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初三教案 第469期

Issue 469

Teacher reaches world P (2) 




1. What do you often do while using the Internet?

2. Have you used it to help your studies? And how?

3. Have you ever heard of online courses? What do you know about these classes?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. From Paragraphs 1-2, we learn that _____.

A. Khan Academy is only for people in the US

B. Khan Academy is an educational website

C. Khan’s courses film teachers giving classes 

D. there is a 10 to 15 minute break between Khan’s classes


2. What does the underlined word “distract” mean in Paragraph 2?

A. 麻烦

B. 吸引

C. 使分心

D. 使烦恼 


3. How many languages are the courses translated into?

A. 36     B. 80

C. 9       D. 1


4. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Khan’s cousin came up with the idea for Khan Academy. 

B. Khan knows about the educational situation in developing countries.

C. People don’t have to pay for Khan’s courses.

D. Bill Gates named Khan the “teacher to the world”.


Post reading

1. Try to watch a video of Khan’s classes. Then share your opinions

2. Are there any online classes in China? What are they?




Homecoming, the first dance of the US school year P (4)



1. Do you know what “homecoming” means? If you don’t know, guess what it is.

2. Are there some special customs or festivals at your school? What are they like?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the first two paragraphs, we learn that _____.

A. homecoming is celebrated in most western countries

B. students go home for the holidays at homecoming

C. students go back to their former schools at homecoming

D. homecoming usually lasts throughout the fall


2. All the events held at homecoming aim to _____.

A. encourage school spirit

B. find good students for the school

C. raise money for the school

D. call on students to love sports


3. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The homecoming court is made up of a group of students.

B. Being the homecoming King or Queen is a big honor. 

C. The main event for homecoming week is the football game.

D. The homecoming dance is mainly for university students. 



1. Learn more about homecoming week in the US.

2. Do you know about other festivals or customs at foreign schools?


Gates’ house a marvel for latest tech P(5)


1. What do you know about Bill Gates?

2. What kind of house do you think Gates has?


Fast reading

What do you think of Bill Gates’ mansion? Which feature attracts you most?


While reading

True or false:

1. Gates’ mansion is in New York. 

2. Gates’ mansion features different kinds of advanced technology. 

3. Guests wear a chip when going into Gates’ house. 

4. There are people who help guests adjust lights and temperatures in the house. 


Answer the following questions:

1. How many bathrooms are in the house?


2. How long did it take to build the mansion?


3. Can swimmers enjoy music when go under water?


4. What is the function of the smart chip guests wear?





If you could have a wonderful house, what do you want your house to be like? 


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