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初三教案 第443期

Issue 443For Junior 1
大连五十五中学 宋文静
Getting ready for the adult world P(3) 
I. Pre-reading
1. What job do you like? And why?
2. Which job do you know the most about? What do you know about it?
II. While reading
Fill in the blanks:
1. The school’s career day took place on ____.
2. The students heard presentations about ____________. 
3. Suminski made a model of the power grid to let the students know _____________. 
4. River Medical, a local _______, helped the students learn bout how doctors and nurses did _______.
Choose the answer:
1. On the school career day, students _____.
A. went to work for a restaurant
B. made a big model of the power grid
C. attended speeches about careers
D. gave presentations about their dream jobs
2. From the story we learn that Suminski is a _____.
A. doctor
B. firefighter
C. lineman
D. police officer  
3. It’s better to fly kites in the park because _____.
A. parks seldom have fires  
B. there are not many lines so it won’t cause accidents
C. the wind is strong enough to blow them into the sky
D. parks are usually not far away from police stations 
While reading
4. The aim of the career day was to _____.
A. encourage students to study hard
B. show students how hard life is
C. learn some practical skills
D. get them prepared for the future 
III. Post-reading
1. What do you think of such classes?
2. What kind of class would you want your school to teach?
Delicious traditional British dinner P(4)
I. Pre-reading 
1. What do you usually do on weekends to relax?
2. Have you ever roasted meat with your family or friends? Do you like it? 
II. While reading  
Answer the following questions:
1. What is a Sunday roast?
2. What did Britons usually do on Sunday in the old days?
3. What is in a Sunday roast?
4. Where does the name carvery come from?
5. Why do people think Sunday roasts are a great time for families?
III. Post-reading
What kind of family activity do you like most? And why?
Door of love always open P(5)
I. Pre-reading 
1. Do you have any family rules? What are they?
2. What do you usually do if your parents don’t agree with you?
II. While reading 
Choose the answer:
1. The boy left home because he thought _____.
A. his mother didn’t love him
B. he was not good at studying
C. his parents were too strict with him 
D. he could go out to make money
2. What photo did the father put up?
A. The mother’s photo.
B. The father’s photo.
C. The boy’s photo.
D. The family photo. 
3. Why did the father not lock his door?
A. He was old and easily forgot things.
B. He thought his neighborhood was safe.
C. He was too tired to get out of bed.
D. He was waiting for his son to return.
Key: CBD
III. Post-reading
What did you learn from the story?

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