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高三教案 第465期


Tasting Morocco’s flavor (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why did the author’s family choose to go to Morocco last year?
A. Because her dad wanted to get close to nature.
B. Because they were bored with going to Scotland.
C. Because her family wanted to go to a warm place.
D. Because they wanted to visit their relatives there.
2. The underlined word “budget” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _____.
A. cheap                B. convenient    
C. suitable            D. regular 
3. What is the author’s impression of Marrakech?
A. It is too noisy and commercialized.
B. It is a lively city with a lot to offer.
C. It is famous for sales of lanterns and spices.
D. The alleyways there are like mazes, clean and orderly.
4. What can we conclude from the story?
A. The weather in Morocco disappointed the author.
B. The author didn’t get used to the powerful scent of Morocco’s Mint tea. 
C. Moroccan culture has much more in common with Europe than Asia.
D. The trip enabled the author to better understand Morocco’s traditions and values.
Brits support soccer (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the underlined word “outdo” mean in Paragraph 3?
A. Do better than.
B. Practice more than.
C. Be more popular than.
D. Be more involved than.
2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?
A. The author’s friends all supported the same team.
B. If you are not a soccer fan, you’d better pretend to be one.
C. You are expected to know about the team lineup of your favorite team.
D. The author quickly fit in at high school because of his interest in soccer.
3. Why does the author mention his grandmother in this article?
A. To get the readers interested in soccer.
B. To give an example of huge soccer fans.
C. To tell how soccer has brought them closer.
D. To show soccer is gaining popularity among women.
4. What is the article mainly about?
A. British soccer fan culture.
B. My grandma and soccer.
C. The dangers of soccer in England.
D. A good way to make friends.
Follow your body clock (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the point of the article?
A. To analyze how the body’s internal clock works.
B. To explain what influences our body clock. 
C. To give information about the body’s best time for different tasks.
D. To shed light on what to do to improve work efficiency.
2. According to the article, the late morning is the period in the day when ____.
A. our body temperature reaches its peak
B. we are most alert and focused
C. we are the most easily distracted
D. our lungs and muscles perform the best
3. What kind of work do we tend to do best when we are tired according to the article?
A. Cognitive work.                   B. Creative work.
C. Exercise.                       D. Eating.
4. By mentioning the study on the mice, the author intends to tell us _____.
A. that mice have the same body clock as human beings
B. that it’s important to develop healthy eating habits
C. why the first group gained weight while the other did not
D. how evening snacks are likely to lead to higher blood sugar levels
Renew yourself (P6)
1. When Sarah asked the author whether the snakeskin was beautiful, ____.
A. he was shocked and jumped
B. he tried to understand her point of view
C. he decided that telling the truth was a merit
D. he decided to teach her something about nature
2. Which of the following would the writer agree with?
A. By reflecting on ourselves, we can better ourselves.
B. It is necessary to force others to get rid of certain things.
C. The community and culture we live in force us to change.
D. When you don’t like some clothes, it is natural to cast them off.
3. How did Sarah feel about the authors explanation?
A. Confused.        B. Satisfied.        C. Excited.           D. Bored.
4. From the text, we can conclude that the author _____.
A. does no like nature much
B. took the child’s feelings lightly
C. loves to see his daughter excited about animals.
D. is both a logical and thoughtful person
5. Which of the following could be the best title for the article?
A. Renewal for snakes and us
B. A natural part of our growth
C. The things we should cast off
D. A shed snakeskin in Sarah’s eyes
Tasting Morocco’s flavor (P3)
1. C。由第一段最后一句话“However, last year we wanted some warm weather, so we went to Morocco instead.”可知C为正确答案。
2. A。由上文“I must stress that traveling is not as expensive as you may think.”以及下文“so if you book in advance going abroad is sometimes cheaper than traveling within a country”可知这里的budget airlines指的是“廉价航空公司”,所以答案为A
3. B。由第四段“We stayed in Marrakech, a city that excites your senses. Sights, smells, tastes and sounds filled the air. The city was alive from morning till night”可知Marrakech是一个繁华的、有生机的城市,所以B项正确。A文中提到城市里的喧闹声,但是作者没有认为它过于喧闹和商业化;第四段提到了“The alleyways that snaked out from the central square were like mazes made up of lanterns and spices.”而C选项的“sales of lanterns and spices”不对;D选项的clean and orderly文中没有提及。
4. D。由第三段的“But on our first morning in Morocco, the deep blue sky seemed endless and the sun blazed down with a light wind running through the air. How refreshing it was to be awake at last.”可知作者到了摩洛哥之后,天气开始变好,所以A项不对;由倒数第二段“The tea is sweet and strong with a powerful scent. We indulged in such delights morning, afternoon and night.”可知B不对;由最后一段“The culture is so different to that of Europe, but there are still many similarities with Asia.”可知C不对;由最后一句话“There is an interesting fusion of traditions and values that challenge previous perceptions.”可知D正确。
Brits support soccer (P4)
1. A。该词所在的语境是英式足球虽然是个男性更青睐的运动,但是作者的祖母也是一个超级球迷,在说到足球知识的时候也许会比大多数男人要____。比较四个选项应该A更贴切。
2. C。由第五段可以得此答案。
3. B。作者在文章中以热爱足球的祖母和他的朋友们为例,表现了它在英国是多么地受欢迎。
4. A。作者在这篇文章中主要介绍了英式足球对英国文化的影响,和英国球迷对足球的热爱。
Follow your body clock (P5)
1. C。由第二段“Our bodies are exactly the same – meaning there is an ideal time to do different tasks, according to The Wall Street Journal.”以及下文进一步介绍的不同时间段最适合做的事情可推知C为正确答案。
2. B。由第四段“This is because our body temperature starts rising just before we wake up. As it continues to increase, our memory, alertness (机敏) and concentration all improve gradually and reach the peak in the late morning.”可推知B正确。文中只提到了体温从我们睡醒后开始上升,但并没有提什么时候体温达到峰值,所以A不对;由下文可知一天中我们最容易分神的时间段为中午到下午四点,所以C不对;由倒数第二段“As for the best time to exercise, it would be from about 3 pm to 6 pm. That is when our lungs and muscles perform the best.”可知D不对。
3. B。由第六段“When it comes to doing creative work, you may be surprised to know that we do it best when we are tired”可知B正确。
4. B。最后一段通过两组老鼠的实验结果对比,告诉我们有规律的饮食习惯,有益身体健康,所以B项正确。
Renew yourself (P6)
1. B。在文章的前三段里作者提到,当Sarah把蛇皮丢到作者面前时作者吓了一大跳。当Sarah问这个蛇皮是不是很漂亮时,作者其实并没有同感,但是他想到孩子们只看到事物美好的一面,他们的第一印象对他们的审美和创造力很关键时,他决定不要让孩子失望。
2. AReflect on的意思是“反思”。最后四段是作者从蛇皮上得到的启迪和思考:我们也应该反省自己,有没有不适合自己、需要丢弃的东西,这样我们才能发展和进步。
3. B。从倒数第二段Sarah的反应可以看出,她对作者的回答很满意。
4. D。作者对Sarah做出的解释清晰明白,我们可以看到作者是个很有逻辑性的人;由蛇皮联想到人的除旧迎新,说明作者是个很有想法的人。
5. A。全文以Sarah发现一张蜕下来的蛇皮为引,作者阐述了自己的观点,我们也应该时常反省自己,并且应该像蛇一样,丢弃那些已经不适合自己发展的东西。

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