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初三教案 第441期

Issue 441  For Junior 3

大连五十五中学 宋文静


White House hosts first fashion event p(3)

I. Pre-reading

1. Fashion is very popular in modern society, but what is fashion?

2. Who is the most fashionable person? Why?


II. While-reading

Choose the correct answer

1. From the first paragraph we know_____.

A. the world of fashion is close to middle school students in the US

B. Aya Dixon had a chance to get closer to the world of fashion

C. Aya Dixon’s dream job is to be a fashion model

D. Aya Dixon knew nothing about the fashion industry

2. How many students from Baltimore Design School attended the workshop?

A.  8.

B.  9.

C. 10.

D.  1.

3. Which of the following is not the topic of the workshop?

A. Journalism

B. Clothing construction

C. Wearable technology

D. Art of creation

4. What is the goal of the event?

A. Telling the students what fashion is.

B. Encouraging students to choose their dream jobs in fashion industry.

C. Show students what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

D. Offering students the chance to talk with their fashion icons.

5. After attending the workshop, Aya Dixon ________.

A. felt excited and proud

B. learnt how to talk with designers

C. wants to be a designer like Zac Posen

D. became more interested in sewing



III. Post-reading

1.       Faced with so many types of fashion, should you keep up with all of them? Why?

2.       List some of the factors that may influence your fashion choices?

Graffiti: the art that brings color to the city P(4)

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you like drawing?

2. Have you ever drawn pictures on the wall?

3. Where can we see these writings?

4. What are they?


II. Skimming 

Answer the following question:

What is the story mainly about?

Graffiti art.


III. While –reading

Choose the best answer

1. What is the black line in Paragraph One?

A. A colorful smiling cat.

B. The art works of a famous artist.

C. The tail of a black smiling cat.

D. The tail of a colorful smiling cat.

2. Which of the following is TRUE about graffiti?

A. Graffiti can be seen everywhere on the street.

B. It is very simple for people to draw and write on the wall.

C. Graffiti art is pictures that have been painted in public spaces.

D. Graffiti has been around for centuries and has a long history.

3. At first, modern graffiti _____.

A. entered popular culture

B. was born out of the hip-hop culture

C. can be seen in galleries around the world

D. attracted young artists and fans

4. Where is the graffiti capital of the world?

A. New York.

B. Berlin.

C. London.

D. Beijing.



IV. Post-reading

At present, different people have different ideas about graffiti. Some people say it makes the cities dirty.

Other people think it is a form of art.

What is your opinion?



Study better when class starts later? P(5)

I. Pre-reading

1. How do you wake up every morning, by an alarm clock or by your biological clock?

2. How many hours do you sleep each day?

3. How do you feel during the daytime?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. England high school students usually start school _____.

A. at 7 am

B. at 8 am

C. at 9 am

D. at 10 am

2. Teenagers struggle to get up early because _____.

A. they are too lazy

B. they stay up late at night

C. their sleep cycles are later than adults

D. their body clock won’t start to work until 19 years old

3. The aim of the experiment in 2009 was to _____.

A. find out whether later classes can improve exam results

B. test how students’ body clocks work

C. compare teenagers’ and adults’ sleeping patterns

D. help teachers to find the best way to teach

4. The article is focused on the topic that _____.

A. teenagers need more sleep than adults

B. students might need more hours’ sleep in the morning

C. boys need more sleep in the morning than girls

D. it is important to do more experiments on education



III. Post-reading

Do you think more sleep can encourage better results? Why or why not?



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