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高二教案 第482期


Spotlight on me (Page 3)
大连开发区八中 程国良
I. Skim-reading
Ask the students to look through the article to get the general idea of it, then answer the following questions:
2. What is her description of?
A. her inner feelings   B. her success   C. her cooperation   D. her performance
II. Reading
1. The writer is a_____.
A. an oboist      B. a pianist     C. a clarinetist      D. a flautist
2. The concert was held to raise money for ____.
A. charity        B. a music hall    C. the school     D. the writer’s scholarship
3. The traditional Chinese song, Colorful Clouds Chase the Moon, should sound ____.
A. gentle and soft               B. lively and relaxing  
C. romantic and poetic           D. moving and forceful
4. Which of the following is NOT true?
A.     The writer is Chinese.
B. The writer told her own story to the audience.
C. The school chamber music group consists of seven members.
D. The writer played Colorful Clouds Chase the Moon alone.
III. Translate the following sentences with the words or phrases extracted from the article.
I. 1. Her experience performing at the school benefit concert.
2. her inner feelings
1. This is what I present you in this article.
2. I strike a match slowly and lift it up slowly.
4. Not all information from the internet is beneficial to you.
6. You had better take a deep breath before reading on.
The sandwich search (Page 4)
大连开发区八中 程国良
I. Brainstorms
Ask the students to go over the names of different foods and drinks they know in English and to talk about their daily diet to present the article.
What’s your favourite food?
What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and supper?
People from different countries eat different foods. What do you think of as “Western” food?
II. Skimming
Ask the students to read through the article to get the overall theme of it.
What does she talk about in this article?
III. Reading
Have the students read the article carefully and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
1. It didn’t take the writer long to get used to Chinese mealtimes.
2. British bread is crunchy inside and soft on the outside.
3. The so-called Chinese “pie” looks like sandwich.
4. The writer was from America.
5. Xianbing tasted the most like a Western sandwich. 
IV. Linking Verbs
Have the students fill in the blanks with proper linking verb(s) to practice the use of linking verbs.
1. You _____ astonished at the news.
2. That flower next to the one that ____ a rose.
3. Can you _____ pepper in the pudding?
4. The menu says this ice cream _____ watermelon.
5. When you talk to her, you can _____ the alcohol on her breath.
7. To the human ear, it may not _____ anything.
8. The story _____ interesting.
9. You _____ upset, are you going to start an argument with us?
10. Does this _____ a reasonable number?
II. 1. She usually has an apple, a yogurt, a chocolate bar, and two slices of bread with something in the middle.
 2. She talks about her experience hunting for sandwich in China.
III. 1. F The writer found it difficult to get used to Chinese mealtimes. 2. F British bread is crunchy on the outside, soft inside. 3. T 4. F   She came from Britain. 5. F   Donkey meat sandwiches tasted the most like a Western-style sandwich to the author.
IV. 1. look 2. looks like 3. taste/ smell 4. taste like 5. smell 6. smells like/ tastes like 7. sound like 8. sounds 9. seem/ look 10. seem like
A father’s love (Page 6)
山东烟台二中 赵娟
I.          Skim-reading
   When did the author’s feelings toward her father change?
   KEY: When he hugged her.
II.       Careful reading
1.       What does a hug mean to a child, according to the article? (no more than 24 words)
KEY: It tells them that the person hugging them loves them and cares for them and confirms to the child that they are lovable.
2.       What change does her father’s hug bring for the author?
KEY: She felt her dad’s hug carried her from childhood to adulthood.
1.       Maybe that’s why I hated kissing people, and hugging made me feel awkward.
2.       And yet standing beside the hospital bed, watching my father’s life slip away, I felt like a little girl.
3.       Losing a father you don’t really know is difficult.
4.       I still desperately missed him being alive.
5.       Looking at my father more objectively (客观地) allowed me to view him clearly
IV. Phrases
苏醒过来came round
弥补make up for
去世passed away
分裂,分离split up
以…结束end in
悄悄溜走slip away
关心,喜欢care for
博得他人的欢心gain the affections (喜爱) of others
关注focus on
Looking at my father more objectively (客观地) allowed me to view him clearly: he was a man of few words; he was intelligent, kind and extremely modest.
VI. Group work
Share with us a few stories about your relationship with your father.

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