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Learning new skills at school talent show (P3)
1.Do you like talent shows?
2.What are you good at in the talent shows?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The writer didn’t fully prepare for the audition because _____.
  A. she was afraid
  B. she didn’t take it seriously
  C. she was excited
  D. she was in a hurry
2. What was the writer’s problem during the audition?
A. She didn’t have a sweet voice.
B. She was too nervous to sing.
C. She wasn’t loud enough.
D. She had no facial expressions.
3. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. How the writer practiced her singing.
B. Why the writer chose Hebe’s song.
C. What the writer learned from the song.
D. How to remember lyrics.
4. What do we know about the writer?
A. She practiced hard for the show.
B. She didn’t like challenges.
C. She is an outgoing girl.
D. She is always confident.

Words in use
immediately    challenge    get over 

1. It took me a very long time to ______ the shock of her death.
2. They wish to begin _________ after dinner. 
3. The new government's first _______ is the economy.

1. Nowadays more and more kids learn new talents. What do you think about that?

What kids do when growing up in Australia (P4)
1. What time do you usually go to school and go home?
2. What do you usually do after school?
3. Do you know the differences between growing up in Australia and China?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following about Gympie is TRUE?
A. It is a small town with about 200,000 people.
B. It is on the west coast of Queensland.
C. It is a town that is not large or crowded.
D. It has the best schools in Australia.
2. What do we know about the writer?
A. He enjoyed playing in the back yard.
B. He woke up at about 7 am every day.
C. He sometimes went to school early for band practice.
D. He played the saxophone during lunch breaks.
3. Which after-school activity would the writer do first?
A. eat apricot chicken
B. do homework
C. have sports training
D. read a book
4. What’s the story mainly about?
A. The writer’s school life in Australia.
B. The writer’s hometown.
C. The writer’s favorite food and sport.
D. The writer’s weekdays.

Words in use
coast, break, treat
1. You can start work after lunch _____.
2. She was always _____ him with nice ice cream.
3. Camp sites are usually situated along the _____, close to beaches.

1. Do you like the lifestyle in Australia?
2. What is you ideal school life?
New map shows the real world (P6)
1. Do you often read a map?
2. Do you think the map you read is completely accurate?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. North America is not as big as Africa.
B. Alaska is smaller than Australia.
C. Maps in real life is much bigger.
D. Some maps are not accurate.
2. What problem might the AythaGraph World Map have fixed?
A. How to copy the 3-D globe onto a 2-D map.
B. How to distort the bodies of water and land.
C. How to use Physics to make a world map.
D. How to make a 3-D world map.
3. Which of the following did NOT win Good Design Award?
A. Robots.
B. Mobility chairs.
C. AuthaGraph World Map.
D. Alarm clocks.
4. Which of the following can improve the map’s accuracy?
A. Use more colors to mark the water and land.
B. Cut the world into smaller pieces.
C. Keep the size of the land and water.
D. Stop using triangle shapes.

Words in use
completely, even though, fix

1. I will have a try ________ I will fail.
2. They were almost ________ cut off from the outside world.
3. He’s going to _____ a time when I can see him.

Post reading
Have you become more interested in 3-D?
The map can become more accurate in 3-D. Imagine what other things can use 3-D.

1. D。由第二段第二句“I was in such a hurry that I didn’t get fully prepared.”可知。

2. C。由第二段第3行“When I finished, the only problem was that I wasn’t loud enough.” 可知,选C。

3. A。B选项是第一段涉及到的,CD选项文章中并没有谈到,第三段主要讲作者练习唱歌时发现很困难,但作者努力练习,越来越好,A为最佳选项。

4. A。由第二段的“I practiced hard to improve it.”介绍可知。

1. C。 由第二段“I lived in a small town of about 20,000 people, called Gympie on the east coast of Queensland.”可知AB 不对,D选项文中没有涉及到。

2. C。 由第三段第2句“Some mornings I went to school early for band practice and played my saxophone,”可知。

3. C。 由第五段前两句“School finished at 3 pm. After that I would usually go to sports training.”可知。

4. A。本文主要讲的是作者在澳大利亚的学校生活,所以选A。

1. D。本文第一段说学校用的世界地图并不精确,第二段是对第一段的举例,所以选择D。

2. A。根据第三段“Why is this so? The reason is that it is difficult to copy the 3-D, spherical surface (球面) of the world onto a 2-D map.”可知。   

3. D。第四段先说AuthaGraph World Map win Good Desighn Award, 后两句又提到了robots and mobility chairs,所以选D。

4. B。由最后一段“But scientists also suggest that, by cutting the world into even smaller pieces, the map can become more accurate.”。

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