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高三教案 第472期


Way of the sword (P3)
I. Warming up
How much do you know about fencing?
ØThe sport of fencing is divided into three weapons: foil, saber and epee.
ØFencing is one of five sports which have been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games, the other four being Athletics (田径), Cycling, Swimming, and Gymnastics.
II. Fast reading
Read the article fast and find out what the article is mainly about.
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the purpose of the article?
A. To advertise a fencing club.
B. To introduce fencing and how fun it can be.
C. To compare fencing with other sports.
D. To compare the three fencing weapons.
1. B。本文主要介绍的是击剑运动的基本情况以及它吸引人参与的原因,所以答案为B
III. Specific reading
Read the text again and complete the quiz below:
2. To say that fencing is a form of physical chess, the author means that _____.
A. both of these things require a sharp mind and careful thinking
B. their scenarios and defensive strategies are similar
C. those who are into chess usually take an interest in fencing as well
D. fencing athletes must be as careful as chess players during the game
2. A。由第二段可知击剑运动和象棋一样,运动员需要和棋手一样小心布局、设防、运用策略赢得比赛,所以A为最佳答案。
3. What are the benefits of practicing fencing according to the article?
a. It helps build discipline.
b. It is easy to learn.
c. It helps develop strategic thinking.
d. It allows you to do whatever you want. 
e. It enables you to work better under pressure.
A. a, b, c        B. a, c, e     C. a, d, e           D. b, c, d
3. B。第五段提到了fencing developed her discipline,第六段提到了the hobby helped his problem-solving skills,第七段提到了thinking under pressure to find a solution,第九段提到了Figuring out how youre going to approach each match is what people really enjoy,根据这些可知a, c, e正确,所以答案为B
4. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the article?
A. The epee is the most aggressive of the three weapons used for fencing.
B. Modern fencing is very safe and there are almost no injuries during a game.
C. Its still common to cover the end of a weapon with red chalk to mark points on an opponent.
D. In the epee game, you score when the tip of your sword touches your opponent anywhere on the body.
4. D。由第八段的In epee, the entire body is fair game.可知D正确。A项文中没有提及;由倒数第二段Now, many injuries consist of common athletic aches可知B there are almost no injuries不对;由倒数第四段的The tradition of covering the end of a weapon with red chalk to mark points on an opponent has long passed.可知C不对。
IV. Post-reading
Ø What is your favorite sport in your spare time
Ø Why does this sport appeal to you
Intelligence in decline? (P5)
I. Pre-reading
Who do you think is smarter, ancient people or modern people? Please give reasons.
II. Reading
Choose the best answer:
1. What is Crabtrees recent finding according to the article?
A. The Greeks from 1,000 BC could have been the smartest in human history.
B. Our ancient ancestors had no better surviving abilities than we do nowadays.
C. Humans have been getting steadily more intelligent since the invention of farming.
D. Mutations in genes that decide human intelligence have affected the development of intelligence.
1. D。从第五段The other evidence that Crabtree holds is in our genes These mutations are harmful to our intelligence and they were all developed in the past 3,000 years.可知D正确。文中提到了The Greeks from 1,000 BC聪明,但是没有说他们是最聪明的;由倒数第二段的第一句话可知B不对;由第三段最后一句话可知C不对。
2. According to Crabtree, ancient humans _____.
A. had much more genes that determine human intelligence
B. were forced to be smart due to natural selection pressures
C. relied more on group intelligence than individual intelligence
D. developed a diverse intelligence to adapt to the harsh realities
2. B。由第三段的In the past, intelligence was critical for survival when our ancestors had to avoid dangerous animals and hunt for food. The difference of being smart or stupid is often life or death.可知B为正确答案。
3. The writer explains the connection between intelligence and pressure by _____.
a. making a comparison
b. analyzing cause and effect
c. giving related examples   
d. presenting research data
A. ab           B. ac          C. bc             D. cd
3. C。第四段以压力下我们的表现为例说明生存压力对人类智力的影响,以及这两者之间存在的因果关系,所以bc正确,答案为C
4. Some argue that Crabtrees theory is false because they think _____.
A. people today are under much more pressure than early humans
B. its ridiculous to compare a hunters and a poets intelligence
C. modern education is far more advanced than ancient education
D. human intelligence is different from that of the distant past
4. D。由倒数第二段people today have developed a more diverse intelligence可知,对于Crabtree的理论提出质疑的人们认为人类现在的智能与远古时期人类的智能已经不一样了,所以答案为D
5. What is Thomas Hills attitude toward Crabtrees theory?
A. Supportive.           B. Unfavorable.
C. Worried.         D. Confused.
5. B。最后一段Thomas Hills以霍金为例说明自己的观点:现代人并不比以前的人愚蠢,他们创造了以前的人永远也做不到的事,所以可见Thomas Hills是不赞成Crabtree的理论的。
III. Language studies
1. However, after the spread of agriculture, when our ancestors began to live in dense farming communities, the need to keep their intelligence in peak condition gradually reduced.
这句话的主干是the need gradually reducedwhen 引导非限制性定语从句修饰先行词 after the spread of agriculturekeep... in peak condition意为使……保持在最佳状态。句意为:然而,在农业广泛传播以后,我们的祖先开始居住在密集的农业社区,渐渐地就不再那么需要保持最佳的智力水平了。
2. He found that among the 2,000 to 5,000 genes that we have that determine human intelligence, there are two or more mutations in each of us.
句中第一个that 引导宾语从句;第二、三个that 都是引导定语从句,且都修饰先行词genes
Man or machine (P6)
I. Pre-reading
With the development of technology, what do you imagine our life will be like in the future?
II. Reading
Choose the best answer:
1. What’s the author’s purpose in writing the first two paragraphs?
A. To indicate high technology can make our future life very efficient.
B. To warn readers of the possible dangers of robotic nurses and doctors.
C. To describe a possible future scene where robots take control of our life.
D. To predict how technology can affect the way we see a doctor in the future.
1. C。从第三段可知,前两段是作者以看病为例表达对将来的担忧,她担心机器人将掌控人类的生活。
2. What is the main reason that the author prefers being served by humans rather than by robots?
A. Robots don’t offer to give store coupons.
B. Robots are indifferent and emotionless.
C. Services from robots cost more time and money.
D. Robots can’t do a job as well as humans do.
2. B。从第六段可以得此答案。Indifferent,冷淡的;emotionless,没有感情的。
3. What does “an element” in the second-to-last paragraph refer to?
A. Humor.                   B. The ability to speak.
C. Changes.                D. Effective communication.
3. D。从上文所举的例子Sometimes when youre chatting with someone, you discover things you need to know Maybe a sales person can offer a bit of encouragement for a customer who is feeling tired.以及最后一段的Call it the spirit, the soul or the heart. It is something no machine will ever have. 可知机器人没有灵魂无法和人进行有效的交流故选D
4. What’s the author’s attitude toward machines?
A. She is absolutely against their existence in her life.
B. She wishes that one day machines would come to life.
C. She doesn’t like that they get involved in her life too much.
D. She is afraid that they would take the place of human beings on Earth.
4. C。从全文尤其是第四段可知,作者喜欢科技带来的生活便利和舒适,但是她不希望机器占据她太多的生活。
III. Post-reading
ØDoes the development of technology bother you sometimes? If so, how does it bother you?
ØDo you have the same concern as the author has in the article?

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