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初一教案 第572期

By Tang Hongmei

Young school friends star in Oscar-winning movie (P3)

I. Pre-reading
Do you want to be an actor or actress?
What would your life be like if you are playing a role in a movie?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Why did Hibbert and Piner go to the Academy Awards ceremony?
A. To work for the ceremony for free.
B. To play a film called Moonlight.
C. To receive the Best Picture prize.
D. To watch the new film at the Oscars.

2. Which name is a character from the film?
A. Alex Hibbert.
B. Jaden Piner.
C. Kevin.
D. Tanisha Cidel.

3. In the drama class, they learned the following EXCEPT _____.
A. how to crawl on the floor like lions
B. how to speak tongue twisters
C. how to act real and honest
D. how to pretend to be a good actor

III. Words in use
1. My father is a t____ man. He learned painting by himself.
2. When the little boy falls down, his mother asks him to stand up and not to p______ he is aching. 
3. The k_____ to this problem is to look for the dog first.

IV. Post-reading
What is Oscar?
Anything else do you know about Oscar?
Find out more about it.


Ready for spring to bring flowers (P4)

I. Pre-reading
Can you think of a Chinese poem (诗) that talks about spring?
What do you like about spring?
What don’t you like about spring?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The writer thinks the most special place to enjoy peach blossoms is _____.
A. Pinggu, Beijing
B. West Lake, Hangzhou
C. Nanhui, Shanghai
D. Nyingchi, Tibet

2. In poems, people always compare the peach blossom to _____.
A. happy little kids
B. handsome young men
C. pretty young ladies
D. smart old people

3. According to Chinese people, “to have peach blossom luck” means “_____”.
A. you may have the flush on your face
B. you may be lucky in love
C. you may have a fun day
D. you may know everything about flowers

4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. What to do in spring.
B. Where to see lots of flowers.
C. The peach blossoms in spring.
D. Poems about peach blossoms.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. _____________ (在蓝蓝的天空下),  the kites are flying freely.
2. Will you please _____ (盖上) the table with a cloth?
3. I want to buy a bag __________ (以……的形状) Mickey.
4. Walking can‘t __________ (与……相比) flying.

IV. Post-reading
What other flowers do you know?
What do Chinese people usually compare them with?


Dubai’s flying taxi that can drive itself (P6)

I. Pre-reading
Would you like to fly in the sky on your own?
What problems are there if a lot of people use lot of drones in the sky?

II. While reading
 Choose the answer:
1. What will Dubai use the drone for?
A. To take pictures in the sky.
B. To work as taxi.
C. To interest people to visit Dubai.
D. To fly over Dubai and watch the city.

2. Which is NOT true about the drone?
A. It is the world’s first passenger plane.
B. It can go as high as 3,500 meters.
C. It can fly as fast as 160 km per hour.
D. It can take one person at a time.

3. Who will drive the drone?
A. The passenger.
B. The worker from the company.
C. A special pilot in the drone.
D. Nobody.

4. How long can the drone fly?
A. For about three hours.
B. For about 30 minutes.
C. For about 50 minutes.
D. For hours.

III. Words in use
1. The drone can fly in the sky ________ (靠它自己).
2. The train can drive ___________ (以最高速度)350 km/h.
3. But some people on the ground will be  ________ (监控) the drown.

IV. Post-reading
If we use drones as taxi, what should we do first? Airport? Flying routines (线路)? Flying heights?



II. 1. C。根据文中第二段可知,他们在Moonlight中扮演了角色,而这部影片在奥斯卡获奖了,所以选C。
2. C。 根据第2段第4句 Hibbert played the young Chiron 和第5句And Piner played Chiron’s class mate, Kevin,可知,C是剧中角色的名字。
3. D。根据最后一段可知,在戏剧课上,他们学习了ABC项描述的内容,而文中明确表述Cidel tells kids not to pretend,所以D不是学习的内容。
III. 1. talented 2. pretend 3. key

II. 1. D。根据第2段第2句But the most special place to go is Nyingchi in Tibet可知,选D。
2. C。根据文章第3段第3句People usually compare the peach blosson with beautiful young women可知,选C。
3. B。根据第4段第2句It means being lucky in love可知,选B。
4. B。根据第4段第2句It means being lucky in love可知,选B。
III. 1. Under the blue sky
2. cover
3. in the shape of
4. compare with

II. 1. B。根据第1段you may see a special kind of taxi. It is a drone可知,无人机将被使用做出租“机”,所以选B。
2. A。根据第2段最后一句可知,是世界上的第一家载客无人机,而并非第一家载客机,所以选A。
3. D。根据第4段There is no pilot in the drone可知,机内并无飞行员,所以D正确。
4. B。文章最后一段交代,Ehang 184’s battery can only last about 30 minutes可知,能连续航行30分钟,所以选B。
III. 1. by itself 2. at a top speed of 3. watching

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