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初三教案 第459期

Issue 459 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩


US teens design a future school p(3)

I. Pre-reading

1. What’s your favorite place in school? 

Why do you like it?

2. Do you like your school campus?

3. What's your ideal school like?


II. While reading

1. In the “School Next Design” national competition, the students _____.

A. needed to do everything by themselves

B. needed to know what the judges like

C. needed to put forward some ideas of future schools

D. needed to make some comparisons with ordinary schools

2. How did the students design a building?

A. By discussing with their teachers.

B. By working on a computer.

C. By examining the materials.

D. By watching some videos.

3. Heather would probably agree that ____.

A. the community should help with the building

B. their team should make a survey in the neighborhood   

C. the building should be connected with its surroundings

D. several parts including a planetarium should be involved in the building     

4. The aim of the competition is to make the students _____.

A. know how to use some software for architecture 

B. know about different materials used in architecture

C. learn a lot of architecture terms

D. know how to make the school community a better place 



III. Post reading

What do you think of the national competition in the US?


Black box: solving crash mysteries p(5)

I. Pre-reading

How do you prefer to travel? (by plane, by train...) Why?

II. While reading

1. What happened to Germanwings Flight 9525?

A. It disappeared suddenly.

B. Terrorists attacked it.

C. It crashed into mountains.     

D. The pilots were hurt badly.

2. Which of the following is TRUE of the black box?

A. The color of the black box is black.

B. There is only one black box on a plane.

C. It can be easily destroyed if dropped into the sea.

D. It can show the truth of a plane crash.

3. Which country was the first to have flight recorders on all planes?

A. France.B. Germany.

C. Spain.D. Australia.

4. According to the investigation, what is the likely cause of the crash of the Germanwings plane?

A. The weather was too extreme.

B. The co-pilot did it on purpose.

C. The other black box didn’t work.

D. There was a fire on the plane.



III. Post-reading

Can you think of other tragic flight accidents?

Get to know the black box

Safety tips for a plane accident


My two powerful letters p(6)

I. Pre-reading

What do you usually do when someone helps you?

How do you feel when someone says "thank you" to you?


II. While reading

1. What happened when the writer found smoke coming out of his car?

A. He had it pulled back to the gas station.

B. He pushed his car to a car dealership. 

C. The couple passing by offered to drive him home.

D. He called his friend for help.

2. What did the writer mean by asking “Just how friendly is Friendly Ford?”?

A. He wanted to know if Mr Ford was friendly.

B. He doubted the friendliness of Friendly Ford.    

C. He wondered if the salesmen could help him.

D. He questioned the quality of Friendly Ford cars. 

3. Why did the salesman write the letter?

A. To ask for the extra payment.    

B. To thank the writer for thanking him.

C. To send back the writer's business card.

D. To express his understanding of "thank you".

4. By describing his own experiences, the writer tries to show ____.

A. how to write a thank-you letter

B. how to deal with car problems

C. the kindheartedness of older people

D. the importance of expressing thanks



III. Post-reading

Do you think it‘s necessary to write a thank-you note to the people who helped you? Why or why not?

Enjoy the song "Thank You"


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