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初三教案 第446期

Issue 446  For Junior 3
大连五十五中学 宋文静
Rebel rescue p(1)
I. Pre-reading
Do you enjoy watching films?
2. What’s your favorite film?
3. What’s the film about? And why do you like it?
4. Have you heard of The Hunger Games?
II. While reading
Choose the best answer
1. Which of the following is TRUE about The Hunger Games?
A. There are 13 teenagers who take part in the games.
B. The teenagers have to fight each other to the death.
C. The losers’ districts have to pay some money.
D. It’s a yearly TV show and most of the teenagers survive.
2. How many times did Katniss survive the games?
A. Once. 
B. Twice.
C. Three times.
D. Four times.
3. From the article, we learn that Peeta _____.
A. was from District 16
B. was the younger brother of Katniss
C. was rescued out of the game
D. was a prisoner in the second film
4. The aim of the article is to _____.
A. show what North America will be like in the future
B. introduce a new movie to readers
C. introduce the writer of the books
D. show how interesting the game is
III. Post reading
Will Katniss become the Mockingjay?
If you were Katniss, would you have courage to fight with the government? Why or why not?
American teen’s writing her dream p(3) 
I. Pre-reading 
1. What is your dream job?
2. Why did you choose it as your dream job?
II. Skimming  
Answer the following question:
What is Juliana’s dream job?
III. While reading
Choose the best answer
1. When did Juliana start to chase her dream?
A. At the age of 13.
B. When she was 10.
C. When she was 8 or 9.
D. At the age of 4.
2. Which of the following is TRUE about Juliana’s first book? 
A. It is a science-fiction book about a bad guy.
B. It is a story book about two children.
C. It is about two teenagers and their study.
D. Its name is Fire and Ice.
3. From the fifth paragraph we know that ____.
A. Presto had a clear idea about what she would write
B. Presto has finished 3 series of Fire and Ice
C. Fire and Ice is a book trilogy of 300 pages
D. Presto is very good at writing novels
IV. Post-reading
Everyone has their own dream. Dreaming is the start of success. When we have a dream, the only thing we should do is make it come true.
What’s your opinion?
What will you do to make your dream come true?
Wormholes: a door for time travel? P(5)
I. Pre-reading 
1. Do you dream of having an arbitrary door (时空门)like Doraemon’s?
2. Do you know what the theoretical basis (理论基础) is? 
II. Skimming  
Answer the following question:
What is a wormhole?
III. While reading 
1. A team of astronauts travels through a wormhole in the film Interstellar because _________.
A. they want to find a wonderland for people to live
B. they want to find a new habitable planet
C. they are curious about the new land beyond the wormhole
D. their planet is too boring to live on 
2. What does collapse mean in the last but one paragraph?
A. 萎靡
B. 崩溃
C. 折叠
D. 破坏 
3. Which of the following is true?
A. People can time travel through wormholes.
B. Wormholes don’t easily collapse.
C. Scientists have discovered wormholes in space.
D. Einstein proposed the theory of wormholes.
4. From the end of the passage we know that the writer feels  _____ about the theory of wormholes.
A. believable
B. unbelievable
C. hopeless
D. hopeful 
IV. Post-reading
If you have an arbitrary door like Doraemon’s, where would you go? And what would you want to do there? 
2. What can we do to help the development of the theory?

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