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初三教案 第431期

Issue 431 

黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子


Making trade fair (P2)


1. Have you made money by yourself?

2. How will you make a living in the future?


While reading

1. How long has a concept "fair trade"been?

2. Is Fairtrade Labelling International a worldwide asscociation?

3. Is it important for farmers and workers to join the Fairtrade Labelling International?


Choose the correct answer

1. What's the purpose of the first sentence of the passage?

  A.  tell readers there are many poor people.

  B.  introduce the topic of the passage.

  C.  give a question to readers to answer.

  D.  create an atmosphere.


2. Which is true according to the text?

A.  According to a report from USA, coffee farmers get no more than 1 cent.

B.  The reason why fair trade exists is that many people suffer from unfair trade.

C.  produces wiht an Unfair Trade Label and more are more expensive than others.

D.  people sell goods at high prices so that they can make a decent living.


3. Which one is true about Fairtrade Labelling International except ____?

A. Fairtrade Labelling International is a worldwide association that sets international standards for all products.

B.  Farmers can certify their prodcuts at the sociation and get a Fair Trade Lable.

C.  Usually, products with a Fairtrade Label are more expensive than others

D.  Fairtrade Label International helps farmers and workers to some degree.


True or False:

(  ) 1. Some people think it acceptable that trade is unfair.

(  ) 2. Many farmer and workers in poor countries and regions don't receive the amount of the money they should get.

(  ) 3. Cocao farmers in North America and Thailand and Indonesia are in the same situation where they earns the same.

(  ) 4 . Coffee, sugar, tea and fruit are the only fair trade.

(  ) 5.  It is difficult to realize "fair trade".


While reading

1. I _______  have a holiday at seaside after the exams. (倾向于)

2. As students in Grade Nine, we have ______ never-give-up. (精神)

3. To ____ quitting going to the Net _________, some regard it as a piece of cake. (...为例)

4. Xiao Mi Phone is ___ popular ___ everyone likes it. (如此...以至于)

5. Distant kinsmen mean _______ close neighbors. (远亲不如近邻)



1.     Do you think the world is fair?

2.     How to keep fair in your life?


How many faces do we make? (P5)


1. Do you notice your face?

2. How do we express our feelings?


While reading

Try to answer these questions after reading:

1. Does the human face lie?

2. How many basic facial expressions do we have?

3. How many volunteers took part in the study?


Choose the best answer

1. Which one is true about facial expressions except _____?

A.  If you just got some great unexpected news, you may produce a happy surprise.    

B.  If you smell a bad odor, you may produce disgusted faces .

C.  If you are surprised, you may widen your eyes and open your mouth. 

D.  All the people raise their cheeks and smile, if they are happy.


2. What's the attitude of the writer to the study?

 A. negative.

 B. positive.

 C. objective (客观的).

 D. subjective(主观的).


True or False:

(   ) 1. A few study shows that there are six basic facial expressions thell others how we feel.

(   ) 2. Humans can make 21 difficult facial expressions.

(   ) 3. In the past, scientists think there are 6 facial expressions, such as, upset, happy, shocked, fearful, angry and disgusted.

(   ) 4. Scientists study 230 volunteers and studied differences of their expressions.

(   ) 5.  People can't always aware of their facial expressions.



1. Do the survey about facial expressions after exams.

2. Write down the report.


Finding the golden house (P6)


1. What do you admire in your life?

2. What do you like to own best?


While reading

1. Where did the little girl live?

2. Did the two houses have golden windows?

3. How did she go to see the house ?


While reading

1. Which one is right according to the text?

A. Love me, love my dog.

B. Where there is a will, there is a way.

C. There is (also) gold which does not glitter.   

D. East or west, home is best.


2. Which is true about the house the girl dreamed of?

A. It is a really wonderful house wiht golden house.

B. All the windows were plain and rather dirty.

C. The house the girl admired didn't really exist.   

D. The girl believed that the house was better than her own house .


True or False:

(   ) 1. The little girl lived in a little, poor house at the foot of the hill.

(   ) 2. The house she lived in had a garden where she played happily.

(   ) 3. As she grew up, she found a wonderful house with golden doors and windows on the hill.

(   ) 4. She thought the house she found was better than her family.

(   ) 5. She was disappointed when she found her own house was the best.



 1. How to realize your dream?

 2. What should we cherish in our life?






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