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初三教案 第458期

Issue 458 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩

Courage can set people free P(3)

I. Pre-reading

1. What is your favorite book?

2. Why do you like the book?

3. Have you ever read The Maze Runner?

4. If you've never read it, what do you think happens in the book?


II. While reading

1. What's The Maze Runner about?

A. Several special and lovable monsters.

B. A few runners’ race in a maze.

C. Teens' adventures in a maze.     

D. Children's fighting with a girl with special power.

2. Why does the author like The Maze Runner ?

A. Because James Dashner is a popular writer.

B. Because he likes stories about a special maze.

C. Because it includes many cliffhangers and funny parts.

D. Because the author feels calm when reading it.

3. What can we infer from the story?

A. The boy in the book regains his memory at last. 

B. James Dashner also made a movie called The Maze Runner.

C. Characters in the book work together to get out of the maze.

D. The author once had the same experience as the characters in the book.

Key: CCA


III. Post reading

Get to know the structure of a novel / story.

Please tell the plot of your favorite book to your partner?

Write a book review.


Rules to remember to stay safe in school P(4-5)

I. Pre-reading

What should you do if there is a fire at school?

Do you know how to protect yourself in a large crowd?


II. While reading

1. When is the National Day of Education on the Safety of Elementary and Middle School Students?


2. What can students learn on that day?


3. What caused the worst accidents?


4. What can help avoid most accidents?


5. Where can a stampede easily happen?


6. When people around us begin to push, will you stand in a corner or push against a crowd?


7. Which statement in NOT true according to the article?

     A. Fasten the seatbelt while sitting on a school bus.

     B. Wait for a red light before crossing the road.

     C. Look left and right for cars while walking.

     D. Never walk around on a moving bus.


III. Post-reading

What other ways can you think of to keep safe at school?

Which is the best way to educate students to remember to keep safe?


Solar plane arrives in Nanjing P(5)

I. Pre-reading

Is it very expensive to travel by plane?

Why do you think so?


II. While reading

1. What is Solar Impulse 2 like?

A. It's powered by oil and sunlight.

B. It weighs the same as a family car.    

C. Its wingspan is as large as an airplane.

D. It has four engines and lithium batteries.

2. What did the two Swiss pilots hope to do?

A. Travel around the world by solar plane.        

B. More kids can watch them fly the plane.

C. Fly the first solar plane across two oceans. 

D. Encourage more people to use green energy.

3. Why did Solar Impulse 2 land in China?

A. Because it has a special garage for it to park in.

B. Because it shows how to put natural energy into good use. 

C. Because kids in Nanjing are more interested in the solar plane.    

D. Because it can show us the importance of protecting the environment.

4. What can we learn from the article?

A. Solar Impulse 2's trip is successful.

B. It took a lot of money to make the solar plane. 

C. Solar cells can provide energy either in the day or at night.

D. The team will help China make another solar plane.



III. Post-reading

Do you think it's useful to make more solar planes?

Can you think of other ways to help us live better by using greener energy?



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