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初一教案 第575期

By Tang Hongmei

Join the race (P2)

I. Pre-reading
Do you like running?
How often do you go running?
How far can you run?
Does your school have a marathon? 

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is the good news for running lovers?
A. Ordinary people can go to watch the Tokyo Olympics.
B. Two ordinary Chinese runners may take part in the Tokyo Olympics.
C. The Tokyo Olympics will hold a special marathon for ordinary people.
D. Women can run the marathon in the Tokyo Olympics.

2. The woman runner should finish the marathon _____.
A. as a professional member
B. within 2 hours 45 minutes
C. within 2 hours 19 minutes
D. as fast as the man

3. Why does China have this plan, according to Du?
A. To get more people to take part in the Olympics.
B. To hold more high-level games in China.
C. To encourage more ordinary people to play sports.
D. To teach people that running is good for you.

4. Which is TRUE about China’s 13th National Games?
A. It will go on for two months.
B. About 7,000 professional players will take part.
C. Ordinary people can take part in 126 games.
D. It is mainly a marathon game.

III. Words in use
1. Who would like to take the school’s 5,000-meter m______ this year?
2. Can you finish your homework w____ half an hour?
3. What is your p____ for the QingMing Festival?
4. You’ve got a_____ 100 dollars in the bank.

IV. Post-reading
What will it look like if there are 100,000 people running together?
What problems may people have when running a marathon?

Enjoying flowers with festival (P4)

I. Pre-reading
What kind of flowers do you like most?
What are these girls doing?
Why do they do that?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. When do people celebrate the Flower-Worshipping Festival?
A. Only people in the Tang Dynasty celebrated it.
B. People usually celebrate it in February.
C. Most people celebrate it in the fourth lunar month.
D. Different places celebrate it on different dates.
2. From Paragraph 3, we learn that _____.
A. people celebrate 12 kinds of flowers during the festival
B. there is a goddess for each month in charge of flowers
C. people water flowers with spirit during the festival
D. the festival is a chance to be thankful for last year’s harvest

3. The fourth paragraph talks about the _____ of the festival.
A. food and drink
B. history
C. fun activities
D. reason

4. What does the underlined word “They” in Paragraph 5 refer to?
A. Girls.
B. Children.
C. The goddesses.
D. Old people.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. It’s Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for a meal to _________ (庆祝).
2. Spring Festival is in the first _____ (阴历的) month.
3. He asked more workers to help at _______ _______ (收获季节).
4. We must _________ (比如) for a drink.

IV. Post-reading
Boys, what do you think of the Flower-Worshipping Festival?
Is it interesting to you?
If not, what festival do you like?

Making ink from air (P6)

I. Pre-reading
How many kinds of pollution can you think of?
Do you meet with such problems in your daily life?
What can we do if one day we don’t have clear air, clean water, safe food?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Why is the carbon dioxide (CO2) bad?
A. It is bad for people’s health.
B. It uses more gas.
C. It makes Earth get warmer.
D. It makes the air become black.

2. What does the company Graviky Labs do?
A. They change CO2 from cars into ink and paint.
B. They make lots of beautiful pictures from cars.
C. They use CO2 to make more gas.
D. They collect CO2 from cars and turn it into gas.

3. What does the company use to make an Air Ink pen?
a. gas
b. carbon from the exhaust
c. oil
d. water
A. a, b, c  B. a, b, d 
C. a, c, d                D. b, c, d

4. To make an Air Ink pen, people need to collect _____.
A. 30-50 cups of CO2
B. 30-50 minutes of oil from the exhaust
C. 30-50 cups of carbon
D. more than half an hour’s car exhaust

5. Which country faces the most serious air pollution?
A. China.  
B. India.
C. Japan.   
D. The US.

III. Words in use
1. Look at the heavy smog. It ________ (对……有害) our health.
2. It’s a good idea to ______ the waste _____ (把……变成) bags.
3. Six of the world’s 15 _____ _____ (污染最严重的) cities are in India.

IV. Post-reading
Do you like drawing or painting?
Would you like to have an Air Ink pen?
What do you think of China’s pollution problem?


II. 1. B。根据文中第一段第2句Ordinary runners may also take part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.可知,正确答案为B。
2. B。 根据第2段To run in the Olympics, the man needs to finish it within 2 hours 19 minutes and the woman within 2 hours 45 minutes.可知,这位女业余长跑运动员需要在2小时45分钟之内跑完才能参加奥运会,所以B正确。
3. C。根据第3段Du所说的话,This plan may encourage (激励) more ordinary people to play sports 可知,这项政策是为了激励更多的人去跑参加体育活动,所以选C。
4. C。根据文章最后一段There are 126 games for them可知,普通人可以参加全运会的126个项目。
III. 1. marathon    2. within    3. plan    4. almost

II. 1. D。根据第2段The dates are different in different places across China.可知,不同的地方在不同的时间庆祝,主要是在农历的二月份,也就是阳历的三四月份间,所以选D。
2. B。根据文章第3段There are 12 goddesses of flowers. Each is in charge of a month of the year.可知,有12位女花神,每人负责一个月,所以选B。
3. C。根据第4段的内容… fun outdoors for Flower-Worshiping Festival…可知,主要讲解了户外活动的内容,选C。
4. A。They是代词,所指代的内容一定是在上文出现过的,通常紧密相连,而上一句指出Girls get together and make friends,说的是女孩们做的事情,所以此处应指girls。
III. 1. celebrate 2. lunar     3. harvest time   4. get together

II. 1. C。根据第1段第2句和第3句The CO2 is bad for the air. It makes our Earth warmer.可知,二氧化碳加重气候变暖,所以选C。
2. A。根据第2段第2句They collect CO2 from cars and make it into ink (墨水) and paint.可知,这家公司利用汽车尾气做成了墨水和颜料,所以选A。
3. D。从第3段After that, they use another device to get carbon out of the exhaust. They put the carbon into oil (油) and water to turn it into ink.可知,把从汽车尾气中提炼出的碳融入到油和水中,所以选D。
4. B。从第3段最后一句It takes just 30-50 minutes of car exhaust可知,B正确。
5. B。文章最后一段交代India’s air pollution is very bad. Six of the world’s 15 most polluted cities are in India 印度遭受的污染城市在15名之内有6所,是很严重的。
III. 1. is bad for 2. turn... into  3. most polluted   

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