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初三教案 第473期

Issue 473
Student Lecturer P (3)

Pre-reading  (Discussion)
1. Which book about national studies do you know about or like?
2. Which classics lecturers do you know?

While reading
Judge true (T) or false (F).
1. You Yaran is a middle school teacher in Wuhan.
2. An Deyi didn’t appreciate You Yaran’s lecture at all.
3. This young girl accumulated national studies and was very passionate about it.
4. The Analects of Confucius has lots of interesting stories in You Yaran’s opinion.
5. You Yaran’s behavior has been affected by national studies.
6. From the passage, we can say You Yaran has hardly benefited from classic texts.

1. Can you talk about one classic text you have read before?
2. What did you learn from it?

Pros and cons of the technology takeover P(4)

Pre-reading  (Discussion)
1. Do you like to buy or download new video games or applications?
2. Why do you buy or download them?

While reading
Judge true (T) or false (F).
1. People may be influenced by their friends to download a new application.
2. In the US, people are not interested in the newest, greatest tech gadgets .
3. People are still crazy about the new iPhone even though there are small changes between the new and the old one.
4. Some people spend a lot of money to buy these things and show them off to their parents. 

Answer the questions.
1. Why do people want the latest technology though they may not need it?
2. What takes up lots of people’s time?
1. Do you think this excitement over technology is a good or a bad thing?
2. Tell us your view and your reasons.

Moving your ears: helpful or pointless? P(5)

Pre-reading  (Discussion)
1. Can you move your ears up and down?
2. Why can some people move their ears?

While reading
Judge true (T) or false (F).
1. Now humans have no need to move their ears.
2. Steven Hackley thinks these ear muscles can not be repurposed any more.
3. We can move our ears only when we  think about it .
4. Psychologists can identify people’s true feelings when these ear muscles activate.

Comprehension check
1. What did our ancestors use their ears for?
  A. Activating evolution.
  B. Activating positive emotions.
  C. Exercising ear muscles.
  D. Staying away from possible danger.

2. Now some people can move their ears because of ____.
   A. tiny muscles
   B. our ancestors
   C. happy feelings
   D. possible danger

Can you think of other physical actions that only a few people can do? Guess the reasons why.


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