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初三教案 第474期

Issue 474
Delicious cake from Germany swept the world P(4)
1. What’s your favorite food?
2. Do you know of Black Forest gateau (黑森林蛋糕)?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The original recipe for Black Forest gateau contains the following EXCEPT _____.
A. cream
B. cherries
C. schnapps
D. sponge
2. According to the story, we learn that _____.
A. Black Forest gateau was invented more than 100 years ago
B. the schnapps used in the cake is from the Black Forest region
C. Josef Keller first sold the cake in a store
D. the Black Forest region keeps the recipe a secret
3. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in this story?
A. The history of Black Forest gateau.
B. The recipe for Black Forest gateau.
C. The popularity of Black Forest gateau.
D. The reason for using local ingredients.
1. Do you have a cooking class in your school? What did you learn?
2. Search online about how to bake a cake. Try to make one.
Crocodiles sleep with one eye open P (5)
1. Have you heard of the phrase “crocodile tears”?
2. What does the phrase mean?
3. Fun facts about crocodiles: 
* Crocodiles are reptiles (爬行动物) .
* Many times crocodiles stay on river banks with their mouths wide open to cool off: they sweat (流汗) through their mouths!
* Crocodiles use their tails to swim 40km per hour and can stay underwater for 2 to 3 hours.
* Crocodiles can live up to 80 years.
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to the new discovery, _____.
A. there are alarm clocks in crocodiles’ brains
B. crocodiles don’t get enough sleep every day
C. crocodiles’ brain hemispheres take turns working
D. half of crocodiles’ brains stay awake when they are sleeping
2. According to BBC news, some birds use a unihemispheric sleeping pattern to _____.
A. make sure they can sleep longer
B. make sure they stay together
C. protect themselves from danger
D. exercise their brain hemispheres
3. Which of the following about the study is NOT true?
A. The three crocodiles slept with both eyes closed at first.
B. The three crocodiles knew when another crocodile came.
C. The study proved that the crocodiles were in fact half asleep.
D. The study didn’t show what crocodiles’ brain waves were doing.
Do you know other interesting things about animals? What about an elephants’ large ears, a kangaroo’s belly or a peacock’s tail?
Help others how you can P (6)
How do you understand the phrase “helping others”?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What happened to Fleming one afternoon?
A. He fell into a pond by accident.
B. He fell asleep near a pond.
C. He saved a boy out of a pond.
D. He made a lot of money from his job. 
2. According to the story, Fleming _____.
A. accepted the nobleman’s payment
B. hoped to get more money by refusing
C. didn’t accept money for helping others
D. asked the nobleman to support his son’s education
3. Which of the following about Fleming’s son is NOT true?
A. He took the place of the nobleman’s son.
B. He got a college education.
C. He became a famous doctor.
D. He cured the nobleman’s son.
4. What can we learn from the story?
A. No pain, no gain.
B. An act of kindness always helps.
C. Don’t try to get payment for helping others.
D. You can get a lot more by helping the rich.
Appreciate these sentences below:
1. Help yourself by helping others.
2. Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the wordl for that person.
3. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't help them. – Dalai Lama

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