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初二教案 第201期

A friend in need (P5)

重庆第二外国语学校 董莉

原文链接: http://21stcentury.chinadaily.com.cn/new/article.shtml?sid=36490


I. Before you read
1. Watch the MTV of “Shining friend” with the class. (It can be downloaded from the Internet)
2. Ask the following questions about friends:
a. What kind of friends do you make?
b. What do you think of your friends?
c. Talk about one of your best friends.
d. What is the ideal (理想的) friend?
e. Do you think animals have friends?

II. Comprehension check
Choose the best answer:
1. What are Brownie and Spotty?
A. They are two boys. B. They are two teenagers. C. They are two dogs.
2. Why doesn’t Brownie return home one day?
A. He is in a trap.
B. He hates his owner and wants to leave.
C. He was playing so happily he forgot to return.
3. How does Spotty attract the owner of Brownie?
A. He barks loudly. B. He bites the owner. C. He runs around the house.
4. What had Brownie eaten those days?
A. Grass. B. Food Spotty saved for him. C. Nothing.
5. The best title for the story is _____.
A. Never Too Late to Learn B. Practice Makes Perfect C. A Friend in Need

III. Vocabulary in use
1. Learn some useful phrases from the passage.
1) show up 露面
2) too …to 太..以至于不 =so adj. that can’t = not enough to do
3) care about 关心
4) refuse to do拒绝做某事情
5) as if 好象
6) in a circle 围着
7) keep one’s spirits up 鼓励某人

2. Fill in the blanks using the correct phrase.
show up, care about, refuse to, as if , keep one’s spirits up
1) She is on a diet these days so she ________ eat sugar.
2) When I feel down, my mother _________.
3) It was _________ we had never been apart.
4) After that day, he never ________ again.
5) Nobody _________ what you wear.

IV. Activities
1. Discuss these proverbs about friends:
1) 欲求完美无缺的朋友必然成为孤家寡人。
We shall never have friends if we expect to find them without fault.
2) 好朋友勤算账。
Short accounts make long friends
3) 患难见真情。
Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends
4) 没有朋友,虽生犹死。
Life without a friend is death.
5) 朋友不能阿谀奉承。
I cannot be your friend and your flatterer too.
6) 背后说好话,才是真朋友。
He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.
7) 再好的朋友也有分手的时候。
Friends must part.
8) 朋友是时间的窃贼。
Friends are thieves of time.
9) 朋友之间也会保持距离。
Friends agree best at distance.
10) 东西是新的好,朋友是老的亲。
Everything is good when new, but friends when old.
11) 读书如交友,应求少而精。
Books and friends should be few but good.
12) 朋友之间不分彼此。
Between friends all is common.
13) 什么人交什么朋友。
A man is known by his friends.
14) 君子之交淡如水。
A hedge between keeps friendship green.
15) 没有十全十美的朋友。
A friend without faults will never be found.
16) 需要之时方知友。
A friend is never known till a man has need.
17) 得朋友难,失朋友易。
A friend is easier lost than found.
18) 患难见真情。
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2. Write an article about friendship.

V. Cloze test
Browine and Spotty were neighbor dogs. They loved each other and played together 1 often that they had made a path 2 the grass of the field between their houses. One evening, Brownie’s family noticed that Brownie hadn’t returned home. They went looking for him with no success. Brownie didn’t show up the next day, and by the next week he was still 3 . Curiously, Spotty showed up at Brownie’s house alone. He barked loudly. But Brownie’s family were too 4 to care about him. Finally, Spotty refused to take “no” for an answer. He followed Ted, Brownie’s 5 , everywhere he went. He barked, then rushed toward a nearby empty lot and back, 6 to say, “Follow me!” Ted followed the dog across the empty lot to a tree a half mile from the house. There Ted found Brownie alive. One of his legs was crushed in a trap. Ted 7 he had come earlier. Then Ted noticed something amazing. In a circle around the 8 dog, Ted found a lot of dog food. They were the remains of every meal Spotty had been fed that week.
1. A. too B. such C. very D. so
2. A. through B. above C. on D. in
3. A. missed B. missing C. lost D. losing
4. A. excited B. busy C. sad D. surprised
5. A. friend B. father C. teacher D. owner
6. A. even if B. as if C. as for D. just as
7. A. wanted B. said C. thought D. wished
8. A. happy B. hungry C. injured D. dead

II. 1-5 C A A B C
III. 1. refuses to 2. keeps my spirits up 3. as if 4. showed up 5. cares abou
IV. 1-4 B A B B 5-8 D B D C

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