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高三教案 第462期


Cheating scandal (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. During a take-home exam last month at Harvard, ____.
A. some professors were involved in cheating
B. about 125 students handed in their exam papers
C. the students’ answers were wrong at the same places
D. the students were supposed to find the answers independently
2. How did Harvard respond to the cheating?
A. They asked professors to identify the suspects.
B. They have looked into the case and will make the results public.
C. They felt ashamed of the students who cheated and stopped priding themselves on integrity.
D. They tried to find out if the professor asked the students to do it as “group work”.
3. According to Donald L. McCabe and Howard Gardner, what has contributed to an increase in cheating?
a. more convenient tools
b. a stronger desire to succeed
c. worse studying atmosphere
d. more and more difficult exams
A. ab              B. bc C. bcd          D. abc
4. How many universities’ punishments on cheating are mentioned in the article?
A. Two.         B. Three. C. Four.       D. Five.
5. Which of the following is the best title for the article?
A. Academic integrity is not as valued as it once was
B. Why did Harvard’s students cheat?
C. Harvard’s biggest cheating scandal
D. The student who cheats is cheating himself
Flipping fun (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. The author mentioned the sport of skateboarding at the beginning to ____.
A. describe the teenage fashion in the 1960s
B. explain some sports are always popular
C. introduce a sport that is now becoming popular again
D. give an example of a sport that experienced changes in popularity
2. The underlined phrase “all the rage” in the third paragraph probably means ____.
A. extremely dangerous
B. very fashionable
C. enjoyed by small groups
D. easy to get started and master
3. According to Jack Yeomans, ____.
A. stunt scooting equipment is too expensive for teenagers
B. it is not safe enough to do stunt scooting in the street
C. you won’t have much trouble finding a place to do stunt scooting
D. you’d better learn stunt scooting from the professionals
4. Which of the following is common among stunt scooting lovers, according to the article?
a. DIY one’s own scooters.
b. Build one’s own ramps at home.
c. Try front and back flips off high ramps.
d. Watch professional stunt scooting performance.
e. Film themselves doing stunts.
A. abc                  B. ade
C. bce                  D. bde
Digging for warriors (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the point of the article?
A. To tell about the mysteries of Qin Shi Huang’s tomb.
B. To analyze why archaeology is a destructive science.
C. To introduce the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in New York.
D. To explain the risks of further excavating Qin Shi Huang’s tomb.
2. What can be concluded from the article?
A. It is estimated that about 10,000 clay soldiers were buried with Qin Shi Huang in his grave.
B. The decision whether to open the tomb or not is likely to be influenced by the pace of technological progress.
C. The highly poisonous mercury was used by Qin Shi Huang to keep away those who attempt to destroy his tomb.
D. Scientists won’t excavate Qin Shi Huang’s tomb until they think of a good way to preserve the body of the emperor.
3. The underlined word “investigate” in the second-to-last paragraph probably means ____.
A. explore            B. arrange   
C. take over        D. settle down
4. What should scientists and historians pay attention to in their work according to the article?
A. They should respect the ancient world during their work.
B. They should always take their own safety into consideration.
C. They should balance the value and damages of their work.
D. They should have a continuous desire to know new things.
The greatest gift (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE about Mini and Rahmun’s friendship?
