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初三教案 第460期

Issue 460 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩


Calling for uniform policy removal P(3)

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you have to wear uniforms on weekdays?

2. What do you think of the school uniforms?


II. While reading

1. What can we know from Paragraph 3?

   A. Brandon didn’t like his life in Louisiana.

   B. Brandon was bad at creating online petitions.

   C. Students were allowed to wear causal clothes in Chicago.

   D. More students were needed to support Brandon’s change.

2. Some people were against school uniforms because ____.

   A. they couldn’t express their personalities  

   B. they didn’t agree that uniforms cost a lot

   C. they thought that school uniforms were too popular

   D. they believed that uniforms would make students less creative

3. Gerald Crooks would agree that _____.

   A. uniforms could help develop sports skills

   B. casual dress would distract students’ attention

   C. uniforms could help create an equal learning environment  

   D. they would spend more time making more comfortable uniforms 

4. What is the best title of the article?

   A. Uniform Change: Necessary or Unnecessary?

   B. Uniform Policy: Better or Worse?

   C. Casual Clothes: For or Against?

   D. Online Petition: Yes or No?



III. Post reading

1.       Imagine you are Brandon, please write a letter to the School Board to express your opinions about “Uniform Policy Removal”.

2. Can you design your own school uniforms?


Truth behind the ‘apple a day’ saying P(5)

I. Pre-reading

What's your favorite fruit?

Do you often eat apples?

What do you think of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

II. While reading

1. What did researchers do?

   A. They focused on research into people’s healthy diet and habits.

   B. They studied whether eating apples could help keep people healthy. 

   C. They helped non-apple eaters realize the importance of eating apples.

   D. They tried to find out if apples were better than other fruits for our health.

2. What can we learn from the research?

   A. One apple a day was good for Welsh people in the 1800s.

   B. Non-apple eaters seemed to visit the pharmacist more often.  

   C. There were more non-apple eaters than apple eaters in the US.

   D. Apple eaters with health insurance were more likely to visit doctors.

3. What was the finding of the research?

   A. That eating apples was really a healthy habit.

   B. That apple eaters were less likely to visit doctors.

   C. That people who visited doctors less often were healthier.

   D. That there was no difference between groups considering other factors.

4. What can be the best title for the article?

    A. Truth Behind “An Apple a Day”

    B. An Apple: To Eat or not to Eat?

    C. Eating Pattern in Nutrition

    D. New Research on Diet and Health

 Key: BBDA


III. Post-reading

1. Get to know the food pyramid

2. What’s the most important factor for our health?


Learning the hard way p(6)

I. Pre-reading

1. What does your mother often say to you?

2. Do you agree with her words? Why or why not?



II. While reading


MY mother used to say things just to make me mad. Like most teenagers, I thought I knew everything. And what I didn’t know, I didn’t want to be   1  . For example, if I said I was going to a movie, my mother would   2   her eyes. On my way out, she’d shout: “You need to   3   yourself down before something bad happens! You don’t want to learn that the   4   way!” I didn’t know what that meant. I thought she just wanted me to stay home.

      Many years later I had three teenagers of my own. They thought they knew   5  . I would say the same things to them like my mom. That’s when I first saw   6  . My mother wasn’t trying to make me stay at home. She was trying to   7   me.

Why do we always have to learn things “the hard way”?   8   can’t we just accept our elders’ wisdom? It’s a good lesson for anyone. Obviously, I still haven’t learned it.

    Yesterday, I stepped out of the shower when I heard my cell phone ringing in the kitchen. Grabbing a towel, I ran through the house. I grabbed the phone and   9   my left foot against the table. The X-ray showed that I’d broken two toes.

    We all need to slow ourselves down once in a while, before something   10   does it for us. My mother was right about a lot of things. I wish I could have told her.

1. A. told        B. asked    C. held                     D. showed

2. A. open      B. close     C. roll               D. wipe

3. A. knock     B. slow     C. fall                D. turn

4. A. easy              B. right     C. hard                     D. long

5. A. something               B. nothing  

C. anything           D. everything

6. A. her         B. it          C. this               D. one

7. A. follow    B. call       C. trust                     D. help

8. A. Why      B. How     C. When            D. Where

9. A. lift         B. touch    C. hit                 D. step

10. A. bad      B. lucky    C. serious        D. good



Choose the answer:

 1. When the writer used to listen to her mother’s words, she felt _____.

    A. annoyed     

    B. surprised   

    C. worried   

    D. thoughtful   

2. What does the word “it’ in Paragraph 2 refer to?

   A. True meaning of her mom’s words. 

   B. Everything that her children knew.

   C. Her mom’s encouragement.

   D. Her children’s confidence.

3. What is the main message of the story?

A. Thinking twice about mistakes helps us improve ourselves.

B. Everybody needs time to learn to be a parent.

C. Young people should try to follow  elders’ advice.

D. A successful parent always believes in their children.

Key: AAC


III. Post-reading

Share with your partners what you've learned from your mother.



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