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初三教案 第465期

Issue 465


Back to school for US students means changes P(4)



1. When do you go back to school every year?

2. Are you excited to go back to school? Why or why not?

3. Will there be any differences at school this year?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. When do US schools start?

    A. On the same day every year. 

    B. On the first day of September.

    C. A little later than Chinese schools.   

    D. Any time between August and September.


2. What can we learn from Paragragh 4?

    A. American schools divide students into different levels.

    B. It takes work for US students to choose their courses.

    C. US students' abilities and interests can influence their class choices.

    D. It's important for US students to get along well with new teachers and classmates.


3. For US first-year students, ____.

    A. schools will hold an orientation for them     

    B. they have to share closets with new classmates   

    C. they'll get their schedule on the first day of school

    D. the same teachers or classmates will welcome them


4. What's the purpose for reading this passage?

    A. To explain the newest studies on American schools.

    B. To introduce new school management to Chinese schools.

    C. To teach new students different skills for American school life.

    D. To describe the many changes for US students in a new school year.


Post reading

What are the similarities and differences between Chinese and American schools?



Will there be gardens in space? P(5)



1. Have you ever imagined life on the International Space Station (ISS)?

2. Do you know anything about NASA experiments?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. From the passage, the astronauts made history by ____.

  A. exploring Mars in space    

  B. eating lettuce grown in space

  C. building a small greenhouse

  D. escaping from Earth's gravity


2. What does “Veg-01” aim to do?

  A. To choose suitable plants for astronauts.     

  B. To experiment how to grow plants.   

  C. To check vegetables for safety.

  D. To grow fresh plants in space.     


3. According to the passage, Scott Kelly may agree that _____.

A. food supply is the most important part for man making it to Mars

B. one small bite of the food can make him powerful enough to leap to Mars  

C. having self-sustainable food makes it possible for man to explore Mars

D. it's not necessary to send a supply ship to provide the fruit and vegetables


4. What would be the best title for the passage?

  A. Will there be gardens in space?  

  B. Will man fly to Mars someday?

  C. Is "Veg-01" helpful?

  D. Is Kelly right?   




1. Learn more about the ISS

2. What ISS experiments do you know of?


Teams work only with all P(6)


1. Do you enjoy teamwork?

2. What do you think teamwork means?


Choose the answer:

1. People were asked to pour their finest wine into the jar because ____.

  A. they would have a wine competition

  B. they would hold a big party for the king    

  C. the leader wanted to taste the best wine

  D. the leader would show their welcome to the king  


2. The husband poured water into the jar to ____.

  A. follow others' examples 

  B. save his own wine   

  C. make a difference

  D. show his respect


3. The word "brilliant" in Paragragh 3 probably means "_____".

  A. talented             B. popular 

  C. pleasing             D. original


4. What can we learn from the story?

  A. Teams work well only with all.  

  B. The more we share, the more we have.     

  C. Attitude determines how well you do it.

  D. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.  



Do you have some impressive experiences about teamwork? Please share them with your partners.


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