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高三教案 第584期

Teens’ interest in election (P3)
北京二中  付春雨
I. Warming up
What are some political events that are taking place in your country?
What do you know about the 2016 US presidential election? (When is the election? Who are the candidates? …)

II. Pre-reading
Look at the title and predict what the article will be about.

III. While reading
Skim the article and summarize the main idea.
It shows that US high school students have become more interested in the election and reviews ways in which they can influence the election and ways for them to get involved in the election. 
According to Alain Jean, why should teenagers pay attention to the election?
Teenagers should be paying attention to the presidential election because many high school students will be of voting age by election time. Candidates have views and positions on certain topics that may affect teens’ lives.
Why do parents have to consider the views of their children when casting their votes?
According to Lucy Rimalower, a licensed marriage and family therapist (治疗专家), parents must consider whether their vote represents their household and the teens living in it.
According to Alain Jean, how can teenagers get involved in campaigns and influence the election?
She suggests that teenagers who actually believe in one of the candidates find the local headquarters (总部) for a campaign and volunteer. Campaign volunteers stuff envelopes, wave signs and go into neighborhoods to drop off literature (宣传材料) and try to get the word out.

IV. Post-Reading
Do you think teenagers should take part in the election? Why or why not?
If you were a teenager in the US, which candidate would you support and why?

Test may detect cancer (P5)
天津市第四十三中学  邵博雅
I. Warming up
What do you know about cancer?
In your opinion, can cancer be detected early before there are any symptoms?

II. Skimming
The author wrote the article mainly to ___.
A. inform us of a new method of detecting cancer
B.call for donations to companies doing medical research
C.compare different cancer experiments
D.stress the difficulties of medical research

III. Scanning
Read the article and answer the following questions:
1. Who financed the company Illumina’s test to detect cancer?
Famous tech founders like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.
Clue: Para 2, the first sentence
2. How is the new blood treatment different from the old ones?
It aims to find cancer signs in people who seem healthy.
Clue: Para 4, the first sentence
3.  Why isn’t catching cancer early always a good thing?
Because some cancers never go on to become dangerous, but treating them can have bad side effects.
Clue: Para 5, the first sentence

IV. Structure
1. The company,… aims to find warning signs of any type of cancer ...
aim to do 目的在于;打算做某事
Translate: 我们打算周五前完成工作。
We aim to finish all our work by Friday.
2. A company set up by Illumina, told The New York Times that…
set up… 建立…
Translate: 希望工程新建了一所学校。
A new school has been set up by Project Hope.
3. … analyzing bits of DNA for errors that are only related to fast-progressing tumors …
be related to… 与…有关
All these questions are related to philosophy.
4. By making it possible for cancer to be detected early …
make it possible to… 使…成为可能
Spaceships make it possible for humans to travel to the moon.

V. Discussion
What can we do to prevent cancer?
Ø Live healthy lives
Ø Keep our bodies strong
Ø Stay away from radiation
Ø Eat healthily

How I helped out abroad (P6)
清华附中朝阳学校 鲁美芸
I. Warming up
Have you ever helped others? What did you do and how did you feel afterwards?

II. Pre-reading
Look at the title of the article and predict what the article is mainly about.

II. While reading
The article mainly tells us ____.
A.how the author helped poor girls in a local boarding school
B.that studying abroad gave the author life-changing opportunities
C.that the author chose to study abroad to follow other people’s examples
D.how the author learned about the issues facing people in the Dominican Republic

Read the article again and answer the following questions:
1. Which country did the author choose to study in? And when did she make the decision?
The Dominican Republic.
During her junior year.
2. What did she do during her first semester?
She became bilingual but also learned a lot about a new culture. She worked with a local grassroots organization, taking part in a project that supported an underdeveloped community.
3. How did she get involved with a local boarding school for girls living in poverty?
She volunteered to teach music classes, put together a benefit to ask for support and sold art to raise money.
4. Why did she feel good when she left the boarding school?
Because she knew she had laid the foundation for a good cause and bettered the lives of young girls.
5. How did her time in the Dominican Republic change her life?
She realized how fortunate she was and that there was always a chance to give back.

III. Post-reading
Discussion: What do you think you will volunteer to do in the future? Why?

IV. Useful expressions
Try to figure out the meaning of the expressions.
1.I’ve learned that you have to take the initiative if you want to get anywhere.
take the initiative: take the opportunity to do sth before others do; lead, control
2. I had laid the foundation for a good cause and bettered the lives of young girls.
lay the foundation: 奠定基础
better: improve, make sth better
3. How I helped out abroad
help out: help sb, especially in a difficult situation

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