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初三教案 第433期

Issue 433
黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子

Monkeys cause lawsuit (P2)
1. Do you like taking photos of animals?
2. Do you take many selfies?

While reading
1. When did David J. Slater visit Indonesia?
2. What was grabbed by a group of monkeys?
3. What happened three years later?

Choose the correct answer
1. What can we learn from the article?
A. The monkey seflies didn’t become popular on the Internet.
B. The best picture shows a female monkey look sad for the camera.
C. Slater didn’t want to publish the photos.
D. There is a copyright battle about the photos.

2. The article is mainly about ____.
A. how unfair the US copyright law is.
B. how animals have the right to claim copyright.
C. the background about the monkey selfies case.
D. showing pity to David J. Slater.

3. The following are reasons why Slater thinks the photos belong to him, except____.
A. his camera took the photos.
B. he bought the camera.
C. he spent a lot of money traveling to Indonesia.
D. he allowed the monkey to take his camera away.

True or False:
(  ) 1. Nobody knows who will win the battle between David and the Wikimedia Foundation.
(  ) 2. Slater thinks the pictures belong to him because he took the photos himself.
(  ) 3. It was the monkeys that pushed the button, so they own the copyright.
(  ) 4. According to US copyright law, whoever pushed the button on the camera owns the copyright to the photos, including animals.
(  ) 5. To a certain extent (在某种程度上), Slater regarded the monkeys as his assistants.

Fill in the blank according to the passage.
    In 2011, David visited a park in Indonesia _____ his camera was _____by monkeys. The result was hundreds of monkey selfies. He _____ the photos and they became _____. Last month, Wikimedia ____ the selfies online without Slater's permission. Slater didn't agree ____ he thought he owned the copyright. Wikimedia _____ his request. As of now, the case is ongoing.

1.    What do you think of the monkey selfies case?
2.    Can you give some examples of copyright?

The art of how to learn (P5)
1. Have you ever re-read a book before an exam?
2. How do you remember knowledge that you have learned?

While reading
Try to answer these questions after reading:
1. What is a useful way to help us learn?
2. What is important to help us study, according to the research?
3. What is another way of saying “Our mind, just like our body, has to practice activities to become good at them”?

Choose the best answer
Which of the following titles best describes the article?
A. What concept mapping means.     
B. Why people read.
C. How to stop forgetting.  
D. The way to remember.

2. The following is true about remembering, except_____?
A. it is a good way to help us learn.
B. it means being able to recall information at any moment.
C. it is about retrieving practice.
D. it is like downloading a new memory.

True or False:
(  ) 1. If you don't practice remembering, you can't get good grades.
(  ) 2. Usually people believe learning is getting knowledge in memory.
(  ) 3. A new study shows retrieval practice is important.
(  ) 4. Recalling concepts from memory is far better than using concept mapping.
(  ) 5. Both groups didn’t score well at recalling the learned information.

1. How do you study best?
2. Make a survey about the ways of remembering in your class.

Learn to fly like geese (P6)
1. Have you ever seen geese fly?
2. What do you think of their “V” formation?

While reading
1. When do geese head south?
2. Do geese take turns to lead the group?
3. How many geese fall down with a goose when it gets sick or is wounded by a gunshot?

Choose the best answer:
1. We know the following about geese except _____.
A. in autumn, geese head south to keep warm
B. by flying in a “V” formation, the whole group has a great advantage
C. when the lead goose gets tired, the whole group will stop to wait    
D. when a goose gets sick, two other geese will help it

2. After reading the text, we know the following except _____.
A. it is a good idea to take turns to lead
B. don't leave the weak and the wounded behind.
C. help each other when traveling in the same direction    
D. if we fall behind, stay where you are to wait for help

True or False:
(   ) 1. As each bird flaps its wings, it makes uplift for the bird in front of it.
(   ) 2. By flying in a "V" information, the whole group adds 90% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.
(   ) 3. With the help of each other, people can reach their destination quickly.
(   ) 4. When a goose falls out of formation, it will get back into formation.
(   ) 5. From the article, we know it is important to help one another.

 1. What have you learned from the article?
 2. Talk about the importance of cooperation.


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