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初三教案 第463期

Issue 463 For Junior 3

鍖椾含甯傚お骞宠矾涓 浜庣孩

I. Pre-reading

Do you think the whole country is happy?

How do you understand happiness?

II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which country ranks second according to the World Happiness Report 2015?

A. Switzerland.

B. China.

C. Iceland.

D. Togo.

2. Besides the statistics, the research also asked questions to see _____. 

A. if people know much about their own nation

B. if people are satisfied with their life

C. if people have a good relationship with their friends

D. if people like to do charity work

3. Which of the following is TRUE of happiness?

A. The more money you have, the happier you will be.

B. Happiness can only be measured by your own feelings.

C. Happiness is also important for a nation’s progress.

D. Happiness doesn’t belong to those who live in poor countries.

III. Post-reading

What will you do to improve your feeling of happiness?  

US teens design ‘ultimate’ pizza P (5)

I. Pre-reading

What’s your favorite food? 

Have you tried your own way to make your food better? How did you do it? 

II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What food did the students decide to improve?

A. Bread.          B. Sauce.

C. Cheese.        D. Pizza.

2. What did the students think of their recipe?

A. They felt happy with it.

B. It was not like what they’d imagined.

C. It produced the best food in the world.

D. They thought that it lacked something. 

3. What did the note express?

A. They didn’t like the recipe.

B. They thought highly of the recipe.

C. They thought customers wouldn’t like the recipe.

D. They would learn cooking skills from the students. 

III. Post-reading

What can you learn from the students?

The positive power of feeling awe P (6)

I. Pre-reading

When do you feel awe (鎯婂徆)?

II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The aim of the first paragraph is to _____.

A. show that Polett Villalta loves scuba diving

B. share Polett Villalta’s experience with the reader

C. introduce the old sunken ship

D. introduce the feeling of awe

2. We are more likely to have the feeling of awe when _____.

A. we swim in a swimming pool

B. we hang out with friends at night

C. we help people in need

D. we take part in a sports meeting

3. What can we benefit from feeling awe?

A. We will become braver.

B. We will like being challenged.

C. It can release our stress.

D. We can become kinder than before.

4. From the article, we can learn that _____.

A. the awe feeling will disappear soon after the experience

B. writing the experience down can help people keep their feeling of awe

C. on average, it is not easy for people to feel awe in daily life

D. some extreme sports can bring people the feeling of awe

III. Post-reading

Have you realized what the feeling of awe has brought you? Is it like what the article said?


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