)
Step5: Translation
Emilyann said, “I would sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow over and over and over, because I liked the way it felt.
“would do” 过去常常
Nerds are now! (P4)
成都石室中学 易力敏
Step1. Scanning
Q: Who has brought “geek chic ” into fashion ?
Answer: In the real world----- Bill Gates/ Steve Jobs
On TV------ Sheldon Cooper from “ The Big Bang Theory.”
Relationships between the main characters
Sheldon Cooper                Penny


Leonard Hofstadter
Step2. Comprehension
Q1: What is a stereotypical “nerd”?
Nerds are traditionally seen as extremely intelligent yet shy people, who keep themselves to themselves.
They have high IQs but they don t know how to interact with people. (low EQs)
Q2: What’s the new “nerd” image?
“Nerds” are behind “cool” new technology. In many ways, they dominate (统领) communication and business.
Q3: What attitude do Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady take towards nerds?
They show a greater respect for and a greater understanding of differences.
Step3. Useful phrases
  1. 完全不         anything but
  2. 客串           made a guest appearance
  3. 成为潮流       coming into fashion
  4. 最新的一集the latest episode
  5. 与…互动interact with sb.
  6. 不与人往来keep themselves to themselves.
  7. 打破成见breaking this stereotype
  8. 主流mainstream
  9. 主导,主宰dominate
No quick change (P6)
成都石室中学 易力敏
Step1: Comprehension
Q1: Why did Emily decide to try on the skirt?
She wanted to change herself somehow, and make herself not what she was but what she wished to be.
Q2: Why did Emily start to cry?
A. The dress didn't fit her well.
B. The dress did not have the effect on her that she had expected.
C. The dress was out of fashion.
D. The dress did not look as goodas she had expected.
Q3:What did Emily learn from her experience?
A. People shouldn’t just follow fashion.
B. You shouldn’t try to change who you are.
C. Material comfort can’t bring you spiritual happiness.
D. Being your real self is more important than being popular.
Step 2: Useful phrases
  1. 物质主义的materialistic
  2. 保守的conservative
  3. 决定的时刻the decisive moment
  4. 拭去眼泪wipe away my tears
  5. 金发苗条少女a blond skinny girl
Step 3: Free Talk
What’s your attitude towards fashion

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