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初三教案 第430期

Issue 430 
黑龙江珠河中学  吕春子

Passing of a legend (P2)
1. Have you read the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude?
2. What do you know about Latin American?

While reading
1. When was Gabriel Garcia Marquez born?
2. How many copies has the novel sold?
3. Which style does the novel belong to?

Choose the correct answer
1. Which of the following statement about magical realism is true?
  A. All of the writer’s works are in this style.
  B. His grandmother inspired him to use it.
  C. This style mixes reality with fantasy.
  D. The chaos in Colombia made people dislike this style.

2. What is the main purpose of the passage?
A.  to remember a cultural giant.
B.  to give a brief introduction to the writer.
C.  to recall his whole life.
D.  to make the world know of his death.

3. Put the following events in order.
a.  The giant passed away.
b.  He was born in Colombia.
c.  He went to Mexico.
d.  He wrote his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.
e.  Former US president Bill Clinton permitted him to come to the US.
He was banned from going to the US.

A. b e d c f a              B. b c d e f a   
C. b c d f a e           D. b c d f e a

True or False:
(   ) 1. The world paused in honor of a cultural giant, Gabriel Garcia Marguez.
(   ) 2. He is the most famous writer in the world.
(   ) 3. His most famous novel is One Hundred Years of Solitude.
(   ) 4. He created the style called magical realism.
(   ) 5.  He think favorably of US imperialism.
What is your favorite book?
Make notes of your favourite books.

Colorful kites sail through China sky (P4)
1. Do you like flying kites?
2. What kind of kites do you like best?

While reading
Try to answer these questions:
1. Where were kites invented?
2. What were kites made of originally?
3. Why did people fly kites?

Choose the best answer
1. According to the text, we know that _____.
A.  kites were invented in China and Japan.    
B.  The original purpose of kites was to pass messages.
C.  All kites are made of wood and bamboo. 
D.  Modern kites come in different shapes but have the same pattern.

2. The following are true except ____?
 A. in modern times, there are more shapes and patterns than in ancient times.
 B. the largest kite in the world is 15,000 square meters.
 C. a kite team from Tianjin made the biggest kite in the world in 3 months.
 D. the Weifang International Kite Festival is in April.

True or False:
(   ) 1. Man-made birds refer to colorful kites.
(   ) 2. The original function of kites was to get rid of bad luck and bless people.
(   ) 3. Some modern kites maintain traditional patterns.
(   ) 4. The largest kite in China is as big as three football courts.
(   ) 5. Weifang International Kite Festival appeals to people from home and abroad.


Celebrating Easter in Australia (P5)
1. Are you interested in Easter?
2. What do you know about Easter in Australia?

While reading
1. When does Easter fall in Australia?
2. When it is spring in Beijing, which season is it in Australia?
3. What did they do when they were young on Easter?

Choose the best answer:
1. The reason why the writer likes the Easter holiday is because ____.
A. she can eat chocolate eggs
B. she can celebrate the resurrection of Jesus
C. she can spend time with her family   
D. she can go swimming, hiking and fishing

2. Which sentence is not correct?
A. She had a happy childhood.
B. Her parents make her happy.
C. Only her parents put up tents.   
D. At Easter, she can enjoy the warm weather, swim in the ocean and sleep in the bush under the stars.

True or False:
(   ) 1. Children enjoy finding eggs that their parents hide in strange places.
(   ) 2. Children can always find chocolate billies.
(   ) 3. Chocolate bunnies are similar in meaning as bilbies.
(   ) 4. In Australia, Easter is different from that of other countries.
(   ) 5. The family would always go to the beach for a weekend of camping.
 1. Learn about Western festivals.
 2.  What are the differences between China's festivals and Western festivals.

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