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初三教案 第437期

Issue 437 For Junior 3  
黑龙江珠河中学 吕春子
Big dreamer Ma P(1)
I. Pre-reading
1. Do you have a dream?
2. How can you make your dream come true?
II. While reading 
Answer the questions:
1. How old is Ma Yun ? 
2. What was Ma Yun before becoming a businessman? 
3. Where was Ma Yun born? 
Choose the answer:
1. We can tell from the first paragraph that _____.
A. Alibaba Group is the biggest company in China
B. Alibaba’s IPO has raised $25 billion
C. Jack Ma used to be a math teacher
D. Jack Ma is the richest man in the world
2. Why did Ma cycle to a hotel near the West Lake?
A. To do morning exercise.
B. To work as a guide.
C. To chat with foreigners.
D. To work part time.
3. When did Ma and his team found Alibaba?
A. In 1995.B. In 1998.
C. In 1999.D. In 2014.
4. Which is the world’s largest e-commerce company?
A. Alibaba.B. Taobao.
C. Amazon.D. e-Bay.
Fill in the blanks.
In 1964, Ma was ____ in Hangzhou. His experience ____ learning English is helpful to his success. After being an English teacher, he began a trip to US, _____ he founded a business. He believed in the Internet business potential when ___other Chinese did. In 2014, Alibaba went public in the US, ____ $25 million, the biggest in history. Ma owes his success to his favorite line: Everybody should have a _____, what if that dream_____true?  
III. Post-reading 
How will you make your dream come true?
Make a survey about your classmates’ dreams?
My school of houses (P5)
I. Pre-reading 
1. Are there houses in your school?
2. Do you know the houses at Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter movies?
II. While reading 
Try to answer these questions after reading:
1. How many houses is the Hogwarts School divided into?
2. What’s on a yellow background in the logo of the writer’s house? 
3. What does the writer think of the house system?
Choose the best answer
1. Why does the writer mention Hogwarts?
A.  Because the writer is a Harry Potter fan.     
B.  Because the writer’s school is similar to Hogwarts.
C.  Both Hogwarts and St Paul’s Grammar school are in Australia.  
D.  Because the writer studies in Gryffindor in Australia.
2. Which of the following about the writer’s house is NOT true?
A. His house is named Cornwallis, with a dragon as its logo.
B. His house is the same as the one in Hogwarts.
C. There are students from different grades in his house.
D. There are different tutor groups in his house.
3. What activities did the writer’s tutor group do?
① Raised money for charity events.
② Made a film by themselves.
③ Chatted happily before classes.
④ Celebrated the writer’s birthday.
⑤ Played a ball game together.
A. ①②③④    B. ①②④⑤     
C. ①③④⑤    D. ②③④⑤
4. What does the writer think of the house system in his school?
A. It is boring and not helpful to his study.
B. It takes up too much time for him to fit into it.
C. It helps him get used to life in Australia.
D. It isn’t easy to get along with students in other grades.
III. Post-reading
1. Are you interested in the school house system?
2. Is it important for students to study in different houses in school?
3. Find some more information about school houses.
Fun science that makes you think(P6)
I. Pre-reading 
1. Have you heard of the Ig Nobel Prize?
2. Why is it called the Ig Nobel Prize?
II. While reading
Answer the questions:
1. How often is the Ig Nobel Prize held?
2. What does the Ig Nobel Prize hope to do? 
3. What month did the Ig Nobel Prize award come out this year? 
Choose the best answer:
1. Ig Nobel Prize awards are mainly given for achievements in _____.
A. chemistry
B. science
C. medical research
D. math
2. Which research won this year’s Ig Nobel for Physics?
A. Why bananas are slippery.
B. The affects cats have on their owner’s mental health
C. Looking at ugly art can be painful.
D. Mosquitoes like the smell of feet and cheese. 
3. What is the function of polysaccharide follicular gel?
A. It can stop banana peel slipping further.
B. It reduces friction between banana skin and the ground.
C. It helps to design a joint prosthesis.
D. It helps to stop a boy’s nosebleed. 
Key: BAB
III. Post-reading
 1. Are you interested in the Ig Nobel Prize?
 2. Design a prize for your class.

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