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初三教案 第428期

Issue 428 

黑龙江珠河中学   吕春子


Color code your trash (P2)


1. How do you deal with waste?

2. Can you separate recyclable waste from unrecyclable waste?


While reading

1. How many tons of waste is produced in Guangzhou every day?

2. How long does it take an American to make 102 tons of trash?

3. Can we recycle pens?


Choose the correct answer

1. Americans are mentioned in the passage to prove that____.

  A. they produce the most grabage compared with other countries

  B. most countries are facing the same problems with garbage

  C. people dislike Americans for their garbage

  D. they don't recycle their waste


2. The author intends to_____.

A.  raise people's awareness of recycling.

B.  call on people to use stuff for as long as we can.

C. prevent people from throwing away broken pens.

D. Set up a waste-sorting campaign.


3. Recycling has many benefits, except _____?

A.  saving energy

B.  keeping landfill space free for unrecyclable trash

C.  reducing greenhouse gas

D.  decreasing recycling bins


True or False:

(   ) 1. Garbage is becoming the biggest problem in ciites.

(   ) 2. 17,000 tons of waste is produced in Beijing.

(   ) 3. Recycling is the only way of dealing with the problem of garbage.

(   ) 4. The pen you throw away will stay under soil for a long time.

(   ) 5. Many cities in China have taken measures to solve garbage problems.


While reading

1. Smog in China is becoming __________. (大问题)

2. Do you really have fun getting __________ friends at your place? (和……一同)

3. We can deal with environment problems _________ we take action at once. (只要)

4. Many Chinese people often _________ food left on their plates. (发展)

5. ______ waste is produced every day. (数万吨的)



1.     What can we do to reduce waste?

2.     Make a poster to call on people to protect the Earth.


World’s greatest playwright (P5)


1. Do you know William Shakespeare?

2. What‘s your favorite William Shakespeare play?


While reading

Try to answer these questions after reading:

1. Where and when was William Shakespeare born?

2. When was he famous?

3. What can we find in William Shakespeare's works?


Choose the best answer

1. From the first paragraph, we learn that ____.

A. Shakepeare is known for his popular quoted phrases    

B. there is no doubt that Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time

C. every corner of the world knows Shakespeare

D. Shakepeare is famous for his tragic works


2. Which one of the following is not true?

 A. Antonio is a Venetian merchant.

 B. Portia, a lady, dressed as a lawyer.

 C. Hamlet is a tragedy.

 D. Romeo and Juliet is a comedy.


True or False:

(   ) 1. Most of Shakepeare's works are famous worldwide.

(   ) 2. The reason why his plays catch people's hearts is that they reflect human nature.

(   ) 3. He is not only a master of plays but also words.

(  ) 4. His tragedies make fun of human nature and they all have a happy ending.

(   ) 5. He went to New York to make a living as a playwright.



1. Which of Shakespeare’s characters do you like best? And why?

2. Perform a short play similar to Hamlet.



Win the race of kindness (P6)


1. Are you eager to succeed?

2. Do you have strength and power in your life?


While reading

1. What was a young boy hungry for?

2. What did he take part in?

3. Who watched the running race?


While reading

1. What's the meaning of the first sentence in the first paragraph?

A. He is so hungry that he can't move.

B. If he can win, he won't eat anything.

C. He is very vain (虚荣的).   

D. A young boy is eager for success.


2. How would you describe the boy after the races?

A. modest and helpful.

B. competitive and successful.

C. proud and helpful.   

D. silent and eager to learn.


True or False:

(   ) 1. The young boy won the first race easily.

(   ) 2. The crowd cheered and waved during all the races.

(   ) 3. The wise man wanted to give the boy a lesson.

(   ) 4. Winners only need strength and power.

(   ) 5. The reason why the crowd didn't cheer in the second race is that the competitors were not on the same level.


While reading

   One day, a young boy who was eager to w___ everything took part in a r_____ competition. He ran fast and won the first race. The crowd c____ and waved for him. A wise old man asked him to run with an old man and a blind man. He won the second race e____, but no one cheered for him. In the third race, he was asked to finish the race with them. When he walked s_____ to the finishing line, all of the crowd cheered for his kindness.



 1. What can we learn from the story?

 2. Is it important for us to help others?

 3. How will you try to help others?






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