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初三教案 第468期

Issue 467

New class brings students outside (P3)

1.What’s your favorite class?
2. Why do you like it? 
3. Have you ever had classes in the outside air?
4. What was it like? 

While reading

Choose the answer:
1. What is the new class like?
A. Students sit at desks in a classroom.
B. Teachers write on chalkboards.
C. Students take classes outdoors.
D. There is no teacher in class.

2. Which of the following can students learn in the new class?
鈶燼rchery 鈶unter safety 鈶urvival skills 鈶ishing 鈶laying video games 鈶eading books
A. 鈶犫憽鈶⑩懀         B. 鈶♀憿鈶b懃
C. 鈶♀憿鈶b懁         D. 鈶⑩懀鈶も懃

3.Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Students don’t think the class is interesting.
B. Students don’t like to go to school after the class.
C. Students have to finish other work before the class.
D. It takes too much time from other studies.

Post reading
1. Can you focus and pay attention in class?
2. How will you improve your focus in class?


A new face on the human family tree P (5)

1. What is a family tree?
2. Can you imagine what our human ancestors looked like?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. We learn from the first two paragraphs that the species _____.
A. was found once in another place
B. belongs to our human species
C. was found in a North African cave
D. had 1,500 pieces of bones for each one

2. Which of the following can describe the word “homo” of “Homo naledi” exactly?
A. An evolutionary group.
B. Modern people.
C. Ancient people.
D. Stars.

3. When did the Homo group start?
A. 2.5 to 2.8 million years ago.
B. 2 million years ago.
C. 3 million years ago,
D. 4 million years ago.

4. Scientists learn from the discovery that _____.
A. Homo naledi didn’t have a way to dispose of the dead
B. Homo naledi were quite different from humans
C. Homo naledi had some ritualized behaviors
D. They have enough information on Homo sapiens

Post reading
What do you know about human evolution?

Work to break bad habits P(6)

1. What habits do you think are bad?
2. What do you do when you see someone smoke in public?
3. Have you tried to help someone quit smoking? And how?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The doctor first tried to quit smoking by _____.
  A. telling himself the harm smoking causes
  B. asking his family to remind him
  C. turning to his doctor for help
  D. quitting his job and taking a special course

2. During his first attempt to quit smoking, the doctor might do the following EXCEPT _____.
A. fight his mind
B. forget about his decision
C. smoke time after time
D. strengthen his mind

3. What made the doctor’s strategy work at last?
A. Some medicine helped.
B. A bad image of cigarettes scared him.
C. He just did nothing and he stopped.
D. He revalued smoking and controlled his desire.

4. What does the underlined word “moderation” mean in the last paragraph?
A. Asking advice from doctors.
B. Self-control.
C. Fooling yourself.
D. Knowing the truth.

Do you have experiences of breaking bad habits? And how did you do that?

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