A. They felt close to each other at the first sight.
B. The author didn’t like Mini making friends with Rahmun.
C. Rahmun liked Mini more when the author often bought fruits from him.
D. Though not understanding all Rahmun’s jokes, Mini liked hanging out with him.
2. Why was Rahmun put into prison?
A. He hurt a man.
B. He stole a shawl.
C. He cheated his neighbor.
D. He was dishonest in his business.
3. When Rahmun and Mini met again, ____.
A. Mini was going to be engaged
B. Mini gave him the cold shoulder
C. Mini felt shy and uncomfortable
D. Mini could not recognize him at all
4. From the article, we can conclude that the author was ____ Rahmun.
A. not fond of                     B. worried about
C. not supportive of           D. sympathetic to
Cheating scandal (P2)
1. D。从第三段的“Exam rules stated that students should not discuss answers but could use the Internet and textbooks”可得此答案。AC文中没有提到。第二段说125个学生被指控作弊,又说有一半学生被发现可能考试作弊,所以大约应该有250个学生参加了考试,B不对。
2. B。由第四段和最后一段可以得此答案。ACD文中没有提到。
3. A。两人分别提到了“the Internet has made cheating easier”以及“nowadays people want success but do not care how they get it”,说明ab正确。
4. B。文章分别介绍了这三个大学针对作弊可能的惩罚:Cambridge UniversityPeking University以及Yale
5. A。这篇文章主要说的是哈佛大学出现了学生大面积作弊的事件,这跟她自己本身提倡的“诚信”是不相符的,在首尾两端也出现了关于“integrity”的呼应。另外文中引用的一位教授的话中也提到:现在人们太过于追求成功,而不管获得成功的手段是否合适。
Flipping fun (P4)
1. D。文章开篇提到While others seem to go through ups and downs in terms of popularity.有些运动长久以来收到人们欢迎,但是有些运动受欢迎度确实在不断变化。于是在第二段里Skateboarding为例展现了这种情况。
2. B“all the rage”很受欢迎,很流行的意思。此处文章介绍了stunt scooting这种在英国目前很流行的运动。
3. C。原文提到The great thing about scooting is that you can do it anywhere,可见Jack Yeomans的观点是stunt scooting玩起来非常便捷。
4. B。综合文章内容可知很多stunt scooting的爱好者们会自制器材,他们会观看职业选手表演,也会把自己的动作录制下来放到网上和别人分享。但是没有提到在自家制作滑道。
Digging for warriors (P5)
1. D。本文主要讲的是为什么科学家目前还不敢动手开挖秦始皇陵,以及这其中的风险所在,所以答案为D
2. B。由第四段“The roughly 2,000 soldiers found so far are estimated (据估计) to be only one quarter of the total number.”可知A不对;由第六段“the emperor’s tomb is circled by rivers of liquid mercury (水银) which is highly poisonous but can keep the body in good condition”可知秦始皇使用水银主要是为了更好地保存自己的遗体,所以C不对;科学家们等待技术发展到一定程度,直到他们能够尽可能减少对陵墓的损害的时候再动手开墓,而不是找到办法保存秦始皇的遗体,所以C项正确,D项不对。
3. A。上文提到由于有水银,挖掘人员不能进入陵墓,所以这里提到的机器人的作用就是代替科学家进入陵墓研究,所以investigate在这里的意思就是“侦查,调查,研究”,故选A
4. C。由最后一段的“In the end, scientists and historians must weigh their desire to know against the damage their digging might cause.”可知C为正确答案。
The greatest gift (P6)
1. D。从第三段可以得此答案。从第一段的“she ran away scared”可知,一开始Mini是害怕Rahmun的,A不对。BC文中都没有提到。
2. A。从第四段可知,一个邻居从Rahmun那里拿了条披肩但是想赖账,于是在两人的争执和冲突中,Rahmun不慎打伤了他,于是被判入狱。
3. C。当RahmunMini再见的时候,Mini正在准备婚礼,所以与A的“be engaged订婚”不符,排除ABgive sb the cold shoulder意为“冷落某人”,文中没有提到Mini冷落RahmunB不对。从“she flushed up at the question. He could not revive their old friendship”得知,当Rahmun又跟Mini开那个“father-in-law”的玩笑时,Mini已经懂这意味着什么意思并且脸红了,他们之间再也不像以前那样亲密,所以C正确。D文中没有提到。
4. D。从文章最后得知,作者为了给Rahmun一笔钱让他回到自己的家乡跟自己的家人团聚,宁愿压缩了原本用于Mini婚礼的电灯和乐队的钱,可见作者对他是很同情的。从第五段的“he was not remembered”可以断定B不对。AC文中也没有体现。

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