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初三教案 第442期

Issue 442 For Junior 3
福建省石狮市中英文实验学校 孙丽平
Difficult English debate P(3)
I. Pre-reading   
1. Is it easy or hard to master English?
2. Have you ever used English to debate?
II. While reading
Judge true (T) or false (F). 
1. The science teacher asked the writer and her classmates to prepare for an English debate.
2. In the beginning, the writer and her teammates were afraid to take part in the debate.
3. Although the writer did lots of work, she felt nervous before the debate.
4. At last, the writer and her teammates won the debate.
Comprehension check 
1. How did the writer prepare for the debate?
A. She asked his English teacher for help.
B. She searched information on different websites.
C. She listed the points with the help of her parents.
D. She expressed ideas with her opponent’s group.
2. How long did the writer prepare for the debate?
A. Ten days.
B. Five days.
C. Seven days.
D. One day.
3. The story mainly tells us ___.
A. how to prepare for a debate
B. how to master a second language
C. how to get on well with teammates
D. whatever you do, never lost confidence
Key: BCD
III. Post-reading
1. How can you prepare for a debate?
2. What can you learn from the story?
Computer feels human emotions  P(5)
I. Pre-reading (Discussion)
1. How can computers help humans?
2. Do computers feel human emotions?
II. While reading
Judge true (T) or false (F). 
1. The computer is a good helper to humans.
2. When the participants typed the novel Alice in Wonderland, they chose an emotional state they felt.
3. The new computer program is widely used at present.
4. The new computer program may be used for online teaching and online chatting. 
Comprehension check  
1. How did the computer program recognize human emotions?
A. From what humans say.
B. From what humans do.  
C. From what humans type.
D. From how humans type.
2. The most accurate emotion the computer guessed was _____.
A. anger
B. sadness
C. joy
D. fear  
3. The article mainly talks about _____.
A. how computers can help humans
B. how computers recognize human emotions
C. how many emotions humans have
D. how computers influence human emotions    
Key: DCB
III. Post-reading
Search more information about the new computer program on the Internet.
Ideas that last forever P(6)
I. Pre-reading (Discussion)
What do you know about the Brooklyn Bridge in the US?
II. While reading
Comprehension check 
1. Who got the first idea to build the Brooklyn Bridge?
A. John Roebling.
B. Bridge-building experts. 
C. Washington.
D. Washington's wife. 
2. What happed to the Roeblings a few months into the project? 
A. The bridge fell down. 
B. Washington lost all his fingers.
C. Both the father and the son died in an accident.
D. John died and Washington was badly injured.
3. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed successfully based on _____.
① Washington's unbeatable spirit
② the hard work of Washington's wife
③ the engineers and their teamwork
④ good weather and good luck
A. ① ② ③             B. ① ② ④
C. ① ③ ④             D. ② ③ ④
4. The story is mainly about _____.
A. how long the Brooklyn Bridge is
B. how useful the Brooklyn Bridge is
C. how the Brooklyn Bridge was built
D. who built the Brooklyn Bridge    
III. Post-reading
Find more information about the Brooklyn Bridge on the Internet.

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