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初三教案 第436期

Issue 436 For Junior 3 
黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子
Box project feeds poor children (P3)
I. Pre-reading
1. Have you helped others in need ?
2. How are you feeling after helping others?
II. While reading 
Answer the questions
1. How old is the girl ? 
2. Who was she appealing to people to donate food for? 
3. Did her project have a name? 
Choose the correct answer
1. Why did the girl appeal to people to donate food for kids?
A. She was kind and had pity for poor kids.
B. She wanted to become famous.
C. She herself was a poor kid, too.
D. She hoped all the kids study happily.
2. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. Klock is a girl who is glad to help others.
B. The hungry kids made Klock feel sad. 
C. Klock decided to collect money to buy food for kids.
D. People can put food in Klock’s boxes at the store.
3. What is the main message of the story?
A. Hunger exists everywhere in the world.
B. Everyone should donate food to poor people.
C. People should do even small things to make a difference.
D. Only a person’s strength can’t change the world.
Key: ACC
III. Fill in the blank according to the passage.
     A 14-year-old girl placed a box in a store to _____ to people donate food for poor kids. The reason ___ she did this was that she had pity for poor kids who she thinks should grow up and study _____.She also wrote " Hunger Hero" on the box. However, in the beginning, some stores didn't welcome her. They ____ her down. But after she told them the _____, they agreed to help. She thinks," it's our duty to help poor kids and she can ______ others to do it together,_____ can make a difference to the world. 
IV. Post-reading 
What will you do to help others in need?
As a student, how can you change the world?
Where are the smells in dreams? (P5)
I. Pre-reading 
1. What did you dream in the night?
2. Can you remember your dream? 
II. While reading 
Try to answer these questions after reading:
1. How many percent does auditory make up ? 
2. What is cerebral cortex linked to ? 
3. Can you remember smells from your dreams according to the passage?
Choose the best answer
1. According to the study in 1896, dreams are mainly controlled by _____.
A. auditory experience
B. smell experience
C. visual experience
D. taste experience
2. Why can a smell bring back a memory?
A. Because smell connects into the cerebral cortex.
B. Because smell is closely tied to language.
C. Because smell is processed in our brain.
D. Because smell is related to memory and emotional systems.
3. According to paragraph 6, it’s easier to imagine a dish’s _____.
A. appearance than smell
B. smell than appearance
C. smell than taste
D. taste than smell
4. What can we tell from the story?
A. Auditory experience makes up 85 percent of our dreams.
B. The cerebral cortex is linked to our emotions.
C. People without an imagination can’t have dreams.
D. Our brain activity during dreaming has less influence on smell.
III. Post-reading
1. Can you remember one of your dream?
2. Does your dream influence you?
Love gives the gift of sight (P6)
I. Pre-reading 
1. How do you understand love?
2. What do you do to show your love to your parents?
II. While reading
1. Why did Safiya become blind?
2. How did Safiya go to work before? 
3. How long did it take her to go to work by herself? 
Choose the best answer:
1. Safiya became blind because _____.
A. she had a serious traffic accident 
B. she had a serious eye illness 
C. she wanted to test her husband’s love
D. she was treated wrongly by the doctors  
2. Meraj encouraged Safiya to take the bus to_____.
A. help her become confident again
B. avoid troubling him
C. keep healthy
D. stay away from danger 
3. Who does the underlined part “a gentleman” refer to?
A. Safiya’s workmate. B. Safiya’s husband.
C. The bus driver.       D. The doctor. 
4. How did Safiya feel after hearing the bus driver’s words? 
A. Sad.   
B. Worried.  
C. Angry.  
D. Moved.
5. The story mainly tells us that _____.
A. we should be strong in times of trouble
B. a husband should take care of his wife 
C. love can support us to get through difficulties
D. couple’s love is the greatest love in the world 
A 44-year-old Safiya,who became blindmade her ______ and confident
With the help of her husbandShe could go _____to her job
It went perfectlythat she could go to work by _____.
She _____when she knew that her husband watched her going across the corner.
III. Post-reading
1. What have you learned from the passage?
2. How do you pass love to people around you ?

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