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Comic Con with a twist (P3) 
1. Do you know what Comic Con is? Describe it to us.
2. Do you like Comic Con? Why or why not?
While reading
Choose the answer: 
1. What can people see at East Middle School’s Comic Con?
A. Cosplayers.
B. Manga artists.
C. New comic books.
D. Students’ comic projects.
2. Which of the following events comes first?
A. Students wrote stories.
B. Students edited each other’s stories.
C. Students made projects according to stories.
D. Students showed their projects at Comic Con.
3. What did Houk think was the hardest part?
A. Writing a story about two girls.
B. Drawing the pictures of her story.
C. Presenting her project at Comic Con.
D. Talking with teachers about her ideas.
4. Which of the following is TRUE according to Seth Wolfshorndl?
A. Students should have fun at the Comic Con.
B. Comic fans should try to make their own comics.
C. Not everyone make comics.
D. Making comics is easy and full of fun.
Words in use
 turn ... into     host     edit   create
1. We attended a dinner party ______ by the president of the company.
2. In the end caterpillars (毛毛虫) will _________ butterflies. 
3. He spent all morning ________ the book.
4. An artist should ______ beautiful things.
1.What will you do if there is a Comic Con in your school?
2.List all the steps of making comics.
The world is going crazy for wontons (P4)
1. Are you a foodie? What kind of food do you like best?
2. Do you like wontons? Why or shy not?
While reading
Choose the answer: 
1. According to the new definition, what does “pasta” NOT include?
A. Rice noodles.
B. Bread.
C. Udon noodles.
D. Wontons.
2. Wontons are actually a traditional _____ food.
A. North American
B. Southeast Asian
C. Australian
D. North Chinese
3. Where does the name of “huntun” come from?
A. A great king of northern China.
B. Two leaders’ names of an old tribe.
C. A war between borders.
D. A wish for success.
4. What is the main idea of the second last paragraph?
A. What’s in wontons?
B. Food to eat with wontons.
C. How to make wontons.
D. Different shapes of wontons.
Words in use
1. Our body needs a small a_______ of salt to maintain our water balance and help our muscles to contract.
2. A d_______ of a word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its use.  
3. What e_______ is it that interests you about the job?
There are different traditional foods in different places. Would you like to introduce the traditional food from your hometown?
Robot’s tough test (P6)
There are many robots in our life. Please tell us  something about them, such as their shapes or functions.
While reading
Choose the answer: 
1. According to the story, Torobo is _____ while Todai is _____.
A. a university, a robot
B. a robot, a university
C. a student, a computer
D. a computer, a student
2. We can tell from the story that Torobo _____ for four years.
A. has taken the college entrance exam
B. has failed the college entrance exam
C. has been studying in the University of Tokyo
D. has taught the college courses 
3. Which subject does Toboro NOT do well in?
A. Physics.
B. Math.
C. History.
D. Writing.
4. Why did Torobo get low scores in two subjects?
A. Because it cannot solve knowledge-based problems.
B. Because it is not good at mathematical calculations.
C. Because it cannot think independently.
D. Because it only has arms to complete the test. 
Words in use
except, solve, enough
1. Few guitarists can sing as well as they can play. Eddie, however, is an________. 
2. We should develop the students’ ability to analyze and _______ problems.
3. I was lucky ________ to catch the last bus.      
If you had a robot, what functions would you want it to have?
1. D. 由第一段“People can see cosplayers, manga artists and new comic books.”可知。
2. A 由第三段“First, students created a story. They then wrote their stories…”可知。
3. C。由第四段“...but the most difficult part was talking with the younger students at Comic Con...“Presenting is a lot harder than I thought it would be,” she told The Jopin Globe.”可知。 
4. B。由第六段“Anybody interested in comics should try to make one of their own, according to high school art teacher Seth Wolfshorndl.”可知。
1. B。由第二段““pasta” means is any noodle dough that comes in sheets or other shapes. So it should include rice noodles, Udon noodles , buckwheat  noodles and wonton skins”可知。
2. D。由第三段“They are actually a traditional food from northern China.”可知。
3. B。由第四段“ Hunshi and Tunshi were the two leaders of the Xiongnu. So people began to call their food “huntun” and wish for the end of the war.”可知。
4. C。由倒数第二段可知。
1. B。由第一段“It’s the story of Torobo, a robot from Japan.”和第二段“The university, also called Todai, is one of Asia’s top universities”可知。
2. A。有第二段“Torobo has taken the national college entrance exam with other Japanese student” 可知。
3. D。由倒数第三段“it got weak scores in language and writing.”可知。
4. C。由第七段“But Torobo has a hard time thinking independently (独立地). As a result, it got weak scores in language and writing.”可知。

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