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高一教案 第513期

In UK, dark is funny (P4)
山东泰安高级中学 张波
I. Lead in
Do you know it? Comedy representative
II. Warming-up
Fill in the blanks with the given words
comedy      definitely       tragedy      negative
individual    reflect         sarcasm       depressing
1. I prefer ____to tragedy. That comedy has had me rolling in the aisles for two hours.
2. All the students that work hard will ____ pass the exam.
3. It is difficult for a teacher to give _____attention to children in a large class.
4. His ____hurt her feelings.    
5. Its a totally ______ thought.
6. Her sad looks _____ the thoughts passing through her mind.
7. You wont learn anything with a ____ attitude.
8. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a very famous ____.
III. Reading
Do you know him or her?
Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.
Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.
Answer the following questions:
1.What does British Prime Minister Winston Churchill think of British comedy?
The British are the only people who like to be told how bad things are. Most people think humor is about happy things, but for the British, the opposite is true.
2. How does the tradition of british comedy make the audience laugh?
The tradition of stupid characters makes the audience laugh.
3. In fact, how is the British humor reflected in life?
By British friendships, in which the better friends you are with someone, the more you can laugh at them.
4.Please translate the following sentence
Most people think humor is about happy things, but for the British, the opposite is true. We love to use our cruel sense of humor to complain and be negative.
If you are ever on the receiving end of British sarcasm, you may feel like crying, but it’s best to just laugh it off!
IV. Language study
1.....famous for its dry British humor.
be famous as   做为......   而闻名
be famous for     /由于......而闻名
be famous to......是熟悉的......所熟知
Beijing is famous for its old buildings.
Lu Xun is famous for being a great writer.
Chairman Mao is famous to every Chinese.
2. ...the character Malvolio is an old man who people play tricks on.
play tricks on sb 开某人的玩笑;捉弄某人
play a part/role in ...方面起作用,扮演...
It’s a tradition to play tricks on people on April 1st.
But education is bound to play a part in it.
3. The tradition of stupid characters who the audience laughs at goes back a long time in Britain.
laugh at 嘲笑;因而发笑
We should not laugh at those who make mistakes.    
laugh it off 一笑而过,一笑置之
It was an embarrassing situation, but she managed to laugh it off.
go/date back to 追溯到;回到 ... 上来
go back on 违背;背叛;丢弃
You should never go back on a promise to a child.
I now look forward to going back to work as soon as possible.
Songs you can’t forget (P5)
Lead in
If you are free on the weekend, what do you like to do best?
I know some of you like to listen to music. But have you ever been bothered by music?
When you have that feeling, what do you do?
1.Why do people call annoying songs “earworms”?
Because they are just like parasites –they “live” in your ears and refuse to leave even when you tell them to.
2. What is the most popular theory about why earworms exist?
The most popular theory is that the songs create a “brain itch”.
3. What kind of songs can become earworms?
The songs that are simple and repetitive, especially ones with that type of chorus.
4. If you have an earworm, how can you suffer from it without even hearing it?
Seeing lyrics from the song or hearing someone mention it could both cause the domino effect that starts the song running.
Reading comprehension
1.Which of the following works as a cure for earworms?
A. jogging
B. reading a good novel
C. listening to music
D. watching the stars at night
2. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. Men tend to be less susceptible to earworms than women.
B. The task used as a cure for earworms should not be too difficult.
C. Reading a book of anagrams can be a good cure for earworms.
D. People are more likely to remember songs that are complicated.
Careful reading: fill in the blanks
An introduction to the passage
Have you ever gotten a song _____ in your head?
Why annoying songs are earworms and what kind of people are ________ by them
1. Earworms are like parasites –live in your ears and refuse to _____
2. _____everyone has been bothered
Different theories and the _____ why songs become earworms
1. The most _____ theory --- brain itch
2. People are likely to remember songs   that are _____ and _________
A ____ for earworms
1. Neither too hard nor too easy
2. find something that gives the right level of ________
Language study
You want to get rid of it, but the melody just keeps popping into your head.
She tried to get rid of him at the party but he stuck with her. (翻译)
get through 接通、完成、度过
get over 克服
get away from 远离
get along/on with 相处、进展
Almost everyone has been bothered by earworms.
bother vt 打扰烦扰 [U] 不便麻烦 [C] 引起麻烦的人或事
Don’t _____ me _____ (打扰)such stupid questions.
She never __________(费心) food and clothes.
Don’t _________(特意为我做饭)get dinner for me today. I’ll eat out.
It’s an old car but it never caused me any ____. (麻烦)
People are more likely to remember songs that ….
Sb/sth be very likely to do
It is likely that sb…
 He is likely to call me tonight.
= It is likely that he will call me tonight.
= It is probable that he will call me tonight.
It is possible for him to arrive here on time.
It is possible that he will arrive here on time
There are only a few clouds. The weather is _____ to be fine.
A. possible        B. probable 
C. likely          D. like
Scientists have been trying to find a “cure” for earworms.
He has been doing this in order to repay the boy’s kindness.
2. 我这一整天都在读书。
I have been reading all day.
   Is there a certain cure _____ cancer yet?(介词)
2. 他试用各种各样的疗法,但仍不见效。
 He tried all sorts of cures with no success.
On the contrary, a task like jogging that’s too easy won’t keep your brain busy enough , and that could allow the song to come back.
It doesn’t seem ugly to me; on the contrary, I think it’s rather beautiful.(翻译)
Passengers _____________. 乘客不得吸烟。
We don’t _______ in our house. 在我们家里不容许吸烟。
The facts _______ only one explanation.
Knowing yourself (Page 6)
II. Pre-reading
Translate the following words
“Emotional intelligence” 情商
Interpret it according to your understanding
Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.
Have you ever taken an EI quiz? What was the result?
. Questions
1. What is the author’s third suggestion?
    Don’t let the situation act upon you.
2. The tone of the article is persuasive.
3. Try to explain the two “r”-words, responding and reacting, based on your own understanding.
   When confronted with an upsetting situation, try to take a bit of time to consider the best way to respond instead of taking immediate action.
4. Why does the author suggest being in the present?
Because being in the present may increase your emotional intelligence and make you feel happier. 
. True or False
1.Journaling helps people improve their mood. F
2.The author has been journaling since she was a teenager. F
3.Meditation is beautiful and easy to master. F
4. By meditating, the author became more mentally healthy. T
5.  Taking a deep breath is a good way to calm down. T
. Vocabulary
Practical                        实用性的
well-being                       幸福
immediately                      迅速地
master                          掌握
Journaling                        日志
Perspective                       观点
interact with                      互动
. Discussion
Can you control your emotions well? In your daily life, what do you do to control them? Have you ever done anything you later regretted because you couldn’t control your emotions?

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