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Tourist spots warned (P2)
1. Do you like traveling?
2. Where have you been?
3. Which city is your favorite?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Why a girl took a trip to Lijiang.
B. A girl had a bad experience in Lijiang.
C. Traveling is not always relaxing.
D. Lijiang can be a dangerous for travelers.

2. How soon should the three scenic spots improve their services?
A. In three months.
B. In six months.
C. In a year.
D. In two years.

3. Why were the three scenic spots given warnings?
A. Because a lot of people got injured in these three spots.
B. Because their public transportation was not good.
C. Because they were the most visited spots in China.
D. Because they got the most complaints from visitors.

4. What will happen if the three spots don’t improve themselves?
A. They will not be on the 5-A scenic spot list.
B. The public will refuse to go there.
C. They will be closed forever.
D. They will not receive any complaints.

Words in use
complaint     account     remove...from

1. She was ______ a genius by all who knew her work.
2.I' m not here to listen to your __________.
3. Both Clinton and Edwards said they would _______ US troops ______ Iraq soon after taking office.

Post reading
1. Do you think traveling is a good way to relax?
2. Do you know other ways to relax?
3. What do you think of the scenic spots that you’ve been to?

Peach blossoms signal the beginning of spring (P4)
1. What signals the beginning of spring ?
2. Do you know some poems about spring ?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which is NOT mentioned as a good place to enjoy peach blossoms?
A. Pinggu district, Beijing.
B. West Lake, Hangzhou.
C. Nanhui village, Shanghai.
D. Nyingchi, Tibet.

2. What is the peach blossom connected to, according to old Chinese poems?
A. Happy little kids.
B. Handsome young men.
C. Pretty young ladies.
D. Smart old people

3. What do Chinese people believe if you have a pair of eyes in the shape of peach petals?
A. You may have the flush on your face.
B. You may be lucky in love.
C. You may have a fun day.
D. You may know everything about the flower.

4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. How to have peach blossom luck.
B. Where to enjoy peach blossoms.
C. An introduction of peach blossoms.
D. Poems of peach blossoms.

Words in use
symbol of ,be connected to ,seasonal

1. The Yellow River is the ________ Chinese civilization.
2. Wherever we go, we want to __________ the internet.
3. Farm work is _________, so we must race against time.

Post reading
What signals the beginning of the other three seasons?
2. Can you think of some poems to describe the season?

Flying to the moon (P6)
1. Do you know something about the moon?
2. How do you know that?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. When did humans last go to the moon?
A. In 1945.
B. In 1975.
C. In 1972.
D. In 2018.

2. Which company plans to send two common people around the moon?
A. SpaceX.
B. CBSnews.
C. Falcon Heavy.
D. Dragon 2.

3. Which of the following is UNKNOWN about the trip?
A. The two people’s names.
B. If the two people will get trained.
C. How long the trip will last.
D. Who will pilot the spacecraft.

4. What is Mark Shelhamer’s attitude towards the moon trip plan?
A. He agrees with the plan.
B. He disagrees with the plan.
C. He knows nothing about the plan.
D. He wants to be part of the plan.

Words in use

technology     private    bold

1. A person's home is a place where he may be _____ and safe.
2. Modern ________ has opened our eyes to many things .
3. I don't feel I'm being ____, because it's always been natural for me to just speak out about whatever disturbs me.

Post reading
1. Do you know about other planets?
2. Do you think it is possible that humans will land on other planets one day?

Choose the answer:
1. B。第二段主要介绍了小林与当地人发生冲突的不愉快经历,可知选B。
2. B。由第2段最后一句“It also asked them to change and improve in six months. ”可知,选B。
3. D。由倒数第4段后两句“According to People’s Daily, the three spots received the most complaints from visitors during this Spring Festival. ” 可知选D。
4. A。由第6段的“If the three spots don’t correct themselves in six months, the National Tourism Administration will remove them from the 5-A scenic spot list, ”可知。

Words in use:
1. accounted 2. complaints 3. remove ... from

Choose the answer:
1. B。 由第2段第一句“Pinggu district in Beijing, Nanhui village in Shanghai and Longquan Mountain in Chengdu are all good places to enjoy the beautiful peach blossoms. ”可知。
2. C。 由第3段中“the peach blossom is usually connected to beautiful young ladies.”可知。
3. B。 由最后一段第2句以及最后一句“And you probably have peach blossom luck”可知。  
4. C。文中第一段介绍桃花预示春天的开始,第二段介绍欣赏桃花的地点,第三段讲了《诗经》中有关桃花的诗句,最后一段说桃花在中国与浪漫有关,ABC三个选项虽然文中都讲到,但是太片面。

Words in use:
1. symbol of 2. be connected to 3. seasonal

Choose the answer:
1. C。根据第一段可知。
2. A。根据第2段第1句“SpaceX, an American space technology company, will send two people on a private trip around the moon.”可知。   
3. A。根据第3段第1句“The company didn’t name the two people”可知。
4. B。根据倒数第三段Mark Shelhamer所说的话可知,他认为这个计划难度很大,他对这个计划是不赞同的。注意区分后面Musk说的话,Mark和Musk持不同的观点。

Words in use:
1. private 2. technology  3. bold

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