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Textbook stories not true (P2)

I. Pre-reading
Who is Thomas Edison?
What do you know about him?
What other stories do you know about Thomas Edison?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1.The textbook said Thomas Edison _____.
A. was the inventor of mirrors
B. invented the light from oil lamps
C. did an appendectomy for his mother at the age of 7
D. helped light up the room during her mother’s appendectomy

2. When was Thomas Edison born?
A. In 1847.
B. In 1854.
C. In 1879.
D. In 1886.

3. Why will the publisher cut out George Washington’s story?
A. Because nobody should make stories about a president.
B. Because it’s wrong for a president to cut down trees.
C. Because many people think it’s not true.
D. Because George Washington didn’t live there at that time.

4. What will the publisher do in the future?
A. They will ask experts to check if stories are true.
B. They will pay more attention to the educational meaning of stories.
C. They will invite experts to write stories for textbooks.
D. They will care more about the editors’ work.

III. Words in use
1. 许多人在小的时候,都希望将来成为发明家。
    Many people hoped to be _______ in the future when they were young.
2. 光头强砍伐树木的行为是错误的。
     It is wrong of Guangtouqiang to _________ trees. 
3. 在上交作业以前,请先自行检查。
    Please _____ your stories before you hand in your paper.

IV. Post-reading
Do you always believe in what the textbooks say?
Have you found any problems in the textbooks?
What else don’t you like about textbooks?

Google doodle winner (P3)

I. Pre-reading
What is Google?
What is a homepage logo?
Do you have any idea how to design a homepage logo for a website?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1.Which is TRUE about the Doodle 4 Google?
A. It takes place once a year.
B. It is a national sport competition.
C. It is a company’s name.
D. It is a school in Wisconsin.

2. What is Anderson’s design?
A. She made the Google homepage logo with many questions.
B. She used extinct animals to make the word Google.
C. She used some black and white pictures.
D. She did it all on the computer.

3. Which letter might the Tasmanian tiger be on her design?
A. The third one.
B. The fourth one.
C. The fifth one.
D. The sixth one.

4. Who is Josie?
A. Anderson’s teacher.
B. Anderson’s parent.
C. Anderson’s sister.
D. The host of the competition.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. _____ (要是……怎么办) you can’t come back tonight? Will I have to be alone?
2.  ____________ (有了这个想法之后), you should put it into use.
3. My father always ______________ (督促我做得再好一些).
4. When I ________ (长大), I want to be a pop singer.

IV. Post-reading
Why not design a logo for your class? For your school? For TEENS? Even for your family?


When and where to take photos (P4)

I. Pre-reading
Do you like taking photos?
Do you check the signs around you first before you take a photo?
Where should we not take photos?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Why should we turn off the camera’s flash in museums?
A. To take photos secretly.
B. To protect the antiques.
C. To make the camera work longer.
D. To stay away from the museum’s workers.

2. Among the following places, it’s OK to take photos _____.
A. at cemeteries
B. in some shops
C. in subway stations in some countries
D. of beautiful flowers on the streets

3. What is the story mainly about?
A. Photos help our memories last.
B. Places where we can’t take photos.
C. How to take beautiful photos.
D. How to stay away from trouble.

III. Words in use
1. If you don’t go, I don’t want to go shopping e_______.
2. Don’t speak while watching movies at the theatre. You may b_____ others.
3. It is i_______ to speak loudly in public places.

IV. Post-reading
What do the following signs mean?
Where do you often see them?

II. 1. D。根据文中第一段最后一句So Edison put mirrors near oil lamps to light up the room可知,故事讲到Edison帮助照亮了房间,所以选D。
2. A。 根据第2段最后一句But when Edison was 7, it was 1854.可知,Edison在1854年的时候是7岁了,1854-7=1847,所以选B。
3. C。根据第3段最后两句The story says young Washington cut down a cherry tree in the yard of his house. But in fact, there was no cherry tree in the area at that time.可知,与事实有出入,所以选C。
4. A。从文章最后一段We will invite experts to check our stories可知,以后会更加注重事实的真实性问题,会邀请专家查验故事的真伪。
III. 1. inventors  2. cut down   3. check
II. 1. A。根据文中第2段It is a national competition every year可知,每年都会举办一次为Google的主页设计Logo的大赛。
2. B。根据文章第3段的内容可知,Anderson画了几种灭绝动物的图片来制作Logo,所以选B。
3. C。根据文章可知,她把Google这个单词与灭绝动物结合在了一起,每一个字母都有一种动物,而第3段a Tasmanian tiger for the L指出,这种虎在字母L上,也就是Google的第5个字母。
4. C。从最后一段的第2句Her older sister Josie, always pushed her to do better可知,Josie是她的姐姐,所以选C。
III. 1. What if  2. After having the idea
3. pushes me to do better 4. grow up

II. 1. B。根据第二段最后一句The flash may be bad for the antiques可知,闪光灯对古董不好,所以是为了起到保护作用才需将闪光灯关掉,选B。
2. D。根据最后一段do not take photos at cemeteries, some shops, or even subway stations in some countries. Take photos of beautiful things in life.可知,A、B、C都不是一个好主意,选D。
3. B。本文主要讲了拍照的礼仪和主意事项,在某些地方是不能随意拍照的,所以选B。
III. 1. either  2. bother  3. impolite


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