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初三教案 第450期

Issue 450 For Junior 3
大连五十五中学 宋文静
Dancing to the festive sound of Christmas P(2)
I. Pre-reading
1. Did you celebrate Christmas at school? If you did, how?
2. What festivals do you celebrate at school? Which of them do you like best? And why?
II. While reading
Answer the following questions:
1. Why did the writer find it hard to wear a long dress?
2. How did the students feel in the practice?
3. Did the writer enjoy the performance?
Choose the answer:
1. The writer thought her role was like a _____.
A. dance teacher
B. maid
C. king
D. queen
2. The writer prepared a dance for _____. 
A. a TV show
B. a New Year party
C. a Christmas party
D. a dance competition
3. The teacher recorded the dance to _____.
A. tell the dancers how badly they did
B. show them how to improve their dance
C. give confidence to the dancers
D. show it to their parents
4. From the last paragraph we learn that _____.
A. the performance turned out to be a great success
B. the audience talked loudly when they watched the show
C. the dancers made many mistakes when dancing
D. the audience preferred the music to the dance
III. Post-reading 
1.  Have you performed on the stage? 
2. What kind of performance was it? 
3. Did you enjoy it?
Signs of life found on planet Mars? P(5)
I. Pre-reading 
Do you think there is life on other planets (星球) besides Earth? What would such a planet look like? Why do you think there is life there?
II. While reading
Answer the following questions:
1. What is Curiosity?
2. What research did Curiosity do with methane?
3. Where does methane come from?
4. Did Curiosity find other organisms on Mars?
Choose the answer:
1. The writer asked a question in the first paragraph to _____.
A. show his interest in the topic
B. ask the readers to answer it 
C. draw readers’ interests 
D. tell readers his puzzle
2. Where did Curiosity recently find methane?
A. In the Martian air.
B. In the air on Earth.
C. In rocks on Mars.
D. In the water on Mars.
3. Scientists predict that there might be life on Mars because _____.
A. methane is a sign of life
B. astronauts sent to Mars have seen signs of life
C. the Mars rover has taken some photos of animals 
D. the environment on Mars is similar to that on Earth 
4. From the last two paragraphs, we learn that _____.
A. scientists are sure to have found life on Mars
B. methane is the basic form of life
C. there are no rocks and water on Mars
D. there is more to learn about Mars
III. Post-reading (Discussion)
If humans could live on Mars, would you like to live there? And why?
Long walk of greediness P(6)
I. Pre-reading 
1. We must have learned the story of The Fisherman and His Wife《渔夫和金鱼的故事》. What does the story want to tell us? 
2. What do you think are good qualities of a person?
II. While reading 
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following is NOT a difference between the twin brothers?
A. Tom was handsome while Sam was unattractive.
B. Tom had no friends while Sam had a lot.
C. Tome liked hot food while Sam loved candy.
D. Dad loved Tom while Mom loved Sam.
2. What’s Paragraph 4 mainly about?
A. The distance they should cover.
B. The relationship between the two boys.
C. The results of the twins’ competition. 
D. The rules for the competition.
3. Why did Tom decide to return as the sun turned orange?
A. Because he walked too slowly and steadily.
B. Because he didn’t carry a watch with him.
C. Because he thought he walked more quickly.
D. Because he wanted to make more money.
4. What is the main message of the story?
A. Brothers should love and support each other.
B. Greediness may make you lose everything.
C. Twins don’t always have everything in common.
D. It’s better to do things by following the rules.
III. Post-reading
What do you learn from the twin brothers?

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