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初三教案 第434期

Issue 434 
黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子

An unforgettable journey (P3)
1. Do you like running?
2. Are you a member of the Cross Country team?

While reading
1. What did the writer think of the journey of making the Cross Country team?
2. How long is a Cross Country race?
3. What is Cross Country?

Choose the correct answer
1. What does the first paragraph mean in the passage?
  A. The writer joined the Cross Country team, which she will never forget.
  B. The writer organized a running race.
  C. The experience of the Cross Country team made the writer sad and she wanted to forget it.
  D. The writer thought she could do well in the Cross Country team.

2. Which one is true about the article?
A.  Cross Country is a short running race.
B.  Cross Country is about 5,000 kilometers.
C.  Cross Country is held in two seasons.
D.  Cross Country is a challenge for some people including the writer.

3. Just before the race, what didn’t the writer do?
A. Feel nervous.
B. Take a deep breath and prepare to race.
C. Think of some bad thoughts.
D. Feel her heart beating fast.

True or False:
(  ) 1. So far, the writer has joined in the Cross Country twice.
(  ) 2. Only her coach cheered for her during the race.
(  ) 3. The writer injured her muscles because of her stubbornness.
(  ) 4 . The writer didn't take her injury seriously.
(  ) 5.  The experience in the Cross Country was not only a treasure but also a lesson for the writer.

Fill in the blank according to the passage.
  The experience in Cross Country was precious but also a challenge for me, _____ I can’t forget. At first, I was ___ nervous that my heart almost _____ out of my chest. I should have prepared to race. _____, bad thoughts ran through my head. _____ the crowd, I rushed out. I kept _____ myself that I could do this. At last, I made it, but i can no longer practice. So never push ________ too hard.

Do you like playing sports?
What can you do if you join the Cross Country team?

Do we judge a book by its cover? (P5)
1. Is it important to make a good first impression?
2. How do you really make a good first impression?
While reading
Try to answer these questions after reading:
1. How long does it take people to judge a stranger's face?

2. What kind of face do people trust the most?

3. Where university are the scientists from?
Choose the best answer
What have scientists found according to the article?
A.  People make slow judgements about a stranger's face.    
B.  People judge a stranger's face in milliseconds.
C.  People make their minds up in seconds. 
D.  People judge others by their personality.

Choose the correct answer
2. Where would you find this article?
 A. A science report.
 B. A storybook.
 C. A film introduction.
 D. A government report.

While reading
True or False:
(  ) 1. It is amygdale that tells whether a person is trustworthy.
(  ) 2. The first group was not given 38 milliseconds the judge the images.
(  ) 3. 33 milliseconds is not enough for amygdale to judge a person.
(  ) 4. Our features can show our personalities.
(  ) 5. Our brain unconsciously responds to a face's trustworthiness.

Sweet taste of kindness (P6)
1. Have you shared delicious food with others?
2. Have you ever helped others?

While reading
1.  Was Jack hungry when he finished his work?
2.  Where did he go after work?
3.  What did he share with the girl?

While reading
1. What do you think of Jack from the story?
A. Kind and generous.
B. Greedy and mean.
C. Honest and generous.   
D. Rich and kind.

2. Why did Jack give an apple square to the girl?
A. He is rich enough to afford many apple squares.
B. He found the girl wanted to eat one.
C. He thought the price was low.   
D. He was willing not only to give her food but also warmth from a stranger.

3. What can we learn from the story?
A. Give help to people who are in trouble.
B. Share what you have with everyone.
C. Help others if possible to make everyone feel warm.   
D. If you are rich, buy delicious food for the poor.

True or False:
(   ) 1. After a whole day's work, he was angry.
(   ) 2. Being hungry, he found the food in the bakery looked and smelled delicious.
(   ) 3. She likes eating apple squares so she asked for one.
(   ) 4. The bakery was self-service.
(   ) 5. He didn’t just buy an apple square.

 1. What have you learned from the story?
 2.  How do we pass love to others?

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