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初三教案 第467期

Issue 467

A new travel trend P(2)

1. Where do you often stay while traveling?
2. Have you ever thought about staying in a stranger's home?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is Airbnb?
     A. A hotel.
     B. A host.
     C. A website.
     D. A travel agency.

2. How do people mostly benefit from Airbnb?
     A. They can be protected from being cheated.
     B. They can travel more easily and cheaply.
     C. They can sell more cars and apartments.
     D. They can make friends with strangers.

3. From the passage, we can infer that _____.
    A. it's not safe to rent houses through the Internet
    B. renting out taxis is becoming more popular
    C. local home-rental companies take responsibility for hosts' homes
    D. users' opinions can have a strong influence on guests' decisions about travel

Mysterious place: core of our planet P (5)

1. Are you interested in space science?
2. What do you know about our planet?

While reading
1. How deep is the Earth's core?
2. How do scientists learn about things below the surface?

Choose the answer:
1. Why did Jules Verne write Journey to the Center of the Earth? 
     A. Because he wanted to become famous.
     B. Because he was curious about Earth.   
     C. Because he explored the center of the Earth.   
     D. Because he once journeyed to Earth's center.
2. Simon Redfern may agree that _____.
    A. it's much hotter inside our planet
    B. Earth's core has a heavier density than the surface
    C. GPS systems don't work when measuring the planet
    D. the core is made of other materials that are heavier than iron

3. What can we learn from the passage?
    A. The Earth is too mysterious to explore.
    B. Man should develop space technology quickly.
    C. Iron was inside the planet billions of years ago.
    D. The Earth's core plays an important role in our life.

1. Where is Earth in the universe?
2. How is the magnetic field built?

Look for a new answer P (6)

Do you know how to quickly fill up a room with a light thing?

Choose the answer:
1. How did the king find the right man for his daughter?
    A. By holding a contest.
    B. By having a big party.
    C. By decorating the palace.
    D. By asking some questions.

2. What did the young man fill the room with to be successful?
    A. Feathers.
    B. Money.
    C. Light.
    D. Silk.

3. The young man who won the contest was _____.
     A. wise 
     B. brave
     C. patient
     D. shy 

1. Did you ever have some wise answers to questions?
2. Share your stories with your classmates.

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