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高三教案 第460期

Super combat (P4-5)

Choose the best answer:
1. What makes Batman come back again?
A. The anti-crime Act.
B. His love of adventure.
C. His concern about the safety of citizens.
D. A terrorist’s invitation to compete in a fight.
2. Which of the following is TRUE about Spiderman?
A. He was born to be a superman.
B. He hates his parents because they left him when he was little.
C. Dr Connors seems to be involved in the death of Peter’s father.
D. His abilities depend on his mood.
3. What do Batman and Spiderman have in common?
a. Both of their real identities are covered up.
b. Both of them have mechanical weapons.
c. Both of them have superpowers to save the world.
d. It is a long time before both of them make their comeback.
A. ab          B. abc            C. bcd          D. abcd
4. For what purpose is the article written?
A. To introduce two new movies.
B. To compare two movies and indicate which one is better.
C. To inspire readers to create their own superhero.
D. To analyze what makes superhero movies enjoyable.
UK School is ‘Proud to Be Pink’ (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. What were the uniforms Westminster students used to wear like, according to the text?
A. Both boys and girls had to wear reddish-brown breeches.
B. Their colors were darker than what students are wearing now.
C. They were not as comfortable as what students wear today.
D. They were of the same style and color for both boys and girls.
2. The underlined word “ditching” in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to “_____”.
A. appealing to              B. getting rid of
C. promoting             D. designing
3. The amount of pink stripes on Westminster students’ ties indicates _____.
A. which grade they are in 
B. whether they are a student leader
C. the level of their academic achievement
D. the success they have achieved in sports
4. According to the text, students actually like uniforms mainly because _____.
A. it means they don’t feel pressure to be fashionable.
B. uniforms allow students to spend time on important things like homework
C. uniforms give students a sense of belonging
D. wearing uniforms makes it easier for students to make friends at school
London’s green games (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. To make the Olympic Park green, London _____.
A. recycled 2 million tons of contaminated soil
B. removed 99 percent of the debris from the city 
C. built the Olympic Stadium mostly with recycled materials
D. applied green building techniques to the construction work
2. The underlined word “minimized” in the fourth paragraph probably means _____.
A.   increased as much as possible          
B. reduced as much as possible
C. made good use of
D. taken little notice of  
3. What can we conclude from the article?
A. The London Olympics cost less than the other Olympics ever held.
B. London has possessed the most advanced techniques to deal with waste.
C. Public transport is made good use of in London during the Olympic games.
D. The anti-doping result in the London Olympics turned out to be dissatisfactory.
4. Which of the following best shows the structure of the text?

Dreams come true (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. When Larry Page woke up and wrote down his idea, _____.
A. he was uncertain about ways of ranking
B. he wanted to check with his advisor first
C. he was sure it was brilliant and practical
D. he was excited and fought against his doubt
2. Larry’s advisor was _____ his new idea.
A. doubtful about    B. supportive of
C. disapproving of    D. convinced of
3. Which word can best describe Larry’s process of making his dream come true?
A. Smooth.         B. Boring.
C. Demanding.         D. Unbearable.
4. What does Larry mainly try to convey with this part of the speech?
A. Dreams can be misleading.
B. Google was born out of ambition.
C. Grab a great dream and work hard.
D. Teachers and partners are important for success.
Super combat (P4-5)
1. C。从Adventure in The Dark Knight Rises这段的“far more dangerous”和“a masked terrorist whose evil plans force Batman out of hiding”可知,蝙蝠侠应该是为了拯救市民而出现的。
2. C。文章的最后提到,那个神秘的公文包把蜘蛛侠指引到了他父亲生前的搭档Connors那里,他将与Connors展开大战,所以Connors应该跟他父亲的死有关。由倒数第三段的“A bite from a spider caused changes in the body of Peter Parker.”可知蜘蛛侠并不是一出生就有超能力,是在被蜘蛛咬了以后才有,故A不对。文章中没有提到蜘蛛侠憎恨他的父母,所以B不对。“But low spirits sometimes meant he lost his abilities”这句话里提到了有时候情绪不好能让他丧失能力,但是再看下文“To prevent this, now he has invented mechanical web-shooters”,说明现在他的能力可以不受情绪影响了,所以D也排除。
3. A。“Batman wears a mask to protect his identity”和“Spider-man’s face is completely covered”说明a正确;另外文中提到蝙蝠侠有腰带,蜘蛛侠有蛛丝发射器,所以b正确,故选A。
4. A。文章就是客观的分别从武器、服装、历险记三个角度介绍了这两部电影。
UK School is ‘Proud to Be Pink’ (P4)
1. B。由第二段可知Westminster School现在的校服是粉色的,又由第四段“The old-fashioned uniform for boys used to include dark trousers or shorts… Girls would wear a dark-colored skirt or simple dress.”可知B正确。
2. B。本题的解题关键词是despite,说明前后形成对比,尽管一些大学已经____校服,或者放松了着装标准,但是Westminster School在校服上作了一些大胆的改进。Appeal to 呼吁,要求;get rid of 抛弃,摆脱;promote 推广;design 设计。
3. D。由第五段“Westminster awards students increasing numbers of pink stripes on their ties depending on the number of sporting achievements they have.”可知D项正确。
4. C。由最后一段“   Deep down, even students are fond of our silly costumes – after all, they link us to our school and all our friends there.”可知C正确。
London’s green games (P5)
1. D。由第四段As well as using recycled materials, all venues were built with green building techniques.可知D项正确。由第三段“2 million tons of contaminated soil were removed”可知Arecycled不对;由第三段“99 percent of the debris were reused to build the Olympic Park”可知B不对;文中提到了“part of the Olympic Stadium’s roof is made from 2,500 tons of steel tubes recycled from old gas pipelines”,但并未提到其他地方使用回收材料的情况,所以C项不对。
2. B。前面提到了场馆的建设使用了环保建筑技术,场馆也是历届奥运会最轻的,那么可以推知所需的钢筋混凝土用得很少,所以B为最佳选项,minimize 将……减到最少,减少到最低限度。
3. C。到倒数第二段可以推知C正确。AB文中都没有提及,由最后一段“the devices used this time were the most accurate and advanced. Only one athlete tested positive for a banned drug on the day of competing可知D项不对
4. B。本文的第一、二段主要是讲述了与往届奥运会相比,本届奥运会是最环保的一届。然后接着阐述了伦敦奥运会环保工作做得好的四个方面:construction, wastetransport以及anti-doping efforts。其中第三、四段都是讲述的construction方面,所以B项正确展示了文章结构。
Dreams come true (P6)
1. D。从第四段的“grabbed”、“scribbled out”、“convincing myself my idea would work”可知,作者当时很激动,急于把自己的梦想记录下来,并且努力鼓励自己相信这件事情可以做成功。
2. B。从第五段的“he nodded knowingly, fully aware it would take much longer but wise enough to not tell me”可知,导师知道作者过于乐观了,但是很明智地没有告诉和打击他,所以导师的态度是支持的。
3. C。在实现梦想的过程中,作者经历了开始的没有想法到有后来的想法,他们需要把全世界网上的信息做出整理,并且在努力的过程中还要担心被退学的可能,因此这个过程是对人要求很高的,C正确。Smooth,顺利的;demanding 过分要求的, 苛求的;Unbearable不可忍受的。
4. C。这篇演讲中作者主要分享的是自己如何实现自己的梦想的经历,其中的主要思想是抓住自己的梦想并努力将其实现。

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