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初三教案 第438期

Issue 438 For Junior 3

大连第五十五中学 宋文静



An educational tour in the airport (P3)

I. Pre-reading

What is your ideal job?

What is the most important aspect in choosing a job?


II. While reading

Choose the best answer:

1. The students visited Mitchell International Airport to _________.

A. Understand how pilots work and help them to work well

B. learn about how big birds fly and experience the feeling of flying in the sky

C. see what pilots’ jobs are really about and learn things behind the scenes

D. see the pilots and stewardess and learn to fly

2. What is Be the Spark Education Tours?

A. It is a tour which students can enjoy together.

B. It is a project which can help students to experience different jobs

C. It is a tour which can help students get a better education.

D. It is a project which can help students to find better jobs.

3. What did the students do besides visiting the airport?

A. They worked at security checkpoints.

B. They flew the airplane by themselves.

C. They helped clean the airplanes.

D. They had lectures about airplanes.

4. According to Steinbrecher, the aim of the project was to _____.

A. help students learn their school subjects better

B. make students open their eyes and minds

C. help students get good results in tests

D. offer students a good chance to relax



III. Post reading

What does a job mean to you?

A means to earn money?

A source of happiness?

An opportunity to achieve power?

A means to make the world a better place?

Why is it so hard to find a job today?


Were there feathers on dinosaurs?


I. Pre-reading

Have you ever seen this film?

What’s the name of the film?

Can you describe what the dinosaurs are like in the film?


II. Fast reading

Are the real life dinosaurs the same as the ones in the movie?


III. While reading

1.What does vivid mean in the last sentence of the first paragraph?

A. 清晰的      B. 生动的      C. 丰富的        D. 耀眼的

2. What does the words “previously thought” refer to in Paragraph 3?

A. The skin of dinosaurs was feathered.

B. The skin of dinosaurs was leathery.

C. Dinosaurs were giant and tall.

D. Most of the dinosaurs ate grass.

3. Which of the following is TRUE according to what Godefroit said?

A. They have found feathered dinosaurs for the first time.

B. The skin of Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus was leathery.

C. Most dinosaurs were as small as chickens.

D. Just like birds, dinosaurs had feathers.

4. From the last paragraph, we learn that ________.

A. the stories about dinosaurs are fictional so we shouldn’t believe them

B. people can entertain themselves if they are big fans of dinosaurs

C. people can learn a lot about the dinosaurs from the BBC’s documentary Walking With Dinosaurs

D. the BBC’s documentary Walking With Dinosaurs is the best program to entertain audiences



IV. Post-reading

As is known to us all, there were a variety of dinosaurs a long time ago. Can you name some of them?

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs (恐龙) ruled the earth. Since then, there have been no dinosaurs. What happened to them?


Beauty behind gifts we get p(6)


I. Pre-reading

What is the last gift you received?

Who gave it to you?

Why do you value or not value this gift?


II. While reading

Choose the best answer:

1. How long did the water stay in the old leather container?

ASix days.          BFive days.         

CFour days.       DThree days.

2. How did the water actually taste in the canteen?

A. good B. terrible C. fresh D. sweet

3. Why did the teacher pretend to like the water?

A. Because he hadn’t had water for a long time.

B. Because he wished to get one more gift from the student.

C. Because he could feel the act of love from the water.

D. Because he knew water went bad in leather canteens.

4. What does the story teach us?

A. Every gift has its special story.

B. Everything is nice with a grateful heart.

C. It’s better to accept a gift with a smiling face.

D. It’s better to prepare a gift with all of your heart.



III. Post reading

If you received a gift from the heart of the sender, but you don’t like it, what would you do?

What is the most precious gift in your heart? And why is it so precious?

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