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初三教案 第455期

Issue 455 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩


Rising issue of smog problems P(4-5)

I. Pre-reading

1. What do you think of air pollution?

2. Do you know what causes the problem?

3. What can we do to deal with the problem?


II. While reading

1. Which of the following is NOT included in Chai’s suggestions towards reducing smog?

A. Using cleaner energy.

B. Cleaning coal and oil.

C. Using gas and electricity.

D. Replacing coal with wind energy.

2. What can we infer from the article?

A. Many people know what has caused the smog.

B. The rise of PM2.5 is mostly due to too much coal and oil.

C. Driving cars can make us live a better and greener life.

D. The hotline 12369 can help restaurants install filters.

3. What can we tell from the story?

A. Only factories produce heavy smog.

B. Only the government can control smog.

C. Smog can’t be controlled by ordinary people.

D. Living a green life can help reduce smog.

4. What's Chai Jing's purpose for making the film?

A. To become a new famous director in the country.

B. To describe a big problem in many Chinese cities.

C. To educate students different ways to live healthily.

D. To inspire the public to be concerned about the environment.


III. Post-reading

What do you think of Chai Jing's film?



Leaping in time to keep up with Earth P(5)

I. Pre-reading

Is the time always the same?

Have you ever heard of a leap second?

II.While reading

1. Why do we have a leap second in 2015?

A. Because we often blink.

B. Becasue we have a leap year.

C. Because the atomic time doesn't work.

D. Because the earth moves more slowly.

2. In a leap year, there is an extra day in _____.

A. January

B. February

C. March

D. December

3. What’s the negative effect of adding a leap second?

A. It makes the day longer than the previous one.

B. It causes some recording errors for companies.

C. It makes people stay up late.

D. It does harm to people’s health.

Key: DBB


III. Post-reading

What do you think of leap seconds?

Do you think it's necessary to change the time?

Do you know any idioms about time? 

List some of them.

Time flies.

Time is money.

Time works wonders.

Better late than never.

Time and tide wait for no man.

There is no time like the present.

Time is a bird forever on the wing.


Best Christmas present P(6)

I. Pre-reading

How do you usually celebrate Christmas?

What's your favorite Christmas present? 

Who gave it to you?


II. Fast-reading

1. Was the writer happy at the beginning of the story? Why?


 2. How did the writer feel at last? Why?


III. While reading

1. What did the dad decide to do when he came back?

A. To buy some presents for his son.

B. To look for wood for little Jakey.

C. To get a few things for the Jensens.

D. To spend time with Widow Jensen.

2. How did Widow Jensen feel about the dad?

A. Scared.                  

B. Moved.

C. Excited.                  

D. Worried.

3. What did the writer learn from that Christmas?

A. Helping those in need makes us feel good.

B. Christmas gifts are unimportant for poor people.

C. We should get along with people around us.

D. Being helpful sometimes brings people good luck.

Key: CBA


IV. Post-reading

What does Christmas really mean?

Can you think of any other stories about Christmas?

Please share them with your friends.


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