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初三教案 第454期

Issue 454 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩

Ban festive fireworks? P(2)  

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you often set off fireworks during festivals?

2. Do you agree or disagree to setting off fireworks during holiday seasons? Why?


II. While reading

1. Why did PM2.5 levels rise on Lunar New Year?

A. Because many factories burned coal.

B. Because many people set off fireworks.

C. Because there were several fire accidents.

D. Because sanitation workers had the day off.

2. What did Tracy agree to do?

A. To ban fireworks during the Spring Festival.

B. To keep the tradition of lighting fireworks.

C. To reduce the time of setting off fireworks.

D. To set off more fireworks to add to the festive atmosphere.


3. What's the best title for the article?

A. PM2.5: Up or Down?

B. Air pollution: Less or More?   

C. Internet survey: Right or Wrong?

D. Festive fireworks: For or Against?

Key: BCD


III. Post reading

What can cause PM2.5 levels to rise?

How can we solve the problem?


Make room for healthy potatoes p(4-5)


Do you like eating potatoes?

How do you eat potatoes?


II. While reading

1. What does the word "move" mean in the third paragraph?

A. message    B. action

C. change      D. explanation

2. Why can potatoes be seen as a healthy option?

A. Because they are full of sugar.

B. Because they are low in calories.

C. Because they are easy to grow.

D. Because they can be stored for longer.

3. Potatoes are made into _____ in Western countries.

A. noodles  

B. steamed bread  

C. pancakes  

D. pizza

4. Which of the following is NOT a reason why potatoes are chosen as staple food?

A. They can be grown in drought areas.

B. They are rich in vitamin C and low in calories.

C. They can be made into flour and stored for a long time.

D. They can feed more people than other foods of the same amount.



III. Post-reading

Will you choose potatoes as your staple food?

How do you eat more balanced and diversified foods?


Spirit of never giving up   p(6)

I. Pre-reading

Have you ever heard of epilepsy?

Have you ever seen a person with epilepsy?

What do you think of their condition?


II. While reading

1. What's wrong with Patti Wilson?

A. She can't stop running.

B. She can't think very clearly.    

C. She has a serious brain disease.

D. She broke her foot while running.

2. When did Patti decide to break the world's running record?

A. After she ran to the White House.

B. When she knew she she had epilepsy.

C. After a few weeks' running with her father.

D. When she was a new student in high school.

3. What happened during Patti’s second year of running?

A. She overcame the pain in her foot and achieved success.

B. She fractured a bone in her foot and couldn’t run from then on.

C. She was forced to stop running because of the pain in her foot.

D. She did so well in the run that the president shook hands with her.


4. What was Patti’s attitude towards life?

A. She was proud because of her epilepsy.

B. She expected others to have pity for her.

C. She refused to admit that she was epileptic. 

D. She believed people with epilepsy could do anything that others could do.



III. Post-reading

What would you do if you meet an epileptic?

What other ways can we help people with epilepsy?

Can you think of other people like Patti Wilson who can encourage us to keep going on? 


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