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高三教案 第456期


Sounds of the city (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the main theme of the article?
A. The fact that the city is a cold and mean place.
B. Examining what connects people in the city.
C. Analyzing why and how city people interact when they’re in need.
D. Explaining how the Bystander Effect results in an immoral urban society.
2. According to the article, it is generally believed that people in cities are more _____.
A. stressed               B. unconcerned 
C. warm-hearted       D. immoral
3. Which of the following might have been reasons why people didn’t react to the bike theft according to the Bystander Effect?
a. They didn’t know what to do.
b. They pretended not to notice what was happening.
c. They were less surprised by strange things.
d. They didn’t have a sense of team spirit.
e. They were frightened to approach a “thief” with a hacksaw.
A. a, b, c,           B. b, c, e            C. a, b, e           D. a, c, e
4. From the article, we can conclude that the author is _____ city society.
A. objective about      B. doubtful about C. positive about D. annoyed by
Dolls show what Down means (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE about Saha?
A. She won the Intel Science Talent Search competition.
B. She started her research at 14 and enjoyed it very much.
C. She is doing a complicated study that should have been done by high school graduates.
D. She got the idea for her study while doing an internship with the Down syndrome program.
2. What did Saha do to start her research?
a. she obtained financial support
b. she had special dolls made
c. she became an intern on the Down syndrome program
d. she got in touch with professionals to help to design the questions
A. abd          B. bcd C. abc          D. abcd
3. Which of the following is TRUE about children with Down syndrome?
A. They have certain typical features.
B. They don’t like the way they look.
C. Most of them have positive opinions of themselves.
D. The cause of their disease has not yet been discovered.
4. What is special about Saha and her study?
A. She is the youngest person ever to do such a study.
B. She is the first person ever to do a study of this kind.
C. Her study raises concerns about children with Down syndrome.
D. Her study has made her a future candidate for the Nobel Prize and National Medals of Science.
Energy: a pants of problem (P5)

Purpose of the “Journey of Harmonious Energy” exhibition
To tell people how they can make better and more 1.______ use of energy resources.
Energy a pair of jeans uses in its lifetime
It is 2.______ to the amount of energy 60 liters of oil would produce.
The 3.______of making a pair of jeans
To get enough cotton for a pair of jeans
l   About seven tons of water are needed.
l   All the 4.______ on the cotton farm will need oil to run.
To make cotton threads 5.______ enough to weave into fabric
They need to be soaked in kerosene.
To get the threads the right color of blue
They have to be 6.______ many times in blue dye made of coal or oil.
To give jeans a 7.______ look
l   They have to be washed and rinsed in special chemicals a number of times.
l   Each time uses more water and energy than the last.
To prepare the zippers and buttons
It takes energy to produce and shape 8.______, which is usually used to make these small parts.
Possible ways to 9.______ the energy needed for a pair of jeans
Wash them less.
10.______  them up to dry instead of putting them in the drier.
Find a new use for them instead of just throwing them away.

Lost to the sea (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE according to the article?
A. It was Henderson who first noticed something was wrong.
B. Henderson alone did what he could but it had little effect.
C. Everything the men did to get the boat to work made matters worse.
D. The men’s long discussion about their families and lives filled them with sadness.
2. After Henderson cut the strap and swam away, ____.
A. he regretted his decision to leave his friend
B. he knew he had a good chance of being saved
C. he had to fight against exhaustion and hallucinations
D. he encouraged himself by remembering what he and Coen had talked about
3. What can we conclude from the article?
A. Henderson tried to rescue both of them.
B. They kept talking because they felt bored.
C. Coen would have survived if he had believed in his friend.
D. Coen was unwilling to be left alone but he eventually agreed.
4. What kind of person is Henderson?
A. Smart but cruel.
B. Selfish and decisive.
C. Strong-willed and loyal.
D. An experienced fisherman with good survival skills.
Sounds of the city (P2)
1. C。本文主要剖析了在城市里人们在他人遇到问题时表现漠然的现象以及造成这一现象可能的原因,所以答案为C
2. B。由第二段第一句话“There is a popular view that in cities, strangers are less likely to help an elderly person cross a street or call the police when they see a bike being stolen.”可推知B为正确答案。Unconcerned漠不关心的。
3. D。由第六段第一句话可知人们由于身边的活动比较多,而通常不去注意身边发生的事情,而不是特意装作不注意,所以b项不对;由第六段第二句话可知c项正确;由第七段可知ae项正确;d项所述并不是旁观者效应的内容,而且倒数第二段提到的是人们有集体感,所以d项不对,所以答案为D
4. A。作者通过两个不同的研究陈述了城市社会的问题,并分析了导致这一现象的可能原因,从头至尾,作者的陈述不带个人感情,客观公正,所以A项正确。
Dolls show what Down means (P3)
1. D。由第7段可以得此答案。第六段里提到Saha是这场竞赛的40个决赛选手之一,没有提到她赢了,A错误。倒数第三段提到去年夏天她开始了她的研究,而她今年17岁,所以她是16岁的时候开始研究的,B不对。第五段里提到了“This is graduate student level work”,graduate student的意思是“研究生”,而不是“高中毕业生”,所以C也不对。
2. A。倒数第四段提到,Saha申请了资金,请了心理学家帮助设计问题,请生产娃娃的生产商特别制作了一些娃娃,所以abd正确。由第七段的“She started helping with clinical experiments, but soon came up with her own idea for a behavioral study”这句话可知,虽然她是唐氏综合症项目的实习生,但她刚开始当这个项目的实习生的时候,还没有做这个研究的想法,c不对。
3. A。由倒数第四段可知,唐氏综合症的孩子有一些典型的特点,如:眼睛大,鼻子塌,脚的大拇指与其它趾头的间距大。BCD文章里都没有提到。
4. B。由第三段的“Until now, no one has studied how children with disorders like Down syndrome see themselves”可知,她是做此项研究的第一人。AC文章里没有提到。第六段说到这个竞赛的选手中有人后来得了诺贝尔奖和国家科学奖章,但没提到Saha能凭此研究得到这两项荣誉,D不对。
Energy: a pants of problem (P5)
1. economical  2. equal              3. process            4. machines        5. smooth
6. dipped             7. worn         8. brass        9. reduce/save          10. Hang
Lost to the sea (P6)
1. C。从第四段的“Henderson got both motors roaring — only to have the saltwater that had leaked in kill them quickly”可知,Henderson把两个引擎都启动了,这反而使得情况更糟糕,他俩差点被船里渗进的海水要了命,所以C正确,B不对。由“… when suddenly, Coen noticed the boat was filling with water”可知,是Coenzyme首先发现了异常,不是Henderson,所以A不对。D的“filled them with sadness”文中没有提到。
2. C。由第十段可知,Henderson游泳时感到筋疲力尽和沮丧,而且产生了幻觉,觉得看见了冰和水晶树,所以C正确。ABD文中都没有提到。
3. A。由第二段的“I’m going to go for help or you’re not going to make it”可见,Henderson自己去寻找外援是为了救Coen,当然也是为了救他自己,A正确。第7段的“We just tried to keep occupied”说明他们一直聊天是为了让自己有事可做,所以B错误。C文章没有提到。第二段里Coen对Henderson的决定是“I understand”的态度,所以D不对。
4. C。从全文来看,Henderson在船出事以后和Coen踩了30多个小时的水,后来为了找人来帮助Coen,又独自游了50多英里,可见他是一个意志坚定和对朋友忠诚的人。

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