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青岛天龙中学                刘睿君
Kids ‘trash’ British English (P4)
I.         Pre-reading
 Do Americans and English people really speak the same language?
 Classify the following words into the right categories.
1. Elevator          Lift
2. Underground    Subway
3.Fall            Autumn  
4. Football       Soccer
5. Mobile phone    Cell phone   

American English
British English
Cell phone  
Mobile phone

. Questions
Both British and American children were found to be using too many exclamation marks.
2. What are the causes of American English being increasingly used in the UK according to the article?
a. Popular US fiction     b. Modern technology    c. Hollywood films   d. Celebrities
3. Why did the author mention the celebrities in the article?
To give examples to illustrate people who also encourage the use of American English in the UK.
. True or False
2.      Exclamation marks were first used in America. F
3.      A mix of the use of two forms of a language is a product of cross-cultural communication, according to the article. T
4.      Kids are more likely to imitate their favorite celebrities. T
. Vocabulary
 Translate the underlined words
The future of written English will owe more to Hollywood films than Dickens or Shakespeare
translate the sentence
Paralyzed rats run again (P5)
II.      Pre-reading
Have you ever seen a paralyzed person?
Do you know what can cause paralysis?
Physical injuries, for example, sports or car accidents; poisoning; infection; blocked blood vessels.
. Questions
1. Read the article quickly and then explain how the experiment was carried out
First, chemicals were injected into the rat’s lower spines below the injured part.
Second, the rats were taught to walk again by themselves
Last, new nerves grew to bridge the gap.
2. What was the purpose of the study carried out by the Swiss team?
 To find out a new way to help paralyzed humans walk again.
3. What did scientists used to believe?
A paralyzed person would bedoomed to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.
. True or false
2.A healthy spine is fundamental for someone to be able to walk by themselves. T
3.The Swiss team used chemicals to control muscles instead of nerves. F
4.The new research can be applied to humans now according to the researchers. F
Translate the following words and work out their correct form
Be doomed to          注定要
 Muscle             肌肉
cut off               切断
potential             潜能
activate             adj. active
involuntary          antonym. Voluntary
disconnect         antonym. connect
Obama’s advice (P6)
III.   Pre-reading
Do you know who this man is?
What kind of man do you think he is?
. Questions
1. Where does Obama say his perseverance comes from?
He says he learned it from the people who raised him.
2. Summarize the characteristic of perseverant person in your own words.
Ideas: someone who persists at anything they undertake, who maintains their sense of purpose in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragements, who c arries on steadfastly.
 3. List some facts that show how Obama is a perseverant person.
He has a strong belief in making a difference.
He took on a few unfulfilling jobs after graduation.
He was raised by a poor family, but managed to get a degree.
4. Translation : So whether it’s starting a business, or running for office, or raising an amazing family, remember that making your mark on the world is hard.
Persevere         坚持
make ends meet    量入为出
food stamps        食品救济券
. After reading
What is your dream? What have you done to try and achieve it? What do you plan to do in the future to try and realize it?

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