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初三教案 第424期

Issue 424 

黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子


Jumping to the top of the swimming carnival (P3)


1. Do you know the school life of Australian students?

2. Do you enjoy swimming?


While reading

1. When does school in Sydney start?

2. What is the weather like in February in Australia?

3. What event did the students in Sydney take part in?


Choose the correct answer

1. We can tell that a swimming carnival in Sydney _____.

  A.  is held in winter.

  B.  makes students compete.

  C.  is fun for students.

  D.  is boring.


2. What can we learn from the passage?

A. There is a swimming race in July.

B. An activity called kickboard is similar to a relay.

C. The writer had to swim alone during  the kickboard races.

D. The writer won first place.


True or False:

(  ) 1. The students not only had fun but also got rewards at the swimming carnival.

(  ) 2. This year's swimming carnival was the same as last year.

(  ) 3. The writer took part in the race for 12-year-olds.

(  ) 4. The writer thought he could win the race.

(  ) 5. The carnival was so meaningful that the students learned how to work together and also had fun.


While reading

1. They will _____ ____ at a swimming carnival. (玩得高兴)

2. People are _________ that flight MH370 disappeared. (惊讶)

3. I am _________ getting along with people. ( ...做的更好)

4. Chinese people are _____ ____ Han Tianyu. (...骄傲)

5. We ____ _______ for the athletes at the Sochi Olympics.(幸福地加油)


1.     What after-school activity do you like best?

2.     What can we learn from after-school activities?


What do selfies say about you (P5)


1. Do you like taking selfies?

2. Do you upload photos to Sina Weibo?


While reading

Try to answer these questions after reading:

1. What year did “selfie" win Oxford dictionaries word of the year?

2. Where do people put selfies?

3. What do people use to take a quick selfie?


Choose the best answer

1. What's the main idea of the text?

A. A brief introduction to selfies.    

B. The history of taking selfies.

C. Why people like taking selfies. 

D. The advantages of taking selfies.


2. From the passage we learn that one advantage about taking a selfie is that _____.

 A. it puts you in a position of power.

 B. it can boost your confidence.

 C. it harms your personal relationships.

 D. it is hard for people to relate to people who often post selfies online.


True or False:

(  ) 1. Taking selfies does more harm than good.

(  ) 2. It is a biological need for us to post a selfie online.

(  ) 3. People like receiving negative feedback on a selfie that‘s posted online.

(  ) 4. It’s fine for people to spend a lot of time choosing the perfect outfit for a selfie.

(  ) 5. From the passage, we can learn that it is a wise choice not to post selfies online.



1. Do you post selfies online?

2. What other websites can you upload your selfies to?


Planting the cycle of life (P6)


1. Have you ever planted vegetables?

2. Do you like waiting for things to happen?


While reading

1. When and where did Nana and the writer spend time?

2. What did Nana plant in her garden ?

3. Did they take good care of the zucchini plants?


While reading

1. Why did the zucchini stop growing?

A. Zucchini would come out.

B. Nothing would grow.

C. Some flowers would appear again.   

D. They would die.


True or False:

(   ) 1. Ann and the writer enjoyed time in the garden quietly.

(   ) 2. The zucchini plants started as red flowers.

(   ) 3. The zucchini grew well because they took less care of them.

(   ) 4. The writer was happy that the zucchini stopped appearing.

(   ) 5. From the passage, we learn that every day should be cherished, although nothing lasts forever.


Fill in the blanks according to the passage.

    Ann and I spent every Sunday o____ in the garden. We planted the zucchini which I was looking at them q____. I wanted to p____ these little yellow flowers, but was stopped and asked me to wait that little things can turn into wonderful things. Day by day, plants would grow well when we looked after them well. One day , these zucchini stopped a_____. I learned that nothing lasts f_____. Around the world, seasons change, but  for everything that ends, something new will take its place.



 1. Do you want to plant any beautiful flowers or vegetables?

 2. Can you observe things around you?


Key: P3: TFFFT



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