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Run at the Olympics (P2)

How often do you exercise?
Who can take part in the Olympics ?

While reading
1. What can we learn from the first two paragraphs?
A. Only professional athletes can take part in the Tokyo Olympics.
B. CAA will allow two amateurs to take part in the Tokyo Olympics.
C. Amateurs can take part in all kinds of high-level sport events.
D. Women have no chance to join in the Tokyo Olympics.

2. According to the third paragraph, amateur runners should _____ professional runners.
A. be in the same team
B. get the same training
C. run the same distance of a marathon as
D. spend the same time running a marathon as

3. How many people took part in marathons in China last year?
A. 328.
B. 134.
C. 1.5 million.
D. 2.8 million.

4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. China will send more ordinary people to the Olympics.
B. China will hold a high-level sport event in Tianjin.
C. Many ordinary people will join in China’s 13th National Games.
D. China’s 13th National Games will have more games and sports.

Word in use
Fill in the blanks.
1. She's a  _________(职业的)dancer.
2. You're not _____(允许) to talk during the exam.
3. The new teaching methods ________(鼓励) children to think for themselves.
4.  _________(根据)our records you owe us $130. 

What do you think of ordinary people competing with professional athletes?
China celebrates birth of flowers (P4)

1. Have you ever heard of Flower-Worshipping Festival?
2. What do you think it is about?

While reading
1. The Flower-Worshiping Festival is _____.
  a. a festival for autumn
  b. a festival for goddesses of flowers
  c. a festival for celebrating the good harvest last year
  d. a festival for girls
  A. a, b    B. a, d   C. b, d     D. c, d

2. Which of the following is TRUE?
  A. People enjoy the full moon during the Flower-Worshipping Festival.
  B. The Flower-Worshipping Festival celebrates the birthday of flowers.
  C. People celebrate the Flower-Worshipping Festival on the same day in China.
  D. People can wear anything except flowers during the Flower-Worshipping Festival.

3. The fourth paragraph introduces the _____ of the festival.
A. food and drink
B. history
C. fun activities
D. reason

4. What does the underlined word “they” in paragraph 5 refer to?
A. Girls.
B. Children.
C. The goddesses.
D. People.

Word in use
1. The _____ time of the accident was 2.43 pm.
2. Who will ____ __ ____ __ the department when Sophie leaves?
3. I feel bad that I didn't ____ any food __ them.
4. We will have a _____ _____ this Saturday. 

What other interesting festivals do you know? 

Sleeping to forget (P6)

Why do we need to sleep?

While reading
1. What is the new finding about sleep, according to the first paragraph?
A. Humans spend most of their lives sleeping.
B. Humans need less sleep than they actually get.
C. Sleeping helps recharge the body.
D. Sleeping helps people forget some new things.

2. If some people can remember more information, they have _____.
A. larger dendrites and less synapses
B. smaller dendrites and more synapses
C. larger dendrites and more synapses
D. smaller dendrites and less synapses

3. Which would confuse humans?
A. The synapses becoming smaller.
B. The dendrites growing too large.
C. The brain becoming smaller.
D. The body getting tired.

4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Sleeping can help people clear their brain.
B. What sleeping can bring people.
C. Why scientists study sleeping.
D. How to have a good night’s sleep.

Word in use

purpose, explain, confuse, digest

1. You're ________ him! Tell him slowly and explain one thing at a time.
2. He said something about the use of nuclear energy for military ________.
3. I've always had trouble with my ________ - I think I don't chew my food enough.
4. Could you give me a quick _________ of how it works?

1. Do you always have a good night’s rest? If not, why? 
2. What other factors are important for our well-being?

1. B。由首段第2句及第2段“two amateur runners - one man and one woman”可分别排除A、D选项, 第1、2段仅涉及到业余跑步爱好者并未提及其他运动项目,排除C选项

2. C。第三段未提及团队及训练以及“almost as fast as professional runners.” 排除A, B, D选项。

3. D。由第4段第3句 “More than 2.8 million runners took part in them.” 可知。

4. C。最后一段是关于 “National Games” 并非 “the Olympics” 排除A,其次提到多达7000左右业余运动爱好者会参赛,可知。

1. C。由第2段3句及末句 “wishing for good weather and harvest for the year” 可知a, c错误。

2. B。由第二段第首句可知。

3. C。第四段 “make friends, wear flowers, catch butterflies, tie red ribbons on trees, make rice cakes”介绍了花朝节有趣的活动。

4. A。 “they”指代第5段第2句的 “Girls”.

1. D。由首段末句中“a new study suggests that we may sleep to forget some of the millions of new things we learn each day”可知。

2. C。由第2段末句可知。

3. B。由第3段首句可知。

4. B。最后一段讲述了睡眠除了能帮助整理大脑信息外,还能预防生病,帮助消化等保持身体健康。

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