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高三教案 第461期


Scotland’s UK separation (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. Alex Salmond wants to lower the voting age because he hopes to ____.
A. inspire young people to get involved in politics
B. stop Scotland from separating from Great Britain
C. get more support in the fight for Scottish independence
D. launch a campaign to separate Scotland from Great Britain
2. The underlined word “raged” in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to ____.
A. rarely happened                   
B. ended up 
C. continued in a violent way
D. produced a terrible effect
3. With the example of the film Braveheart, the author intends to ____.
A. explain how pop culture has influenced voters’ decision  
B. introduce a Scottish hero William Wallace and his victory
C. prove that Scotland have its own forces and the ability to say no
D. show conflicts have long existed between Scotland and England
4. What can we conclude from the last three paragraphs?
A. Thanks to the London Olympics, few Scots are in support of independence.
B. Scotland and England are more competitive than ever.
C. The London Olympics has somewhat reduced Scottish people’s desire to stand alone.
D. There will be less rivalry between Scotland and England if the voting age is eventually lowered.
Soccer stars head-to-head (P4-5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the underlined word “rivalry” mean in Paragraph 1?
A. Situation of envying each other.
B. Situation of competing with each other.
C. Situation of being enemies to each other.
D. Situation of being in conflict with each other.
2. What does Messi think of his relationship with Ronaldo?
A. It’s different from what media presents.
B. Ronaldo cannot be a real threat for him.
C. He is positive that they’ll be good friends.
D. He is grateful to have such a great rival.
3. Why are the numbers 46 and 50 mentioned in Paragraph 8?
A. To indicate both Ronaldo and Messi are superstar soccer players.
B. To indicate that Ronaldo has to work harder to catch up with Messi this season.
C. To indicate both Ronaldo and Messi should owe their success to their teammates.
D. To show that their rivalry has brought out better performances from both Ronaldo and Messi.
4. What does Federer’s answer to Reuters’ question imply?
A. Nadal makes their tennis game enjoyable.
B. The life that has no failures is meaningless.
C. Without Nadal, his career couldnt be so successful.
D. He is happy to have such a competitor like Nadal.
Loss of a space legend (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. It can be inferred from the article that before his expedition to the moon, Armstrong _____.
A. was certain that Apollo 11 would work well
B. believed the module would land safely on the moon
C. had prepared himself to face possible failure
D. planned to land the module on the moon by himself
2. How did Armstrong respond when people doubted that he had been to the moon?
A. He was angry.
B. He was troubled by it.
C. He tried to find evidence that they were wrong.
D. He believed they would be proved wrong some day.
3. By saying “I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks but for the ledger of our daily work”, Armstrong meant that ____.
A. the more daily work you’ve done, the more easily you will be recognized
B. things that look spectacular are not as useful as ordinary successes
C. achieving greatness can make other successes feel less important
D. it is better to be appreciated for the hard work we put in every day than one successful moment
4. Which of the following best describes Armstrong?
A. He was ambitious.
B. He tried to avoid the spotlight.
C. He balanced his life and work well.
D. He was talkative and loved telling jokes.
Take time off work (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following about the author’s father is TRUE?
A. He set a good example for his daughter.
B. He tried to force his values on his daughter.
C. He gained great pleasure from his work.
D. He ignored his health due to his work.
2. What does the author mean by saying “Not taking my work home did not come easily at first” in Paragraph 2?
A. There was so much work to do.
B. All her colleagues took work home.
C. She was educated to be a workaholic.
D. Her boss would blame her for being lazy.
3. What’s the author’s attitude toward promotion?
A. She doesn’t care about it at all.
B. She is eager to get promoted.
C. She thinks it’s for the ambitious people.
D. Getting promoted at all costs is not worthwhile.
4. This text is developed ____.
A. by giving examples
B. by making comparison              
C. by describing process          
D. by order of time
Scotland’s UK separation (P4)
1. C。由第一段的“To win the fight for Scottish independence he wants to lower the voting age from 18.”以及第二段的“He hopes to lower the age of voters in order to secure support from a number of young Scots keen for the country to end its 300-year union with England.”可知C正确。
2. C。前文提到了苏格兰现在仍在渴望独立,下文描述了影片中反映的苏格兰与英格兰之间的历史之争,即:William Wallace带领苏格兰人们赢得了这场与英格兰之间的战争(the Battle of Stirling Bridge),所以可推知这种血战在英格兰和苏格兰之间几个世纪以来一直持续在进行着,故选C,raged在这里的意思是“猛烈地进行”。
3. D。参见上题解析。
4. C。由倒数第二段列举的数字可知,伦敦奥运会之后,渴望独立的苏格兰人的比例有所下降,所以可以推知B不对,C为正确答案。由倒数第二段的“only 27 percent of Scots were in favor of independence”可知A项的“few Scots are in support”不对;由最后一段“No one knows what will happen next.”可知D项不对。
Soccer stars head-to-head (P4-5)
1. B。除了在第一段,Rivalry还在文章别处出现了三次,分别是:But ESPN believe the rivalry does drive the two to ever-greater heights I’ve enjoyed my rivalry with him but for sports fans, just enjoy the rivalry and the great game they have provided us. 所以大概能猜出来该词指的是“相互竞争的状态”。
2. A。从Messi的这些话中可以得此答案:I respect him, but I have no relationship with himIt’s all made up by the media. 选项BCD在文中都没有提到。
3. D。该段的第一句话说ESPN相信他们之间的竞争让他们达到了更高的高度。然后举例说明,上个赛季两人分别进了4650个球。
4. D。费德勒的话大意为:我很享受和他的竞争。虽然失败了很难受,但是当你打败了曾经赢过你好几次的对手时,成功就显得更加的甜蜜了。
Loss of a space legend (P5)
1. C。由第二段“He thought he and his partners had only a 50 percent chance of a successful landing back in 1969.”可知他出发前已经做好了迎接失败的准备,所以C项正确。由第二段“Armstrong himself was surprised that Apollo 11 actually worked”可知A不对;由第三、四段可知Armstrong之前不确定登月舱能否安全着陆,并没有计划自己来让登月舱着陆,所以BD不对。
2. D。由第五段Armstrong 说的话“It was never a concern to me because I knew one day, somebody was going to go fly back up there and pick up that camera I left”可知D正确。
3. DArmstrong说的这句话的意思是“我觉得可能每个人都希望自己因为日积月累的工作成就被夸赞,而不想因为某一次的大放异彩被铭记。”所以D为正确答案。
4. B。由倒数第三段“For all his global fame, Neil Armstrong is a remarkably modest man. He rarely gave interviews and didn’t like talking about his achievement.”可知Armstrong是一个非常低调的人,所以B项正确。
Take time off work (P6)
1. D。从第一段父亲即便病重也要去工作可得此答案。ABC文中都没有提到。
2. C。从这句话下文的“After all, I am my father’s daughter. I was the girl who sat on the library steps each morning, waiting for the doors to open. I even dreamed about schoolwork.”可知作者受父亲影响,一直是那种努力认真学习的好学生。由此推断,要她改掉自己上进的习惯、不把工作带回家,这并不容易。Cworkaholic意为“工作狂”。
3. D。文章的最后提到,也许正点下班并不能给作者带来最顺利的升职,但是她能和家人一起吃饭,能在交通通畅的时候骑车并能欣赏日落。可见,作者认为为了升职不惜任何代价的行为是不值得的。
4. B。文章中作者主要对比父亲对待工作和生活的态度,然后决定不能像父亲那样。

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