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高三教案 第464期

Basketball’s model dad (P1)

Choose the best answer:

1. What is the article mainly about?

A. An introduction of Wade’s new book.

B. Wade’s deep love for his children.

C. How Wade’s father influenced his development.

D. What Wade has learned from his early experiences.

2. Which of the following statements is TRUE about Wade according to the article?

A. Though born into a poor family, he had a happy childhood.

B. His parents got divorced because of his mother’s addition to drugs.

C. His father’s support paved the way for his current success.

D. He began to live with his father after his parents got divorced.

3. What did Wade think of the cycle of “babies having babies”?

A. He wished he could get away from it.

B. He thought it was reasonable in African-American community.

C. He thought it was a challenge to adapt to it.

D. He wanted to follow the tradition that ran in his family.

4. What does the underlined word “mature” mean in the second-to-last paragraph?

A. succeed           B. grow up    C. become happy D. slow down


Do we need to think twice about what we see on TV? (P4-5)

Choose the best answer:

1. What is point of the article?

A. To warn us never to believe any ad.

B. To promote Nokia’s latest model Lumia 920.

C. To inform readers that ads can be misleading.  

D. To reveal the truth behind Nokia’s ad for Lumia 920.

2. According to the article, the video in the ad for Lumia 920 ____.

A. was filmed by a man riding a bicycle

B. presents the real effects of the product’s camera

C. was shot by a professional video maker with the smartphone

D. was meant to make believe an appealing feature of the new model

3. The underlined word “simulates” in Paragraph 6 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. looks like        B. is better than

C. contradicts            D. conducts 

4. With the example of McDonald’s video in June, the author intends to ____.

A. show us how artful advertising has become 

B. explain how the video was produced

C. show how computer software Photoshop adds optical effects to ads

D. tell us why a product often looks more attractive in ads than in real life.


Siri speaks in Chinese (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. What is the function of the first two paragraphs?

A. To show that invention usually results from need.

B. To introduce something that offers these helpful services.

C. To clear doubts about voice recognition technology.

D. To picture a convenient future life with new technology.

2. Which step is the most complicated in the process of voice recognition according to the article?

A. Changing the received vibrations into digital data.

B. Analyzing the digital data to see what pronunciations it represent.

C. Putting the pronunciations together into possible words.

D. Figuring out meaningful sentences based on the words.

3. How can you get Siri to respond according to the article?

A. You have to say things in a certain way.

B. You can only speak English and Chinese.

C. You can speak in a natural way as you would to a person.

D. You have to remember keywords and speak specific commands.

4. What can be concluded from the article?

A. Siri can record and save what you say frequently into a computer dictionary.

B. Siri will fail to understand what you say if you make grammatical mistakes.

C. The biggest advantage of Siri is that it’s NLU rather than just voice recognition.

D. Since first applied to Apple products a year ago, Siri has made great improvements.


Shining example (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. According to Michelle, which of the following is TRUE about Barack Obama?

A. He adopted his values from his family.

B. He made a good career choice by working in a steel plant.

C. He believes that everyone can be successful.

D. He hopes those who succeed open the door of opportunity for others.

2. Through the speech, Michelle Obama tries to show that her husband ____.

a. devotes so much to his work that he seldom has family time

b. hasn’t been affected by power

c. is ready to act in the interest of most people

d. is faithful to his promises

e. is modest and willing to listen

A. abc          B. bcd   C. acd          D. cde

3. What might be Michelle’s main purpose in this speech?

A. To help her husband in his re-election.

B. To get the American people to know more about Obama.

C. To express her love and faith in him.

D. To show American dream is still within people’s reach.




Basketball’s model dad (P1)

1. B。全文以韦德出书为引,虽然文中介绍了他的童年以及父亲对他的影响,但是贯穿全文的是韦德身为父亲对孩子的爱和责任心。

2. CPave the way for,为……铺平道路。从韦德告诉CNN的这句话中可以得此答案:“I’m successful today because my father stepped up.” 文中提到韦德童年时,母亲吸毒,父母离异,后来姐姐带着他从母亲家搬来与父亲一起住,所以他的童年并不幸福,所以A不对。BD在文中也没有提到。

3. A。“babies having babies”应该是指“不成熟的家长抚养孩子”的情况。倒数第三段提到,摒弃这个在他家和非洲裔美国人里流行的传统是他首先要考虑的事情,也是一个挑战。Get away from抛弃;adapt to适应。

4. B。在最后一段中mature又出现了两次,第一次仍然作动词,第二次是作形容词,尤其从“I was already a mature kid, but it has made me grow up a little faster”这部分可以推测,grow up应该是和mature意思最相近的词。


Do we need to think twice about what we see on TV? (P4-5)

1. C。本文第一段揭示了文章的主旨,下文以诺基亚Lumia 920和麦当劳的广告为例来论证这一观点,所以答案为C

2. D。由第六段The Next day Nokia apologized: “In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilization, we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver...”可知该广告的本意是想让人们了解这款新手机的相机的光学防抖功能,所以D项正确。由第五段可知ABC项不对。

3. A。由上文可知Lumia 920的手机的广告视频是用另一款专业的摄像机拍摄,而这一视频要突出展示的正是Lumia 920的主打特色之一,所以simulates在这里的意思就是“看上去象,模拟”,所以答案为A

4. D。倒数第四段的中心句是该段首句Indeed, what we have seen in ads is more or less a simulation – a practice called “advertising photography”. 下文以麦当劳的汉堡广告为例,进一步说明了正是因为广告摄像精细的拍摄过程,广告中的产品才会看起来比现实中的产品更吸引人,所以答案为D


Siri speaks in Chinese (P5)

1. B。本文前两段描绘的这些特殊功能,都是为下面要介绍的这一产品做铺垫的,所以答案选B

2. D。由第八段“But figuring out the words is far from enough; building words into meaningful sentences is the most difficult part.”可知答案为D

3. C。由最后两段可知,你以平时生活中说话的方式与Siri交流,它就能够了解你的需要,所以答案为C。由第五段“But when Siri first came out it could only speak English, and now it has “learned” lots of new languages, including Chinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese”可知B不对;由倒数第三段“This is why traditional voice recognition software always requires you to remember keywords and to speak in a certain way.”可知AD是传统的声音识别软件的使用要求,所以AD都不对。

4. C。由倒数第二段“Fortunately, Siri isn’t like that. It’s not just “voice recognition”; it’s “natural language understanding (NLU)”.”可知C正确。A项文中没有提及;由最后三段可以推知B项不对;由第四段“Siri is a voice recognition application designed for Apple products and the concept has been around for almost a year. ”可知文中只是提到了这一声音识别应用的概念大约一年前就存在,而题干中指的是Siri一年前就被应用于苹果产品,所以D项不对。


Shining example  (P6)

1. D。从第一部分的第二段可以得此答案。第四段提到奥巴马拒绝了高薪的工作,去一个因为当地钢铁厂关闭而境遇困难的社区工作,帮助那些下岗工人再就业,所以B不对。AC文中都没有提到。

2. B。从第五、六段可知,奥巴马是个关心孩子和家人的好父亲,他几乎每个晚上都和家人共进晚餐,所以a不对。由第三段的“when it comes to his character, and his convictions, and his heart, Barack Obama is still the same man...”可知b正确。倒数第二段提到,在他眼里没有党派之分,也就是说他把人民的利益放在首位,c正确。倒数第四段可知d正确。所以正确答案为B。文中没有提到e

3. A。米歇尔在演讲中从各个方面夸赞奥巴马,很明显是在帮他拉拢人心,赢得选民支持。

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