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初三教案 第426期

Issue 426 

黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子


UK gets kids cooking (P2)


1. Do you like cooking at home?

2. Do you have a cookery course at school?


While reading

1. What course will be compulsory in the UK?

2. What are the eating habits known for in the UK?

3. If you are 12 years old, can you learn to cook at school in the UK?


Choose the correct answer

1. The student in the article packed the following except ____.

  A.  noteooks and pens.

  B.  textbooks and an egg.

  C.  250 grams of flour and some oil.

  D.  textmessages and textbooks.


2. Which is the reason why the UK has made cookery a compulsory course?

A. To encourage students to develop a love of food and cooking.

B. Britain has began to be known as a country with bad food and unhealthy eating habits.

C. New courses are part of the country's effort to bring healthy food back onto the table.

D. Children are bored of eating ready meals.


3. Which statement of the passage is true?

A. One in four British families no longer has a table that everyone can eat around.

B. One out of 3 meals they eat is eaten alone.

C. About four out of ten of us enjoy eating meals with children.

D. Ready meals have become the first choice for many British families.


True or False:

(  ) 1. It is not ridiculous to pack 250 grams of flour, an egg and some cooking oil for school.

(  ) 2. From September, cooking will be compulsory for kids aged 7-14 in the UK.

(  ) 3. Secondary school students will master cooking skills except for baking.

(  ) 4. Because parents are too busy to prepare food, they prefer ready meals.

(  ) 5. In order to encourage children to develop a love of food, the US has began cookery courses.


While reading

1. If you ________ someone, you give them confidence. (鼓励)

2.  The first lady of China, Peng Liyuan, is ________ the most beautiful woman in China. (...闻名)

3. That machine  _________ works. ( 不再)

4. Our school _______ creative imagination through after-school activities. (发展)

5. We have many ______ to make in our life.



1.         What after-school activity do you like best?

2.         What can we learn from school activities?


A gift for my parents (P3)


1. What would you do for your parents' wedding anniversary?

2. What present would you buy for your parents?


While reading

Try to answer these questions after reading:

1. When is the writer's parents' anniversary?

2. In the end, did the writer cook by himself?

3. What did the writer want to make?


Choose the best answer

1. When my father woke up, I was sad because ____.

A. he ruined my surprise and I couldn't do what I wanted to do freely    

B. he ruined some of my food and I couldn't blame him

C. I felt embarrassed when he was with me 

D. I felt nervous the first time I made food


2. The breakfast was made up of the following except for ____.

 A. backed beans

 B. some sausages

 C. hash browns

 D. pancakes



3. Put the writer’s events in order.

 A. My parents were very happy and proud.

 B. I evened the oil out.

 C. My dad woke up from the kitchen noise.

 D. I got up at 6:00 a.m to get things ready.

 E. When he saw me, he was surprised and happy.

 F. I got the lighter to light.

 G. I put oil in the pan.


The correct order: _____________


True or False:

(   ) 1. Though I didn't cook anything by myself, I decided to give my parents a surprise.

(   ) 2. Hash browns are a kind of food which look like pancakes and are made out of potatoes.

(   ) 3. The fried eggs I made not only looked like the sun, but also smelt good.

(   ) 4. My father made some contributions to my breakfast.

(   ) 5. Because my father didn’t interrupt me, I didn't mess up my surprise.


What can personalities tell about us? (P5)


1. What kind of personality do you have?

2. What personalities do your friends have?


While reading

1.  Does our personality relate to our health?

2.  How many ways did the experiment assess their personalities?

3. What's the author's attitude to the research?


Choose the best answer:

1. Which is true according to the text?

A. Our personality has something to do with our health.

B. If you have a higher IQ score, you must be a careful person.

C. Careful people are less likely to know how to find medical help.   

D. Careful people are more likely to have an inactive lifestyle and healthy diet.


2. Which kind of personality can make us more healthy?

A. People who can control themselves and don't smoke.

B. People who have an active lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

C. People who have gum disease and blood pressure.   

D. People who have stress and anxiety.


True or False:

(   ) 1. Usually stress and anxiety are liked to bad health.

(   ) 2. According to the research, a doctor can improve our health by knowing our personality.

(   ) 3. Being careful means that you can have control over yourself and are less likely to smoke.

(   ) 4. Curious and imaginative people have higher EQ scores.

(   ) 5. In the research, the least careful people developed health problems by the age of 45.



 1. Do you enjoy your own personality?

 2. Do you think a good personality can lead to good health?



Key: P2: DAA   TFFTF



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