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初三教案 第422期

Issue 422 

黑龙江珠河中学  吕春子


Kid entrepreneur’s ‘magic’ gift (P3)


1. What do you do at the age of 14?

2. Have you heard of Backchat?


While reading

1. Where is Daniel Singer from?

2. What is important for people when chatting on the Internet?

3. What did Daniel Singer create?


Choose the correct answer

1. YouTell and Backchat have many advantages except____?

  A. being able to protect privacy.

  B. being magic and fun.

  C. being exciting.

  D. being free of charge.


2. How can we understand the first sentence of the text?

A. All TECH entrepreneurs are known to be young.

B. Daniel Singer is the youngest ever TECH entrepreneur.

C. Daniel Singer is younger than most entrepreneurs.

D. At 14 years old, he became an entrepreneur.


True or False:

(  ) 1. Teenagers usually like to talk anonymously.

(  ) 2. Daniel has been interviewed by CBS News.

(  ) 3. The products are not only popular among teenagers but also teachers.

(  ) 4. Daniel Singer used other websites like Facebook.

(  ) 5. His products have made his company a lot of money.


While reading

1. He ___________ be a good singer. (众所周知)

2.  I cannot ____ that bad thing _____ happen. (允许)

3. He lived ________ and with little money for a long time.(独自地)

4. This effort must __________ performance.(根据)

5. There are many problems with this system. ____ the software  ____________.(拿...为例)



What are your future plans?

What do you think of the Internet?


Carry your fashion with your backpack (P4)


1. What kind of backpack do you like?

2. What can you keep in your backpack? What are some examples?


While reading

Answer the following questions:

1. Who invented the first modern backpack?

2. When did he invent the first modern backpack?

3. In the article, who likes to use backpacks?


Choose the best answer

1. What's the main topic of the text?

A. A brief introduction to backpacks.    

B. The inventor of the first modern backpack.

C. How to use a backpack. 

D. Why students like backpacks.


2. The following are advantages of backpacks, except ____.

 A. it is convenient and fashionable

 B. They are lightweight and easy to carry on the go 

 C. if your bag is very heavy, you can only use a rolling backpack

 D. backpacks offer space for lightweight electronics


True or False:

(  ) 1. Students usually have to wear school uniform.

(  ) 2. US hiker Dick Kelty invented the first modern backpack in 1941.

(  ) 3. A fashionable and useful backpack can make you stand out.

(  ) 4. Rolling backpacks have wheels on the top.

(  ) 5. Backpacks have not changed that much since 1951.



1. Do you think backpacks will develop in the future?

2. Design your favorite backpack.



Look beyond odd looks (P6)


1. Do you often help others?

2. Give an example of when you helped another person.


While reading

1. How old is Caitlin?

2. What did they buy?

3. What fact made the girl help the boy?


While reading

1. Which of the following sets of words best describe the girl?

A. loud and serious.

B. helpful and considerate (体贴的).

C. talkative and helpful.  

D. Superficial (肤浅的) and modest.


2. When Caitlin saw the boy, she helped him because ____.

   A. his appearance attracted her 

   B. he had trouble in opening the door

   C. the boy frightened her 

   D. her grandparent asked her to do so


True or False:

(   ) 1. The teenage boy had no hair on both sides of his head.

(   ) 2. His left ears and nose were pierced.

(   ) 3. The boy couldn't open the door because he held a skateboard under one arm and a basketball under the other.

(   ) 4. Caitlin was scared of him and froze on the spot.

(   ) 5. Caitlin would have given him a hand, no matter what he looked like.


Fill in the blanks according to the passage.

   After Caitlin and I b_____ a cake, we met a young teenager w___ no hair on the sides of his head and a tuft of blue hair on top. I thought she'd be s_____ of his piercings. What's more, he held a skateboard and a basketball under his two arms. She opened the door  widely so that the boy could p____. But I only paid attention to his strange a________. From the passage, we know that helping others doesn't depend on the appearances of those in need.



 1. How can we help others in trouble?

 2. Can you design an activity that shows your love?






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