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初三教案 第429期

Issue 429

大连市第四十四中学 孙旭

The flames of wedding traditions burn brightly (P4)

Pre-reading (Discussion)

What kinds of western wedding traditions do you know?


While reading

1.     What is the wedding tradition about?

2.     Why does the bride wear something old?

3.     What kinds of things could be something new?

4.     From whom can the bride borrow something?

5.     What does the sentence “Marry in blue, husband be true” mean?


Choose the best answer:

1. How many things should a bride prepare according to old English tradition?

A. About 1

B. About 2

C. About 3

D. About 4


2. Why do most brides follow the tradition?

A. Because it’s interesting.

B. Because they think tradition is important.

C. Because it can bring good luck.

D. Because they all like to do that.



What kinds of Chinese wedding traditions do you know?


Then end of the stripy puzzle? (P5)

While reading

1.     What did Darwin think of zebras’ strips?

2.     What’s the strips’ function according to Alfred?

3.     What is Tim’s new theory?

4.     How do biting flies cause harm to other animals?

5.     What does “colleagues” mean in Chinese?


Fill in the blanks according to the passage:

1. There are many theories _____try to answer that question. Charles Darwin, the famous biologist, thought that Zebras stripes were used to attract partners.


2. Alfred Wallace, the British naturalist and biologist thought the stripes were for camouflage. They make the zebras hard to see at night and create an optical ______in the day.


3. But the zebras’ real enemy might be a whole lot smaller. A new study by Tim Caro from the University of California has come up ____an entirely new theory on why zebras have stripes.


4. He found that species that live in areas with dangerous flies were more _____to have stripes all over their bodies.

5. Caro is happy that they have answered the question _____why zebras have stripes, but now he is left with _______question: why don’t flies like stripes?



     Tell us your favorite book and the writer.


Make a meal from a stone (P6)

Pre-reading (Discussion)


While reading

1.     What did the traveler have?

2.     What did the traveler tell villagers he was doing?

3.     Who brought the traveler some salt?

4.     Where did a villager bring the carrots?

5.     What else did the traveler ask for?


Comprehension check

Judge true or false

(      ) 1. The traveler is poor and hungry.

(      ) 2. The stone is passed from his ancestors.

(      ) 3. The traveler had some salt and put it in the soup.

(     ) 4. The traveler asked villagers to get things he wanted.

(     ) 5. They don’t like the soup at all.




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